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Canyon Wolf Bride

Canyon Wolf Bride

3.9 11
by Alisha Paige
When Olympic ski champion, Sean Wilson, takes his best friend's widow, museum curator, Paige Wellington, on a vacation to The Grand Canyon, he's attracted to more than the beauty of his companion and the magnificent scenery. Sean discovers an entire pack of werewolves thriving in a canyon paradise. The Havasupai, known as the people of the blue-green waters, share his


When Olympic ski champion, Sean Wilson, takes his best friend's widow, museum curator, Paige Wellington, on a vacation to The Grand Canyon, he's attracted to more than the beauty of his companion and the magnificent scenery. Sean discovers an entire pack of werewolves thriving in a canyon paradise. The Havasupai, known as the people of the blue-green waters, share his genetic defect, the werewolf gene. Paige learns the secret of the wolf tribe and struggles with her decision to end their relationship, unable to imagine herself married to a half-man, half-wolf creature and bear his fuzzy, carnivorous children. Sean wars against the beast within. Even as the werewolf, he is an intelligent and keen animal, never losing touch with the man lurking beneath the fur and never losing sight of the woman he loves. Will the wolf gene keep them together or tear them apart?

Editorial Reviews

Long and Short Reviews - Ms. Snapdragon
The natural world twines amazingly with the human world, and somehow, the world of the paranormal seems no less natural than an owl flying home by twilight. This beautifully written book is a sensual delight, from beginning to end. Listen to the haunting background of Celtic song while the fire pops and crackles. Smell the cinnamon... admire that man with the very tight behind, the big, strong arm muscles, and his 'other side' as well.
Two Lips Reviews - Barb Mazzuca
Canyon Wolf Bride is a gripping story. It takes you step by step with Paige and Sean as their relationship goes from a gentle friendship forged from disaster to a budding love affair. Your heart will break when Sean realizes that for all he's gained what he may now lose. As each tantalizing moment builds, author Alisha Paige will have you experiencing a kaleidoscope of emotions right up until the every end.
My Book Cravings - Ms. Robin
Ms. Paige wrote a beautiful love story. It brought out many emotions within me. The strongest which is jealousy, Sean seems to be a perfect example of an alpha that many a woman would appreciate in her life. He seemed to cherish her and that was before the marriage vows and after. If I see this in print and have the money on me, it will have a spot on my book shelf.
Night Owl Romance - Ms. Dee
Most of the story's setting takes place in Havasu Canyon Arizona, and is described beautifully.

The characters bonds are solid and the interaction flow unwavering.

Alisha Paige has done a wonderful job bringing Sean and Paige's life story to our readers. Canyon Wolf Bride is an easy read with beautiful people, settings, and dramas. Now is a great time for release being an especially wonderful read for the summer.
Fallen Angel Reviews - Linda L.
One can almost see the sights and sounds of the Grand Canyon, and the falls down below the canyon. Having lived there for nine months, it was just a quick reminder of how lovely a place is, especially when you share it with someone you love. I thought the paranormal events added a splendid touch of mystery that even sent some chills. Ms. Paige allows the reader to almost smell the scent of the forest and experience all the beauty of the wildlife depicted in this thrilling story.

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The Wild Rose Press
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She nodded to Sean and he crossed the room, opening the window as wide as it would open. He returned to the bed and held both of Paige's hands.

"We're going to show you something, baby. Don't be afraid. I promise you won't get hurt."

"What are you talking about? Have you two lost your minds?" Paige asked, now very afraid, feeling as though she were living in a horror film.

Aunt Bette moved to the center of the room and took off her knit sweater, laying it across a chair. She kicked her shoes off and sat on the floor. She closed her eyes as Sean pulled Paige to him, wrapping his arms around her, securing her tightly.

Aunt Bette began to shake and moan. Her left leg began scratching her left ear in a most unnatural position. She looked as if she had been infested by fleas. Paige watched in horror as her leg became a hind leg. Her foot grew two feet longer and grey hair sprouted as black claws reached for the carpeted floor. All of the sudden she was on all fours, only half changed. Her pants and shirt ripped off her as muscles and hair popped through the shreds. Her soft gray head was replaced by a long muzzle with wiry hair and sharp fangs. Her ears grew quickly, pointing toward the ceiling as she grunted and groaned.

Paige writhed and screamed as Sean held her steady. She finally shut her eyes tight, then reopened them again for fear she wouldn't see Aunt Bette coming forward to claim her dessert. Fear and terror gripped her like a vice. She thought she would have a heart attack on the spot, but she didn't. She wished she would faint or wake up or die. Aunt Bette wasn't Aunt Bette anymore. The she-wolf sat in the center of the quaint bedroom and looked at bothof them with intelligent human-like eyes. Sean held onto Paige as she fought in vain. He nodded to the wolf, knowing that Paige had now seen enough.

Meet the Author

Alisha Paige lives in the deep South with her husband and three children. She writes under the pen names Alisha Paige (paranormal, fantasy and vintage romance), Ruby Vines (chicklit thrillers) and Wolfgang Pie (children’s fiction and young adult novels).

Canyon Wolf Bride was her debut novel in 2007. The book was nominated for best paranormal romance of 2007 by Long and Short Reviews and received rave reviews by Night Owl Romance, My Book Cravings, Two Lips Reviews, Coffee Time Romance and Fallen Angel Reviews. Her paranormal romance Circle City: Lord of the Wolfen sat on the best seller’s list at Amazon for ten weeks, causing a stir among the romance reading community, labeled by some readers as too dark, argued by others as seductively rich, dark paranormal romance at its finest.

She loves to mingle real life history with fiction while blending genres. Her characters have lived in Colorado, The Grand Canyon, Alaska, traveled to the Salem Witch Trials, visited the Italian Renaissance, traveled to Hades and back, romanced in Palm Beach, Florida, London, Africa, and Montego Bay, Jamaica. They have suffered through the Texas Dust Bowl, The Great Depression, The Holocaust and lived through the last great Ice Age when sabre tooth tigers and woolley mammoths walked the earth.


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Canyon Wolf Bride 3.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 11 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
If you are looking for an alpha shifter - look elsewhere! This was an amateur Harlequin romance with flowery prose like honey and my queen. really? It was just a poor storyline that depended on too many convenient coincidences to keep it moving and the end was just stupid. Done with this author. delete
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Breathtaking.... What else is there to say? This story was utterly amazing. You'll get totally lost in the storyline and the author will carry you through to an explosive ending. Well worth the read. 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The only reason someone wouldn't like this book is because they're looking for erotic paranormal romance. This is a great story without excessive sex!
BBJ36 More than 1 year ago
Ms. Paige has become one of my favorite authors. I have reccomended her to serval friends. Hope she keeps on.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
SPWriter More than 1 year ago
Such a wonderful story. I seriously couldn't put it down. In fact, I read it twice!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
StacyEaton More than 1 year ago
First off, the plot was great and I enjoyed it very much. It was very engaging and very full of depth. The author did well taking you from start to finish over a period of months without making you feel like it was being dragged out. I loved the characters. They had sincere personalities and emotions. I could see the characters in my mind as their lives evolved and changed. I did find that in a couple conversations the characters were having, I felt like they were dragging on a bit, and could have been completed quicker to keep the momentum going. Every conversation in the book was needed, but I felt sometimes there were to many words to fluff it up that just weren't needed to get the point across. There was quite a lot of action in the book, and I had wished that there was more to it. The action scenes went quickly without a lot of detail. If you are looking for a great romance without a ton of suspenseful action, this this is a great book for you. Over all I really enjoyed the book, I look forward to reading more of Alisha's Paige's books.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Canyon Wolf Bride is one of the best books I have ever read. Alisha Paige is a very talented writer who captures your attention from the very first chapter. There was never a 'good time' to put down the book. The characters are all very realistic and I felt myself pulled in to the story. My next trip to Arizona just may include a visit to the Grand Canyon...