Captive (Behind the Stars, #1)

Captive (Behind the Stars, #1)

by Leigh Talbert Moore

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BN ID: 2940046292251
Publisher: TLM Productions LLC
Publication date: 11/09/2014
Series: Behind the Stars , #1
Sold by: Draft2Digital
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 80,810
File size: 406 KB
Age Range: 13 Years

About the Author

Leigh Talbert Moore wrote her first graphic novel at the age of nine--about a lady scientist burned by acid. Sadly, the text of "Fury Woman" was lost, and Leigh's novelist aspirations went on hiatus.

Then, after a decade working in journalism, editing, marketing, and public relations, she began writing books again, and in 2009 completed Dragonfly. Today, Leigh is the author of several popular young adult and new adult novels, all with a strong romantic slant.

She lives with her husband and two young children in the middle of the country, where she conjures new worlds, characters, and situations while playing chauffeur, chaperone, group activity leader, and referee. And she's still trying to remember the plot of "Fury Woman"...

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Captive (Behind the Stars, #1) 3.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 10 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Well thanks to all the rude plot spoilers here revealing the entire book, here is yet another story ruined. Bn, are you ever going to put a stoo to these RUDE plot spoilers that persistin telling the entire plot line? Please ban them.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
It is only 50 pages, so there is not much to review. As a biginning is ok. I probably would not buy the rest of the book.
Lovz-Books More than 1 year ago
You’re on your way to work on a typical, ordinary day, then you suddenly get kidnapped. What do you do? Through the eyes of the main character, we experience a hazy confusion. It seems that she was brought into some enslavement or training camp with armed guards and everything. Weird. Additionally, the girl is not alone; people she knows are there with her, but they seem to have this vacant stare, like if they’re hypnotized. Even more weird. Was this a conspiracy or the beginning of World War 3? Who knows? Regardless, story was kind of dull.
kirstyviz More than 1 year ago
Leigh Talbert Moore’s Behind the Stars series is described as “Red Dawn meets Lost” and despite the short length of Captive the author manages to intrigue, excites and absorb her reader. Captive begins with a sense of hope; Prentiss is in love and on her way to her last day working as a veterinary assistant. We certainly do not expect her to be kidnapped, drugged and awaken in a labour camp. Prentiss recognises many of her fellow prisoners from her hometown of Dabb Creek, including her brother Braxton, but this does not comfort her. She is unsure where they are and why. Prentiss’ story alternates between flashbacks, which upset her but keep her fighting and her recount of daily life working on the farm. Leigh Talbert Moore ensures that Prentiss’ fear becomes tangible to the reader and we understand her confusion at the behaviour of her friends and the conversations amongst her captors. As Captive ends we see more of Prentiss’ bravery, even as she discovers that long boxes, shaped like coffins, are being buried on the grounds of the camp. As I finish this review, Learning to Spy is open on my Kindle.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is a definite page turner. The writing and plot are simple so, if you're looking for something deep and complex then look elsewhere. However, I enjoyed the characters and how the author smoothly moved between the past and present. Prentiss is a great heroine and easy to relate to, particularly for teen girls. I was very drawn into the love story between her and Jackson. What I enjoyed most about is how the author dos not paint their relationship as picture perfect. Actually, she keeps you guessing so by the end of the book I wasn't sure how I should feel about them. Overall, a great read and if you are new to the sci-fi genre, I would highly recommend it!  :)
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Book provided by Katy for an honest review. I thought this book sounded interesting. The summary reminded me of another book that I read and I thought I would like it just as much.  I think that the one star review says a lot. I hated this story. The story starts out interesting and then Prentiss is kidnapped. Her first thought on why they were kidnapped: the Russians were invading to start WWIII. What the Hell?! That was the best reason that she could come up with. First off if Russia was going to start invading I think it would start closer to home NOT the USA. And if for some reason it did start in the USA they would probably be smart about it and at least start in a politically important city. Enough about that. So I thought Prentiss was an idiot. I didn't like how I wasn't able to connect emotionally with any of the characters and I hated the flashbacks that had nothing to do with what was happening. Overall I cared about zero percent of this book and I can't wait to start forgetting everything that I read.
sciencexcharm More than 1 year ago
This book is summarized as Episode 1 because it begins with a story about a girl who gets captured by some type of organization and then ends on chapter five leaving you with a lot of questions. What kind of organization is this? If we rebel, what are they capable of? Prentiss is forced to believe that it is the military invading her town and kidnapping everyone, but then there are speculations about non-human activity. Overall, I will say that Leigh Talbert Moore did an outstanding job with this first book of the series. She allows the story to be simple and not too complicating but at the same time, it slowly builds up complexity. I recommend this book to all of my club members. It is a little more feminine in my opinion so guys, you may not want to read unless you are interested in broadening your horizons and taking the leap. I say this only because the book is from Prentiss's point of view. You are constantly reading about her thoughts and her actions as opposed to another person's standpoint. This author does a spectacular job of incorporating a southern girl with big dreams living in a small town in Mississippi. She has CAPTURED my attention and I can't wait to read the second episode called Learning to Spy.
UndercoverBookReviews More than 1 year ago
~Received For An Honest Review~ When starting this book, it took me by surprise of how things start to interact. I was really getting into it even when I was suppose to be doing other things. I felt captivated to continue. It was starting to really suck me in and making me turn one page after another. It was like I wasn't able to get enough.. If you want a series to get sucked into not knowing where you will end up.. this would be the one!
JBronder More than 1 year ago
Prentiss Puckett is a small farm girl from Dabb Creek, Mississippi. She has everything planned. As soon as she gets out of school, her and Jackson, her boyfriend are going to get his father’s farm, get married, and create a life for themselves. But on the way to the last meeting with Dr. Green, the local veterinarian she is kidnapped. She wakes up at an odd complex and sees others from Dabb Creek. A couple are friends and others are associates from school. Jackson is not there, there are no adults, but Prentiss recognizes her brother. The kids are going to be a type of slave labor. They are fed steaks and eggs for breakfast and then split up to farm, take care of the cows, or other tasks like burying coffin like boxes. Everyone seems to be drugged or they have given up hope. But Prentiss can’t just give up. She knows she has to get out. As long as she can get to Jackson everything will be ok. I like Prentiss and her spunk. She is not going to let being trapped stop her from trying to escape. Although all she can think of is having Jackson save her and everyone, when you find out about her past you can understand why she does that. I can’t wait to see what happens in Learning to Spy. I received this novella for free in exchange for an honest review.
Livlovesbooks More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed it! This is only the 2nd episodic novel that I’ve ever read, and I found that the format enhanced my reading experience. I loved the pacing and the mystery in this first installment. The heroine's spunk and determination make her easy to like and cheer on as she tries to figure out why her world has been turned upside down. QUICK BREAKDOWN POV: Prentiss’s only Story: set in the present but includes flashbacks going back several years Suspense: excellent Violence: very mild but includes some mention of minor violence and death Romance level: YA Sex: mostly kissing  Setting: Dabb Creek, a small town in Mississippi; also an unknown farm location Sequel/Series planned: 1st in a 6-episode/installment format; the full novel will be available on December 31, 2014 Minor spoilers alert! 18-year old Prentiss Puckett was living a normal small town life, planning to become a farm vet assistant after graduating high school and marrying her long time boyfriend, Jackson. That all changes when she comes across a strange man on her walk to work. ‘Strangers never stopped in Dabb Creek. That should’ve been my first warning.’ It’s lights out for Prentiss and when she eventually achieves full consciousness, she finds her reality has drastically changed. She recognizes a few other kids from school like Yolanda, Flora, D’Lo and her older brother, Braxton. But nobody seems to know why they were kidnapped and relocated or why they were now being forced to work on a farm. There are no adults from town like Dr. Green enslaved with them. And where is Jackson? Prentiss decides quickly to get to the bottom of the mystery surrounding their capture. She tells Braxton that she’s teaming up with Cleve, a teenager from Meridian who was hitchhiking through Dabb Creek when he was also kidnapped, drugged and forced to join their group. “Jackson’s out there. I know he is, and I’m going to find him. Dabb Creek is so hidden, the Army probably won’t get here for a while, so we have to do our part. Fight for our freedom and everything. Like good Americans.” Unfortunately, Braxton isn’t convinced that anyone can escape, let alone his little sister, and avoid a terrible fate. “You listen to me, Prentiss Puckett. It’s all over. This is World War Three and the Apocalypse and alien invasion all rolled in one. You can’t fight it.” “Alien invasion?” I jerked my arm back. “You’re as crazy as D’Lo! What did that stupid guard say to you guys?” “He said enough. And he did more. I’m not burying my little sister.” But Prentiss refuses to be on Team Doomsday and is more determined than ever to continue planning an escape with Cleve. There’s a dramatic end to this first installment that made me eager to know what would happen next.  Luckily, you can go right into reading Learning To Spy (Beyond The Stars Vol. 2) which has been released simultaneously with Captive on November 9, 2014.