by K.M. Fawcett

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Captive by K.M. Fawcett

"Fawcett delivers a suspenseful and captivating science fiction romance. A must read for all, but especially for fans of THE HUNGER GAMES." --Caridad Pineiro, NY Times & USA Today bestselling author


The last thing Addy Dawson remembers is a blazing inferno and freezing river water overtaking her lungs. When she awakens, Addy finds herself on a strange, alien planet, trapped in a cell with no doors, no windows-- and to her horror-- a naked warrior who claims to be her mate.


An alpha gladiator, Max is forced to breed and produce the finest specimens for the Survival Race, a deadly blood sport created by the alien rulers of Hyborea. To rebel means torture-or worse-yet Max refuses to become the animal his captors want him to be. But their jailors will not be denied, and soon Addy and Max find themselves unwilling players in this cruel game. Pushed to the limit, they will risk everything for the chance at a life free from captivity. And though fate brought them together as adversaries, Max and Addy will discover that when they're together, there's nothing in the universe that can stop them .

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ISBN-13: 9781455528189
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
Publication date: 06/04/2013
Series: Survival Race
Sold by: Hachette Digital, Inc.
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 384
Sales rank: 353,172
File size: 504 KB

About the Author

K.M. Fawcett was a born romantic. At six years old, she would beg her parents to take her to a restaurant with "soft music and candles" where she could drink Shirley Temples and twirl on the dance floor. As she grew, her desire to be whisked into a romantic adventure by a knight in shining armor also grew to the point of annoying her friends and family. When she received Jude Deveraux's A Knight In Shining Armor, she fell head over heals in love...with the romance genre.

K.M. now writes sci-fi & paranormal romances and enjoys stories with action, adventure, and kick-butt heroes and heroines. She and her husband own Tenchi Isshinryu Karate Dojo in NJ where they teach Isshinryu karate, Ryukonkai (Okinawan weapons), and self-defense.

When not writing, training, or blogging at Attacking The Page, she is driving her children to drum practice and ballet classes. Please visit her on Facebook, Twitter, and her website at

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Captive 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
TheBFBookmark-Steph More than 1 year ago
So I have to be completely honest about this one. I have read a few paranormal romance books (mostly with vampires or mind reading or dream walking) but I have never even come close to touching a Sci-Fi book. This was not something that would have ever have interested me. But as I have quickly learned, living outside of my norm is sometimes fun too. I know this is not something you would typically see me review and that is part of the reason I was so intrigued by it. With that being said, yes, there are romantic parts of it and not very romantic parts of it. I did truly enjoy this book. I did not know what was coming and I did not know what to expect as I turned each page of this book, but that was half the fun in reaching beyond my limits and reading something I wouldn't typically read. Addy was an amazingly strong character for this book and it worked so well. She was courageous and strong and had sheer determination. Her determination alone in the forest on fire at the beginning should have been more than enough to indicate what she was all about, but once she was no longer on Earth and instead a strange box with a hottie warrior named Max, she showed even greater strength. Max had spent years being twisted and worn down by his captors and twisted into a "monster," Max was starting to feel old. But then he found himself inside the mating box with Addy and everything started to change. This book took me on a great adventure of survival and showed me what determination could lead to. This book was well written and had a great spirit about it. I loved the characters and I loved the time that Addy and Max shared, not only trying to survive, but falling in love. This book was mysterious and intriguing and for someone that hasn't really delved much into the shelves of the Sci-Fi section of the bookstore, I really appreciated the thought and imagination put into this book as well as the very human qualities of all the characters. *I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I don't think of myself as a paranormal, sci-fi or pure romance reader. I have read some of each. I read Captive on a recommendation from a friend and loved it. Fawcett pulls off what seems like the impossible--- a paranormal,sci-fi romance. Don't be put off by the "paranormal" or "sci-fi". It has elements of these, but does not go over the top. Fawcett simply created an alien world with distinct rules most non-sci-fi readers should have no problem with. Beyond being creative, some of the rules had me chuckling at times. Also, don't be put off by the "romance". Despite what the couple on the cover would lead you to believe, this book is not dripping with romantic scenes. It is definitely a romance, but not the "50 Shades" type. Somehow, paranormal, sci-fi and romance are there and work well together. Who knew. It is also a book packed full of action, adventure, some violence, relationship building, humor, and alpha males all trying to show their "alpha-ness" (which varies from scary to rather humorous). Fawcett created a heroine in Addy that does not wait to be saved. Addy takes control and goes about saving herself. The main male character, Max, also wants to control his destiny, but is resigned to his role on this planet. He has a job to do, and he plans on doing it. The problem is his role and Addy's plans are in direct conflict. Fawcett builds a relationship between the characters at a pace that makes sense, and with many stumbles along the way. She allows us to get inside the thoughts of each of these characters, which adds both incite and humor. Her ability to understand the various situations in this book from both Addy's and Max's prospective keeps the book moving at a fast pace while helping to build their characters. Chapters often end in a scene from one character's viewpoint, with the next chapter starting in the same scene from the other character's viewpoint, and as anyone ever in a relationship knows, those viewpoints are often oh so very different. While it may be annoying in our own relationships, it creates interest and humor when watching it happen to others. Fawcett uses this strategy effectively throughout the book. For someone that is a "born romantic", Fawcett seems to understand the prospective of a "typical" non-romantic male. While Addy and Max are the main characters, Fawcett also created several secondary characters (both lovable and despicable). My favorite was introduced near the end in the form of a would-be hero. I truly hope he shows up in the next book in the series. Again, this is not a book I would have picked up myself based on the cover, the paranormal designation, the sci-fi designation, or the romance designation. However, I am very glad I did. Fawcett has something going with Addie and Max. I can't wait for book 2. I would give book 1 a 4.5. ( I hold off 5.0 for books with some deep meaning that I would read again and again and again.) I strongly suggest you give it a try. You may find a new author in K.M. Fawcett to put on your watch-for list. I know I have.
Under_The_Covers_BookBlog More than 1 year ago
3.5 Stars ~Reviewed by SUZANNE & posted at Under the Covers Book Blog The last thing Addy Dawson remembers is a trying to escape a forest fire and failing, but she wakes up she is in a square room with no doors and windows. Naked. But she isn’t alone, there is also a naked man, Max, in with her, who has one thing on his mine…breeding. As Addy comes to understand the strange and cruel new world she is being kept prisoner in the more she needs to escape, together her and Max must find away out of their captivity and survive. When I first started reading this, I was expecting a cheesy sci-fi romance, with strange aliens, men with muscles instead of brains and the women who swoon for them. A teensy part of me was a little disappointed that this wasn’t the case, I love some cheese, but mostly I was pleasantly surprised, instead of being a massive corn fest instead it was a survival story about two people doing their best in an impossible situation. If you like a tortured hero than this would be the book for you, my poor darling Max, although at first I wasn’t sure of him, he soon won me over as you realise what he has been through. I also really liked Addy, she was clever and tough. The reason this got 3.5 feathers rather than 4 or 5 was because although I liked the romance, there didn’t seem enough of it, one minute they kind of hated each other and then wham, they didn’t it was a fairly quick turnabout, it was only really the last parts of the book that really showed how well they worked as a couple. But this was a good book, certainly full of adventure, a few fluffy aliens and when it finally got to it, a really great romance.