Career Opportunities in the Armed Forces

Career Opportunities in the Armed Forces


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ISBN-13: 9780816068319
Publisher: Facts on File, Incorporated
Publication date: 09/15/2007
Series: Career Opportunities Series
Edition description: REV
Pages: 312
Product dimensions: 7.20(w) x 9.10(h) x 0.80(d)
Age Range: 14 - 17 Years

Table of Contents

Foreword     v
How to Use This Book     vii
Industry Outlook     xix
Administration and Management
Communications Manager (Officer)     2
Financial and Accounting Manager (Officer)     5
Food Service Manager (Officer)     9
International Relations Officer     12
Management Analyst (Officer)     16
Preventive Maintenance Analyst (Enlisted)     19
Supply and Warehousing Manager (Officer)     22
Artillery Crew Member (Enlisted)     28
Combat Engineer (Enlisted)     30
Infantryman (Enlisted)     33
Infantry Officer     35
Missile System Officer     37
Special Operations Forces Team Member (Enlisted)     39
Special Operations Officer     41
Tank Crew Member (Enlisted)     43
Tank Officer     45
Construction and Machine Operations
Construction Equipment Operator (Enlisted)     48
Construction Specialist (Enlisted)     51
Machinist and CNC Programmer (Enlisted)     55
Power Plant Operator (Enlisted)     58
Printing Specialist (Enlisted)     61
Water and Sewage Treatment Plant Operator (Enlisted)     64
Welder/Metal Worker (Enlisted)     67
Electrical and Electronic Repairs
Building Electrician (Enlisted)     72
Communications Equipment Repairer (Enlisted)     75
Computer Equipment Repairer (Enlisted)     78
Electrical and Electronics Engineer (Officer)     81
Electrical Products Repairer (Enlisted)     84
Electronic Instrument Repairer (Enlisted)     87
Precision Instrument Repairer (Enlisted)     90
Engineering, Science, and Technical
Aerospace Engineer (Officer)     94
Chemical Laboratory Technician (Enlisted)     97
Chemist (Officer)     100
Civil Engineer (Officer)     103
Computer Programmer (Enlisted)     106
Computer Systems Specialist (Enlisted)     109
Environmental Health and Safety Officer     112
Geoscientist (Officer)     116
Meteorologist (Officer)     120
Nuclear Engineer (Officer)     123
Physicist (Officer)     125
Surveying, Mapping, or Drafting Technician (Enlisted)     128
Health Care
Cardiopulmonary and EEG Technician (Enlisted)     132
Dentist (Officer)     135
Dietitian (Officer)     138
Health Service Administrator (Officer)     141
Medical Care Technician (Enlisted)     144
Medical Laboratory Technician/Technologist (Enlisted)     148
Medical Record Technician (Enlisted)     151
Optometrist (Officer)     154
Pharmacist (Officer)     156
Physical and Occupational Therapist (Officer)     159
Physician/Surgeon (Officer)     162
Psychologist (Officer)     165
Radiologic (X-ray) Technician (Enlisted)     168
Registered Nurse (Enlisted)     171
Speech Therapist and Audiologist (Officer)     174
Human Resources and Services
Chaplain (Officer)     178
Counselor (Officer)     181
Personnel Specialist (Enlisted)     184
Recruiting Manager (Officer)     188
Social Worker (Officer)     191
Law and Protective Services
Firefighter (Enlisted)     196
Law Enforcement and Security Officer (Enlisted)     199
Lawyer (Officer)     203
Military Police (Enlisted)     206
Media and Public Affairs
Audiovisual and Broadcast Director (Officer)     210
Audiovisual and Broadcast Technician (Enlisted)     212
Broadcast Journalist/Newswriter (Enlisted)     215
Graphic Designer and Illustrator (Enlisted)     218
Interpreter and Translator (Enlisted)     221
Photographer (Enlisted)     224
Transportation and Vehicle Maintenance
Aircraft Mechanic (Enlisted)     228
Airplane Pilot (Officer)     231
Air Traffic Controller (Enlisted)     234
Automotive and Heavy Equipment Mechanic (Enlisted)     237
Flight Operations Specialist (Enlisted)     241
Helicopter Pilot (Officer)     244
Marine Engine Mechanic (Enlisted)     247
Associations, Organizations, and Sources of Further Information     252
College and University ROTC Programs     263
United States Service Academies     278
Bibliography     279
Index     281

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