Canon EOS M: From Snapshots to Great Shots

Canon EOS M: From Snapshots to Great Shots

by Jeff Carlson


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ISBN-13: 9780321907486
Publisher: Peachpit Press
Publication date: 04/03/2013
Series: From Snapshots to Great Shots Series
Pages: 288
Product dimensions: 7.40(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.50(d)

About the Author

Jeff Carlson is a Seattle Times columnist, a senior editor of the weekly publication TidBITS, and a frequent contributor to publications such as Macworld and Photoshop Elements Techniques magazines. He is also the author of numerous books, including The iPad for Photographers, four editions of The iPad Pocket Guide, The iMovie ‘11 Project Book, The OS X Mountain Lion Pocket Guide, and Canon PowerShot G12: From Snapshots to Great Shots. Find more information about Jeff at, and follow him on Twitter at @jeffcarlson.

Table of Contents

Introduction X

Chapter 1 The EOS M Top Ten List 1

Ten Tips to Make Your Shooting More Productive Right Out of the Box 1

Poring Over the Camera 2

Poring Over the Camera 4

1 Charge Your Battery 5

2 Turn Off the Release Shutter Without Card Setting 6

3 Keep a Backup Memory Card 7

4 Set Your JPEG Image Quality 7

5 Turn Off the Auto ISO Setting 9

6 Set the Focus Mode to AF+MF 10

7 Set Your AutoFocus Method and Mode 11

8 Set the Correct White Balance 12

9 Turn Off Touch Shutter Mode 15

10 Review Your Shots 15

Chapter 1 Assignments 21

Chapter 2 First Things First 23

A Few Things to Know and Do Before You Begin Taking Pictures 23

Poring Over the Picture 24

Poring Over the Picture 26

Choosing the Right Memory Card 28

Formatting Your Memory Card 29

Updating the EOS M's Firmware 31

Cleaning the Sensor 33

Using the Right Format: RAW vs. JPEG 34

Lenses and Focal Lengths 37

What Is Exposure? 43

Motion and Depth of Field 46

Chapter 2 Assignments 50

Chapter 3 The Basic Zone 53

Get Shooting with the Automatic Camera Modes 53

Poring Over the Picture 54

Poring Over the Picture 56

Scene Intelligent Auto Mode 58

Portrait Mode 59

Landscape Mode 61

Close-up Mode 61

Sports Mode 62

Night Portrait Mode 63

Creative Auto Mode 64

Drive Modes 68

Why You May Never Want to Use the Basic Zone Again 69

Chapter 3 Assignments 70

Chapter 4 The Creative Zone 73

Taking Your Photography to the Next Level 73

Poring Over the Picture 74

Poring Over the Picture 76

P: Program Mode 78

Tv: Shutter Priority Mode 81

Av: Aperture Priority Mode 85

M: Manual Mode 89

How I Shoot: A Closer Look at the Camera Settings I Use 93

Chapter 4 Assignments 94

Chapter 5 Moving Target 97

The Tricks to Shooting Action and More 97

Poring Over the Picture 98

Poring Over the Picture 100

Stop Right There! 102

Using Shutter Priority (Tv) Mode to Stop Motion 107

Using Aperture Priority (Av) Mode to Isolate Your Subject 109

Keep Them in Focus with Servo mode 110

Manual Focus for Anticipated Action 112

Keeping Up with Continuous Shooting Mode 113

A Sense of Motion 114

Tips for Shooting Action 116

Chapter 5 Assignments 118

Chapter 6 Say Cheese! 121

Settings and Features to Make Great Portraits 121

Poring Over the Picture 122

Poring Over the Picture 124

Automatic Portrait Mode 126

Aperture Priority Mode 127

Metering Modes for Portraits 129

Using the AE Lock Feature 130

Detect Faces 132

Focusing: The Eyes Have It 133

Classic Black and White Portraits 134

Use Fill Flash for Reducing Shadows 137

People on the Move 139

The Portrait Picture Style for Better Skin Tones 140

Tips for Shooting Better Portraits 140

Chapter 6 Assignments 148

Chapter 7 Landscape Photography 151

Tips, Tools, and Techniques to Get the Most Out of Your Landscape Photography 151

Poring Over the Picture 152

Poring Over the Picture 154

Sharp and In Focus: Using Tripods 156

Selecting the Proper ISO 157

Using Noise Reduction 159

Selecting a White Balance 160

Using the Landscape Picture Style 162

Taming Bright Skies with Exposure Compensation 164

Shooting Beautiful Black and White Landscapes 166

The Golden Light 167

Where to Focus 169

Making Water Fluid 170

Directing the Viewer: A Word about Composition 172

Advanced Techniques to Explore 175

Chapter 7 Assignments 183

Chapter 8 Mood Lighting 185

Shooting When the Lights Get Low 185

Poring Over the Picture 186

Poring Over the Picture 188

Raising the ISO: The Simple Solution 190

Using Very High ISOs 193

Stabilizing the Situation 194

Focusing in Low Light 197

Shooting Long Exposures 199

Using a Flash 200

Compensating for the Flash Exposure 203

2nd Curtain Sync 204

Using an External Speedlite 207

Flash and Glass 209

Chapter 8 Assignments 210

Chapter 9 Creative Compositions 213

Improve Your Pictures with Sound Compositional Elements 213

Poring Over the Picture 214

Poring Over the Picture 216

Depth of Field 218

Angles 221

Point of View 221

Patterns 221

Color 223

Contrast 224

Leading Lines 226

Splitting the Frame 226

Chapter 9 Assignments 229

Chapter 10 Advanced Techniques 231

Impress Your Family and Friends 231

Poring Over the Picture 232

Spot Meter for More Exposure Control 234

Manual Mode 236

Using the Sun Creatively 239

Avoiding Lens Flare 240

Bracketing Exposures 240

HDR Backlight Control 244

Auto Lighting Optimizer 244

Handheld Night Scene 246

The My Menu setting 247

Customize Your White Balance 248

Chapter 10 Assignments 250

Chapter 11 Shooting Video 253

Because Everything in Front of the Lens is Moving 253

Shooting Video 254

Locking the Exposure Level 259

Capturing Stills while Recording 259

Video Shooting Tips 260

Chapter 11 Assignments 263

Index 265

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