by Cesar Cui

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Publication date: 02/29/2000
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
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Canzonetta 3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Ero<_>tic, yet thrilling.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Everyone forgot about Helen. In other times, she would've been fruastrated, but today was a different situation. She was still in the prison and she had been planning her escape for awhile. <br> Since the door was locked from the inside, that would mean that she could use a pick to unlock it. What Helen did was break one of a fork's points, making a decent pick. No one questioned about the fork. No one really questioned about prisoners, anyways. <br> Today, they were going to hang David Farley, for he had killed and ra<_>ped over a dozen men. Helen's plan was to escape while everybody was outside watching the hanging. As she waited for the hanging, she thought about her night with Nordon. Oh, it had been amazing. She felt herself growing a little wet. She reached under her underwear and touched herself. <br> "Oh!" She exclaimed. The cold touch sent tingling sensations througout her whole body. She touched her va<_>gina a little harder, making circles. This time, she removed her underwear. She could feel her ni<_>pples growing hard and unclapsed her bra leaving her fully naked. She touched her body, giving her breasts a light squeeze and twist. She slid a finger in, another one, until she was triple finger fu<_>cking herself, moaning with pleasure. She moved in and out, using her own juices for a lubricant. <br> In and out, faster and faster. She felt her climax coming. She finally released her juices, making a dribbling puddle on the floor. <br> Helen sighed. Her se<_>xual desire had gone down a little bit, but not by much. She knew she needed Nordon. Soon. <br> <p> Helen heard a large commotion outside and she knew the hanging was going on. She put on her underwear and bra and got her pick. She had already tried unlocking the door a couple times to make sure it worked. She slid the pick in the keyhole, searching for the main mechanism. <br> Click! The door unlocked and Helen peered outside. No one. She dashed down the corridor, stopping at the corner. She made a quick look, and seeing that no one was there, she made the final sprint to the exit. She wrapped her hands around the doorknob, twisted it, pulled the door open and... <br> Was met by a suprised Officer Colt. Helen panicked. "Uh-I, didn't mean to escape or anything, y'know. I think." Officer Colt just smiled and said, "Why would you escape? After all, today is the day that you're released." Helen almost died right there. <br> "Uh, yeah, of course, I knew that." Helen said. Helen felt stupid for making things so complicated. <br> Officer Colt said, "Um, yeah, you want some real clothes before you walk out?" Helen slowly nodded, and still feeling stupid, let Officer Colt lead her to a changing room... <br> <p> Thanks to all my fans who have stayed with me this long! I hope you are enjoying this story. The next chapter will have an insteresting scene. Anyways, some of the chapters are in random books, for now I know that chapter seven is the worst one. The chapters can range from reses 1-20 cause I saw that only Lin read chapter seven. For some of you who would be confused, chapter eight would make way more sense if you read chapter seven. But yeah, just saying. Lol. Thanks again, y'all!