Captured by Fate, Max & Kate Series

Captured by Fate, Max & Kate Series

by Lisa Powell

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Captured by Fate, Max & Kate Series by Lisa Powell

Max never thought love would be possible for him. In his line of work it was too dangerous. He never had a relationship that lasted more than a few months, he never wanted one. Then fate stepped in. Max was doing fine on his own, until is ordered to work with a spitfire Kate. This five foot nothing woman came into his life and turned it upside down. He is a hard and brutal man and puts Kate through hell. He tried everything he could to run her into the ground, to make her quit. But she is tough, real tough. Then Max saw something in Kate and he begins to back off. He doesn’t realize she has already captured his heart.
Kate loved once and it almost destroyed her. She vowed never to love again. She only uses men now. They are nothing but a play thing to her. Kate vowed never to love again. Love only brought her pain, hate, rage and anger. She was running away from a past life that haunted her. She buried the pains deep, so deep that some of her memories were lost. She wanted to start a new life when she ran into Max. Now when he gets close her body shakes and shivers. She gets covered in goosebumps. She wanted to stay away from him, but for some reason, something she couldn't control, kept pushing her to him. She tried to fight it, but the feelings were too strong.
Max tried to figure out why Kate felt this way about love. She is hiding something, just like he is. Can these two repair their lives? Are they strong enough to make it through? Will their secrets destroy each other? Find out as their relationship unravels.
It’s more than fate that brought them together.

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BN ID: 2940045519809
Publisher: Lisa Powell
Publication date: 06/10/2013
Series: Max & Kate , #1
Sold by: Smashwords
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 447,925
File size: 654 KB
Age Range: 18 Years

About the Author

Inspiring is a GREAT Feeling: Everyone thinks their books will change the world. They want to become famous and make millions. But what about inspiring others? Being an author/writer is more than just writing. It's about inspiring others. Here's my story. I went to get my taxes done, I know everyone groan, I use the same person every year he is in his late 70's. He was talking about writing a book a couple years ago. I told him I was a writer/author and we talked for a while. The next year he was contemplating about the different avenues in which to publish and how much it cost. We talked more. This year I go there and he smiled. 'I published my book.' He went over to a drawer and pulled out his book. He tells me, if it wasn't for me, he would have never taken that first step and published. It's a boy scout book, with camp fire spooky stories. With all the legends and how the camp came to be. He was a boy scout at this camp. The camp is still open today, he made is money back and all proceeds go to the camp. He wrote an inscription to me and handed me the book. My husband was so proud and I was almost speechless. I may not be famous or a millionaire. My books may not have changed anything, but being a writer did plus, he saved me money on my taxes, *grin* That was a great feeling, me inspiring someone. Someone who indeed is very profitable in selling his book. I guess it stems back when I first started out looking for answers, before I published. I asked an indie author a couple questions. Someone, everyone loves and I to loved her books. But she got snotty with me and made me feel like an idiot. Well dah! I have never done this before, I don't know what I am doing. I don't buy her books anymore either, just because of that fact. So at that point I decided I would never do that to someone else if they asked for help or information. And it has paid off, in my eyes. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- I was born in March of 1963 I am the second eldest of seven. I grew up in Michigan and went to Caro schools where I graduated in 1981. I began writing poetry when I was 16 and soon short novels followed. In 1982 I met my husband and we were wed in 1983. To this year, 2015 we have been married 32 years. I wrote my first big novel in 1985 (long hand) In the Mind of Misty, which still sits. Somehow I acquired an old yellow typewriter and spent many nights pounding away at the keys. In 1987 our daughter was born. She was a joyous addition to our family. She was so small I was afraid to hold her. But the fears soon faded and the years moved quickly by. In 1989 I got a call for a job offer doing construction for my step-dad. I am still there to this date. People ask if I hold signs the answer is no, I actually do the physical task of concrete work. In 2001 and in 2005 I had poems published in The International Library of Poetry. In 2003 my eldest sister passed away from cancer, she was 42. We knew she was sick it was only a matter of time. I miss her dearly and often feel her pulling her little pranks on me. In 2008 my daughter gave us a wonderful gift, a grandson. He was born in the same month as his grandma and we are both Pisces. He was born at seven months and he struggled to survive. But he was a strong little guy pulled through. In 2012 I self-published my first book, Captured by Fate. With many trials and errors I put it out there for everyone to read. With the support of my husband, giving me the courage to do so, I have published more books. Still the nervousness and anticipation is there with every book. It seems you always see an error after it's published. I belong to several social Medias and work groups. In 2013 I joined my first NANO (National Novel Writing Month). I wrote Haunted Flames. In 2013 on my way home from work I get a call that my oldest brother has passed away. I was not driving at the time thank goodness. This was a shock to all of us. Heart failure was the cause, he was 42. He passed on my youngest sister's birthday. As of today, December 2015 I have 7 published books and many in the making. I have three soon to be published. After my retirement, 2 years, I will be able to spend more time on my writing and get more of my work published. As of now I only have a couple months a year to really sit and write. Then the real work begins, editing. My husband is my rock without him I would have never put that first book out there. Facts about me: Favorite person-Husband Favorite color is - red Favorite vehicle - ford (69 mustang mach1 boss 429) Dream Car. Favorite foods - bacon & bbq ribs Favorite time of year - spring Zodiac sign - Pisces Movies - Overboard, 27 Dresses, The Ugly Truth, Pretty Woman, Under Siege 1&2, Comando extra... Music - Areosmith, Poison, ACDC, Little River Band, Boston, Pink Floyd, Pat Benatar, extra...

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Captured by Fate, Max & Kate Series 2.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I'm not even 50 pages in and I'm finding it difficult to continue. The writing is very amateur and feels like it's written by a young teenager. There are quite a few grammatical errors, tense changes (past vs present), and could benefit from the use of compound sentences/contractions/possessive forms. The story line is an interesting concept, but it's hard to continue with so little working for it and with poorly developed characters. Maybe their history will flesh out more over time, but there's not enough to make me want to find out at this point. I'm giving it 2 stars because its an interesting concept and a full length novel (205 pgs), regardless of the fact that I'll likely archive the ebook before finishing it. Some decent editing and it could be much, much better. I know the book is self-published and free, and I'm more forgiving knowing this, but its just too much hard to get through. 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Its funny and romantic. Definitley has different attitudes and plots. Keeps ya busy and guessing
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Interesting concept. It reads like a rough draft. If I had paid for it i would be really ticked off. Mixed tenses, wrong words like "padded" instead of patted, and only on description of Kate "5 foot nothing" over and over. Not written well enough to read next in series for$. It took forever to read because i was mentally editing the whole time. Even the quote in the beginning of the book is incorrect.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
If this wasn't free I l would be pissed!! Can anyone say delete?? Who wrote this a fifth grader??