Captives the Legacy

Captives the Legacy

by Franklin M. McCorkel




CAPTIVES, the LEGACY describes the experiences of a fictional family belonging to a religious sect called "Plain." The mother died and the father of eleven-year-old Norma hired her into bondage. Grown older, she experienced the love of her life and lost the man she loved. Pregnant, she married a young man who regarded her as inferior; as commanded in the Bible she obeyed the husband who abandoned his family after World War 1. Norma kept her children with her through the desertion and the return of a husband who rarely stayed home with his family. Impoverished during the Great Depression and pregnant, Norma refused an abortion. World War 2 found her alone with her young girl and Martha, her oldest daughter who as the "provider" dominated her mother. Aaron, Norma's oldest son, served as an officer in Patton's Third Army and became an evangelist who motorcycled around the world and preached to the poorest of the poor. Released from prison in the Soviet Union "The Biker" became world famous. Grown old, Aaron experienced enlightenment similar to that described in the Bible for Saul on the road to Damascus and disputed some Biblical "truths." His church tried him for heresy and the story ends dramatically after Aaron left the church grounds.

Author Biography: Born and raised in the culture described in CAPTIVES the LEGACY the author experienced many events he recounts as fiction. Drafted during World War 2, he served as an officer in General Patton's Third Army and graduated from college after the war. Three years later he owned a small company. Elected Controller of Lancaster County and defeated in a statewide election for Auditor General of Pennsylvania, he returned to businessactivities. Retired, McCorkel lives with his wife in Hershey. They have two children and four grandchildren.

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Publication date: 12/28/2000
Pages: 469
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