Captive Beauty

Captive Beauty

by Natasha Knight
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Captive Beauty by Natasha Knight


The Beast had Belle.

Killian Black has me. 

How I got here doesn’t matter, even though he says it does. Says it was my choice. He doesn’t get it, though. It wasn’t ever a choice for me. 

And now, he’s changing the rules. 

The agreement was one month. For thirty days, I’d be his. He’s no longer satisfied with my body alone, though. He wants my soul, too. Wants every part of me. And even though I can pretend I’m safe when I lie beneath him, this man does something to me. Something wicked. 

A thing that will break me. 


People suck at consequences. 

Cilla made the choice. She offered the deal. I just took her up on it. So what if I changed the rules half-way in? I’m not apologizing for it. 

See, Cilla and me, we’re the same. She’s dark. As dark as me. Something happened to her. Something bad. It damaged her. 

But it’s not a hero she seeks. It’s an avenging angel. A dark knight. That, I can do. I’ll slay her dragons, but it’ll cost her, because in return, I want everything. And I’ll take it. 

She’s mine. 

Author’s note: Captive Beauty is a standalone romance. Think Beauty and the Beast, but twisted and dark in the best, dirtiest ways.

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BN ID: 2940155059011
Publisher: Natasha Knight
Publication date: 01/24/2018
Sold by: Draft2Digital
Format: NOOK Book
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Captive Beauty 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Anonymous 4 months ago
loved this story! It grabbed me from the first few pages. This is one of the few times the charracters really came alive for me. It had action, sex--some rough--humor--my favorite--and kookie/kinky love. I highly recommend!!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
There is something about the sold to pay a debt trope that this authour does with class! I mean, it is super-sexy, super-crazy, and definitely casting dark shadows around, but when two people haunted by the darkness in their past connect, thrive, and flourish, the darkness also gives you a warm feeling Kill and Cilla meet when she interrupts her brothers taken down. She offers herself to save her brother, and the games begin. She has a dark past that haunts her and her brother. He has a dark past that caused him to lose his sister. They connect on a primal level, but resist giving over that part of themselves to the other He isn't to be stopped, and she is no shirking violet, and they clash. They clash really well. The emotions run high, and you are there with them along the way. When their world implodes, he tries to be noble. He has his limits, and quickly realizes his mistake. Their HEA isn't sunshine or roses, but it is what they need, and what they want, and in the end, that is what anybody's HEA should be - what makes them happy!
Wendy S Hodges More than 1 year ago
Both characters have been damaged by their pasts, abuse played a major part but in different ways. Cilla appears strong and feisty but underneath she is broken, Killian seems to be aggressive and hard but his strength may just be what Cilla needs to free herself. He too has his demons and maybe Cilla and helping her is what he needs to also finally move on and recover. This is moving, disturbing and there is some violence. But this stories subject matter is deep, the abuse issues are something people suffer every day and the aftereffects of dealing with said issues goes on a long time, that thought made this feel very real while reading it. This is well written and has a great flow with no gaps or unexpected jumps. It is intense and full on emotionally, it sucks you in and holds you, I read it in one hit. There is a Mafia link but Kill isn't directly one himself, though he isn't an angel in his dealings. There are a lot of books out there with a similar theme but if its something you enjoy then I would highly recommend reading this one, it is one of the best I have read so far along this line. I would happily have read on longer about this couple.
JacquieLovesBooks More than 1 year ago
This COMPLETELY enthralling, DELICIOUSLY CAPTIVATING and twisted tale has earned it's place as my new Natasha Knight ALL-TIME fave read!!! Killian Black is the broody, twisted Dark Knight with a surprisingly soft center that is revealed through his uncharacteristic emotional response to the surprising heroine, Cilla (Priscilla) Hawking!! There is so much emotion, so much angst...Kill and Cill's journey had me RIVETED, waiting with baited breath for the revelations to come! The twists and turns, the darkness! I actually HATED Kill in the beginning, thinking he was a stone-cold, unfeeling MONSTER!!! But as the story unfolds, I realized that, in some ways, he's become this way as a defense mechanism against the horrors he's had to endure and I slowly, but surely, fell in love with him....right along with the unwilling Cill!! When Cilla made her "deal with the devil" to protect her brother, she had NO IDEA what she had gotten herself into! But somehow, she comes to recognize how very similar she and Kill really are and that he just MIGHT be the best thing that ever happened to her! Natasha Knight is a shining star in the realm of the Indie world!! I bow down to her talent and it is even MORE obvious in this's her BEST book to date, imo!!! I can't WAIT to read what she has up her sleeve in the future....I'm a TOTAL fan for LIFE!!!!