Card Games All-In-One For Dummies

Card Games All-In-One For Dummies

by Consumer Dummies


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Play your cards right—and get an ace up your sleeve

Whether you’re looking to tackle a Texas Hold ‘em tournament or beat a friendly competitor at Gin Rummy, Card Games All-In-One For Dummies helps you stack the odds in your favor to start playing—and winning—the world’s most popular card games.

From Bridge and Hearts to Blackjack, card games are timeless activities that offer loads of fun, bringing people of all ages together to socialize and have a hand at some friendly competition. But if you’re ready to up the ante, this all-encompassing guide gives you the card-playing power to apply winning strategies and tips to master your game of choice and beat your opponents.

  • Build upon and improve your card-playing skills
  • Develop a winning strategy for popular card game
  • Find and play card games online
  • Teach kids to play cards responsibly

Whether you’re playing for fun or real stakes, Card Games All-In-One For Dummies is your one-stop ace in the hole to come up trumps!

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781119275718
Publisher: Wiley
Publication date: 10/31/2016
Series: For Dummies (Lifestyle)
Pages: 576
Sales rank: 757,857
Product dimensions: 7.30(w) x 9.20(h) x 1.20(d)

Table of Contents

Introduction 1

Book 1: Taking a Stab at Card Games 3

CHAPTER 1: Getting Familiar with Card Game Basics 5

CHAPTER 2: Going Solo with Solitaire 15

CHAPTER 3: Creating Combinations in Rummy 35

CHAPTER 4: Working toward a Run with Fan Tan 49

CHAPTER 5: Nailing Bids with Oh Hell! and Romanian Whist 57

CHAPTER 6: Bowing to Trump in Euchre 65

CHAPTER 7: Following Suit with Spades 75

CHAPTER 8: Handling a Heaping Helping of Hearts 91

CHAPTER 9: Trying Some Children’s Games 103

Book 2: The Lowdown on Poker 117

CHAPTER 1: Warming Up with Poker Basics 119

CHAPTER 2: Applying Essential Strategies 137

CHAPTER 3: Succeeding at Seven-Card Stud 149

CHAPTER 4: Tackling Texas Hold’em 163

CHAPTER 5: Becoming an Expert at Omaha 171

CHAPTER 6: Trying Some Home Poker Games 187

Book 3: Staying North of the Border: Texas Hold’em 197

CHAPTER 1: Just Tell Me How to Play: Texas Hold’em Basics 199

CHAPTER 2: Beginning with Two 217

CHAPTER 3: Flopping ’Til You’re Dropping 229

CHAPTER 4: Taking Your Turn 241

CHAPTER 5: Dipping in the River 249

CHAPTER 6: Playing the Players 257

CHAPTER 7: Bluffing: When Everything Isn’t What It Appears to Be 269

Book 4: Going Online to Play: Internet Poker 281

CHAPTER 1: Creating a Winning Combination: Poker, the Internet, and You 283

CHAPTER 2: Putting Internet Poker’s Nuances to Work in Your Play 289

CHAPTER 3: Adapting to the World of Internet Poker 307

CHAPTER 4: Exploring Your Online Game Options 315

Book 5: More Than Just an Old Folks’ Game: Bridge 331

CHAPTER 1: Going to Bridge Boot Camp 333

CHAPTER 2: Counting and Taking Sure Tricks 341

CHAPTER 3: Using Winning Trick Techniques at Notrump Play 349

CHAPTER 4: Introducing Trump Suits 365

CHAPTER 5: Starting with Bidding Basics 381

CHAPTER 6: Wrapping Up with Scorekeeping 391

Book 6: Trying to Beat the House: Casino Gambling 401

CHAPTER 1: Casino Gambling 101: The Inside Scoop 403

CHAPTER 2: Probability and Odds: What You Need to Succeed 419

CHAPTER 3: Managing Your Money in a Casino 429

CHAPTER 4: Minding Your Gambling Manners 441

CHAPTER 5: The Easiest Game to Beat: Blackjack 453

CHAPTER 6: Not Just For High Rollers: Baccarat 469

CHAPTER 7: Rolling the Dice: Craps 481

CHAPTER 8: Spinning Wheel Goes Round ’n’ Round: Roulette 501

CHAPTER 9: Mastering the Machines: Slots 515

Index 533

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