The Capitalist Spirit: How Each and Every One of Us Can Make A Giant Difference in Our Fast-Changing World

The Capitalist Spirit: How Each and Every One of Us Can Make A Giant Difference in Our Fast-Changing World


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The Capitalist Spirit: How Each and Every One of Us Can Make A Giant Difference in Our Fast-Changing World by Yale Hirsch

An inspirational collection of thought-provoking wisdom for all ages from Yale Hirsch

Yale Hirsch has been a practical investor his entire life, and has always offered his readers a wealth of intelligent information as founder of the Hirsch Organization. Over forty years ago, Yale Hirsch created the Stock Trader's Almanac. The Capitalist Spirit is an extension of the methods he used in creating the Almanac, and here, readers will find the same breadth and depth of information, along with a healthy dose of inspiration.

Filled with the resonating words of some of the most well-known speakers and thought leaders in the world, this book offers invaluable advice on money, power, success, potential, leadership, individuality, and the forces that drive our successes, the markets, and in turn, our lives, all while asking us to think globally. Today's world is full of volatility but Yale's collection has one simple message: hold on and have faith in yourself, your aptitude, your business, and the markets.

  • Presents the inspiring compilations and musings of investment legend Yale Hirsch
  • Asks readers of all ages to take stock of their potential and succeed in a truly global world while heeding the advice of an array of wise thinkers and leaders that have come before them
  • Contains a database of intelligent and thought-provoking quotes from numerous thinkers, writers, and entrepreneurs

Thoughtful and engaging, Yale Hirsch's The Capitalist Spirit is a powerful look at the individual and their impact on the world's enterprises and markets, and the opportunities inside all of us waiting to be unleashed.

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ISBN-13: 9780470407370
Publisher: Wiley
Publication date: 12/30/2009
Pages: 320
Product dimensions: 6.34(w) x 9.34(h) x 1.12(d)

About the Author

Yale Hirsch is the founder of the Hirsch Organization and creator of the Stock Trader's Almanac. The Hirsch Organization first published the Stock Trader's Almanac in 1967, fulfilling Yale Hirsch's vision of providing strategic information to investors. Published continuously for over forty years, the Almanac has become one of the most respected and widely referenced investment resources. The Hirsch Organization has also published several newsletters over the years and currently publishes the Almanac Investor newsletter. Yale Hirsch, the founder, and his son, Jeffrey Hirsch, are frequently quoted in the press from Barron's to BusinessWeek and the New York Times to the Wall Street Journal, and regularly appear on CNBC, Fox, Bloomberg, and CNN. If you would like to receive three of Yale's favorite 8 1/2 x 11 inch inspirational posters, just send an email to: It's FREE to all readers of this book. Think of the three posters as a thank- you for making an effort to change the world!

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Table of Contents

Foreword xv

Preface xvii

Chapter 1 What a Difference a Century Makes 1


Capitalism Transformed the Twentieth Century 4

Be Thankful It's Not 1910 6

The "Good Old Days" of Horses and Wagons 7

Engineering + Capitalism Powered the Twentieth Century 9

Would You Believe Males Were Sexists in 1943? 11

How "Ka-ching" (The Cash Register) Continues to Change Society (William G. Marshall) 13

Chapter 2 Your Future in a Rapidly Changing World 17

PRODUCTIVITY (Roy H. Williams) 19

Big Bang of Info in Constant State of Expansion (Karl Fisch) 20

Fr ee-Market Capitalism Drives Globalization (Thomas L. Friedman) 22

Futurologists Technology Timeline (Ian Pearson and Ian Neild) 24

The Post-American World (Fared Zakaria) 26

The World Is Flat (Thomas L. Friedman) 30

The Global Achievement Gap: Why Even Our Best Schools Don ' t Teach the New Survival Skills Our Children Need — And What We Can Do About It (Tony Wagner) 32

Chapter 3 The Road to Success 37


Investor's Business Daily's 10 Secrets to Success (William J. O'Neil) 40

How to Get Where You Want to Go (Roy H. Williams) 41

The Entrepreneurial Mind ( Jeffry A. Timmons) 43

The Entrepreneurial Spirit (George Gilder) 44

Women: The Hidden Engine of World Growth (Chrystia Freeland) 45

Who AM I? (Anonymous) 47

Chapter 4 Wisdom for Future Leaders 49

PERSISTENCE (Calvin Coolidge) 51

Fire Them Up: 7 Secrets of Inspiring Leaders (Carmine Gallo) 52

Good Fences Make Us Rich (Philip Humbert) 54

The Next President's First Task (Robert F. Kennedy Jr.) 56

Chapter 5 Uplifting Commencement Addresses 59

INSPIRATION (Darwin P. Kingsley) 61

Alan Alda at Connecticut College, 1980 62

Famous Graduation Quotes and Advice 63

Tia Duer at the Abbingdon Friends School, 2008 65

Tony Blair at Yale University, Class Day 2008 68

Ray Kurzweil at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, 2005 69

Chapter 6 Failure Is Not Fatal, It Happens to the Best 73

SUCCESS (Mark Twain) 75

Out of the Mouths of "Experts" 76

Famous Failures ( Joey Green) 78

Genius = 1% Inspiration and 99% Perspiration 80

Experts Are Never Wrong! Oh Yeah? 81

Firstborns vs. Laterborns (Frank J. Sulloway) 88

Chapter 7 Relax! You Are about to Be Motivated 91


Al exis de Tocqueville, Seer Extraordinaire 94

An Ode to America (Cornel Nistorescu) 96

Beauty Is in the Soul (Sam Levenson) 98

Children Learn What They Live (Dorothy L. Nolte) 99

Footprints on the Sands of Time (Yale Hirsch) 100

I Cannot Exist without You ( John Keats) 101

Six Lessons for Life (Marian Wright Edelman) 102

The People Who Make a Difference! (Anonymous) 103

Chapter 8 No Limit to How High You Can Climb 105

CONTRARINESS (Arnold M. Ludwig, M.D.) 107

Achieving Personal Excellence (Steve Brunkhorst) 108

Awaken the Giant Within! (Tony Robbins) 109

Ayn Rand's Anthem (Ayn Rand) 111

How to Live on 24 Hours a Day

(Arnold Bennett) 113

It's Not What You Do, It's How You Do It that Determines Your Success (Paul Kearley) 115

Must Thinking (Paul Kearley) 117

Make Each and Every Moment of Your Life a Moment to Remember (Anonymous) 118

There's No Limit to How High You Can Climb (Masami Saionji) 120

You Are the Creator of Your Life ( James Allen) 122

Chapter 9 Strategies for Climbing the Ladder of Success 125

EXERCISE (Christopher Crowley and Henry S. Lodge, M.D.) 127

10 Creative Myths ( Jeffrey Baumgartner) 128

10 Steps for Boosting Creativity ( Jeffrey Baumgartner) 131

16 Rules Bob Parsons Tries to Live By (Bob Parsons) 133

18 Important Thoughts to Consider (Steve Brunkhorst) 135

Top 10 Reasons to Keep a Journal (Philip Humbert) 137

Top 10 Secrets of Getting Rich! (Philip Humbert) 139

Top 10 Steps to Set and Achieve Your Goals (Philip Humbert) 141

Top 10 Things to Think about if You Want to Change the World (Michael Angier) 144

Two Ideas to Guide You on Your Life Journey (Chuck Gallozzi) 146

What I Wished I Learned in School (Guy Kawasaki) 151

Chapter 10 Teachers Can Make a Huge Difference 155

TEACHER'S CREDO (Haim G. Ginott) 157

Unity (Anonymous) 158

What Do Teachers Make? (Taylor Mali) 159

Quotes about Teachers 160

Great Movies about Great Teachers 161

Stand up to Bullying and Change the World (SuEllen Fried) 163

Chapter 11 We Must Cure the World's Addiction to Oil and Coal! 167

SOLAR ENERGY (Thomas Alva Edison) 169

End Our Oil Addiction NOW! (Richard Holbrooke) 170

Quotes about Free Energy 171

A Hydrogen Economy in Our Future? ( Jeremy Rifkin) 172

Set America Free! A Blueprint for U.S. Energy Security 174

Future Energy Possibilities 181

Ted Turner's Eleven Voluntary Initiatives (Ted Turner) 182

What Jules Verne Said in 1874 183

Chapter 12 You Can Do It! Yes You Can! 185


(Entrepreneur magazine) 187

Wh o Am I to Be Brilliant, Gorgeous, and Talented? (Marianne Williamson) 188

Invictus (William Ernest Henley) 189

The Optimist Creed (Christian D. Larson) 190

The Man Who Thinks He Can (Walter D. Wintle) 191

What Will Matter (Michael Josephson) 192

Goals Are Achieved Only with Action ( 194

The "Real" Seven Wonders of the World (Anonymous) 195

Can't (Edgar Guest) 196

The Path of Least Resistance (Robert Fritz) 198

Triumph over Troubles (Philip Humbert) 199

Chapter 13 A Good Sense of Humor Is Priceless 201

GRADUATION (Robert Orben) 203

A Doctor's Sense of Humor Never Hurts 204

Puns to Put a Smile On Your Face 205

Nice to Be Amusing, to Tell a Joke or Two 206

Chapter 14 Information to Put Things into Perspective 209

MONEY (Anthony Sampson) 211

Annual Average Consumer Price Index (CPI) 212

Broadband Subscribers per 100 Inhabitants, 2001–2007 214

Casualties in Principal U.S. Wars 216

Countries Ranked by Population, 2008 218

Forbes Counts 793 Billionaires in 2009 222

Forbes 100 Most Powerful Women, 2009 (Top 35) 224

Freedom House Country Rankings, 2008 (1.0 to 7.0) 226

Freedom House Country Rankings (since 1973) 228

Global Gender Gap Index, 2008 Rankings 230

How Can Anyone Have so Many Ancestors? 232

Useful Web Sites 233

Billionaires Ranked by Country, 2008 234

Millionaire Households: Top 15 Countries, 2008 236

Millionaires Ranked by Numbers per 10,000 237

The Beauty of Math! 238

U.S. Census since 1790 by Decades 239

Wonders of the Human Body 240

Gross Domestic Product by Country (Ranked) 242

World Population and Fact Sheet 248

Chapter 15 A Treasury of Motivational Quotes 249

LISTEN TO CHURCHILL (Winston Churchill) 251

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