Capetian France 987-1328

Capetian France 987-1328

by Elizabeth Hallam


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Capetian France 987-1328 by Elizabeth Hallam

Spanning France's development across four centuries, Capetian France, 987-1328, 2e is a definitive book. This second edition has been carefully revised to take account of the very latest work, without losing the original book's popular balance between a compelling narrative and an fascinating examination of the period's main themes. In 987, when Hugh Capet took the throne of France, founding a dynasty which was to rule for over 300 years, his kingdom was weak and insignificant. But by 1100, the kingdom of France was beginning to dominate the cultural and religious life of western Europe. In the centuries that followed, to scholars and to poets, to reforming churchmen and monks, to crusaders and the designers of churches, France was the hub of the universe. It drew people like a magnet even though its kings were, until about 1200, comparatively insignificant figures. Then, thanks to the conquests and reforms of King Philip Augustus, France became a dominant force in political and economic terms as well, producing a saint-king, Louis IX, and in Philip IV, a ruler so powerful that he could dictate to popes and emperors. Readers interested in Medieval or French history.

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ISBN-13: 9781138887671
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Publication date: 02/08/2019
Edition description: New
Pages: 496
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About the Author

Elizabeth Hallam Smith has taught at the universities of London and Reading, she was the Director of Public Services at the Public Record Office until 2006 and is now the Director of Information Services and Librarian at The House of Lords.

Table of Contents

List of Maps, Figures and Tablesix
List of Abbreviationsxv
1French Society in the Tenth and Eleventh Centuries1
The French economy and society7
The structure of power15
Political developments of the tenth century25
2Politics and Society: A Regional View33
The principalities: north37
The principalities: south68
3The Early Capetians, 987-110883
The kings and their reigns87
The foundations of royal power102
The kings and the church129
4The Revival of Royal Power, 1108-1226145
The kings and their reigns149
French society, 1108-1226178
The rise of the French monarchy, 1108-1226203
The kings and the church245
5Louis IX: The Consolidation of Royal Power, 1226-70263
The reign of Louis IX267
French society in the thirteenth century289
Louis IX and the church298
The consolidation of royal power309
6The Last Capetians, 1270-1328: The Apogee of Royal Power351
The kings and their reigns353
The French economy and society367
The nature of royal power375
The kings and the church398
The succession and the Hundred Years War421
The rise of the Capetians: some general perspectives422
The French kingdom and European society425
Select Bibliography427