Canudo on Evidence Laws of New York

Canudo on Evidence Laws of New York

by Gary Shaw

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ISBN-13: 9781522160014
Publisher: LexisNexis
Publication date: 06/29/2018
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Table of Contents

I. Definitions

II. Burden of Proof
1. Criminal Prosecutions
2. Civil Cases

III. Judicial Notice
1. Matters of Law
2. Matters of Fact

IV. Presumptions
1. Conclusive Presumption of Law
2. Rebuttable Presumption of Law

V. Admissions
1. Admissions as Distinguished from Other Statements
2. Kinds of Admissions
3. Admissions Which are Receivable in Evidence
4. Non-Admissible Admissions

VI. Confessions
1. Kinds of Confessions
2. Requisites of Admissibility

VII. Witness on the Stand
1. Examination of Witnesses
2. Impeaching the Witness
3. Accomplice's Testimony in Criminal Cases
4. Use of Closed-Circuit Television for Certain Child Witnesses (CPL Article 65)

VIII. Competency of Witness
1. General Competency
2. Privileged Communications
3. Transactions with Decedents or Incompetents (Dead Man's Statute—CPLR 4519)

IX. Parol Evidence—Best Evidence
1. Parol Evidence (Civil Cases Only)
2. Best Evidence Rule

X. Real and Circumstantial Evidence
1. Real Evidence
2. Circumstantial Evidence

XI. Legal and Illegal Evidence
1. Constitutional Safeguards
2. Unreasonable Searches
3. Reasonable Searches
4. Eavesdropping
5. Federal Crime Control Act

XII. Opinion Evidence
1. Ordinary Witness
2. Expert Witness
3. Videotaped Examinations (CPL 190.32)

XIII. Self-Serving Declarations

XIV. Hearsay Evidence
1. Definition
2. Manner of Objection
3. Apparent Exception to Rule
4. Real Exceptions to Rule

Table of Cases

Table of Statutes


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