by Tessa Bailey, Eve Dangerfield

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Secret aspiring comedian Autumn Reynolds is a girl gone...not wild exactly. More like lazy. Since her boyfriend abandoned her in New York City for a bunch of improv groupies she's had two priorities; sucking the nitrous out of whipped cream cans and making sex comics about her mysterious landlord.

Blake hates people—and sunlight—with good reason. Imagine his surprise when he finds himself lusting after his upstairs tenant, a sunny, Australian people pleaser down on her luck. Turns out his ability to terrify with a single scowl comes with an advantage. Autumn seems to like it. A lot. As evidenced by the prisoner-captive comic Blake was never meant to see.  

As they embark on a three-date arrangement the rules are clear; filthy, ground breaking sex, no feelings or commitment required. When chemistry is this strong, though, attachment follows. As Blake and Autumn attempt to negotiate their New York romance, their prior histories and secret dreams come to the foreground. How long can these polar opposites remain Captivated, when all signs point to disaster?

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BN ID: 2940155574835
Publisher: Dangerbailey
Publication date: 06/11/2018
Sold by: Draft2Digital
Format: NOOK Book
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Captivated 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Loved it!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Such a funny gooriously sexy read! I lol'd often, teared up and cheered them on! Read in 9 hours!
TBranch More than 1 year ago
"Other people praised its architecture, its give no fucks attitude, its ‘energy’, whatever the hell that meant, but for Autumn Reynolds, the Big Apple was enemy territory and she’d been air-dropped into it without any reconnaissance." - This is just the tipping point for the humor in this story! Autumn and Blake were just so captivating and you just felt the need to know them and squish them together! "“Although,” she told the pigeons as she fastened the hoops on her purple plastic earrings. “You’d have to have a death wish to try and fight Blake. He’s basically a sentient brick wall.”" - This really did describe Blake in the beginning. He was very stoic and off-putting. But you keep reading and get to know more about him and of him and you just steadily fall more and more in love with the PMB. Can I just say that there were times I was blushing and having to take a cool drink to try and simmer down because these women know how to drag you into a scene and make you feel it. "He tugged the front of it down, exposing her breasts, and Autumn bit back a moan. The scraping fabric and cool air on her nipples was making her whole body throb. They’d barely done anything, anything, and she was more turned on than she’d ever been in her life." "Ian being a wishy-washy buttplug." This sums up my thoughts on her ex, Ian, and his behavior! You get to the end of this story begging for it to not be over and then it is and you read this and your icy, black hole, heart just pulls a Grinch and grows 3 sizes. "“Try frantic. I thought I’d lost the girl of my dreams. I thought I’d—” He broke off, shaking his head. “Of course I love you, I’ve loved you from the moment I laid eyes on you. You made me want to be in the sun again. You made me want to be the one who…gave you the sun.”"
ClareB01 More than 1 year ago
Tessa Bailey and Eve Dangerfield have teamed up to give you a fantastic read. Take one sassy little Australian, one dirty talking New Yorker and magic is made. This book had everything. Sassy Autumn is a vet who loves comedy. Blake is her pouty man bear landlord. When they get near, sparks fly. I laughed, I cried, I rooted for them and fell in love. This is a roller coaster of amazing.
beckymmoe More than 1 year ago
Loved this one! It was so much more than I was expecting. The blurb made it sound fun--in a dirty, kinky, erotic romance kind of way, which it definitely was--but there was also a whole lot of pretty awesome story in there too. Autumn and Blake have known each other--kind of--for six months; he's her landlord. (In fact, she's forgotten what his actual name is and has been referring to him in her head and with her slimy soon-to-be-ex-boyfriend as "The Landlord" pretty much the entire time.) But it's hard to refer to the encounter they have in the book's early pages as anything else but their true "meet cute." Between her I've-just-been-dumped aura, the illegal pigeons she's hiding in the bathroom (yep, he finds them), the way she just can't stop her nervous blabber and the fact that she reveals that she doesn't even remember his name, it's hard not to cringe and LOL at the same time. It's also hard not to see how completely charmed by her Blake is. Poor guy :) But then he sees what she's drawn on the back of the piece of paper she put her bank information on for him, Out. Boy, do things take off from there! Yes, their particular kink is pretty hot...though maybe we get a little too much graphic description of it after a point...?(*ducks quickly*) But it's the story beyond the bedroom that was the clincher for me. I loved watching Autumn come into her own in her adopted city--making friends, having the courage to go for what she wants both in the bedroom and in her life--and seeing Blake go from a hairy, grumpy recluse to a hairy, still grumpy guy who lets people in his life once again. That ending! So many feels! I've read plenty from Ms. Bailey, but this is my first from Ms. Dangerfield. I'm going to have to add her to my "authors to look for more from" list; and if the two of them want to collaborate on future titles, sign me up! Rating: 4 stars / A- I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.