Career Success Without a Real Job: The Career Book for People Too Smart to Work in Corporations

Career Success Without a Real Job: The Career Book for People Too Smart to Work in Corporations

by Ernie J. Zelinski



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ISBN-13: 9781580089678
Publisher: Ten Speed Press
Publication date: 05/28/2009
Edition description: Revised
Pages: 229
Product dimensions: 6.70(w) x 9.70(h) x 0.80(d)

About the Author

ERNIE J. ZELINSKI is a best-selling author, consultant, and lecturer on the subject of applying creativity to business and leisure. He lives in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Table of Contents

Preface 1

Chapter 1 Life Without a Real Job Will Set You Free 5

Corporate Employment Is So Last Year! 5

Ordinary Career Success Is a Real Good Job; Real Career Success Is a Real Good Life 11

Don't Work Solely to Make a Lot of Money and You Will Likely End Up Making a Lot of Money 18

If You Recently Got Fired from Your Job, Your Good Luck Has Just Begun 23

Cool, Unusual Reasons to Quit Your Real Job 27

If You Love Your Work, Keep on Rocking 29

Chapter 2 Unreal Jobs - So Many Worlds; What to Do? 33

The Best Time to Pursue Your Dream Career Is Twenty Years Ago and Today 33

Stop Dreaming; Start Choosing 41

Why Not Work for the Best Boss in the World - Twenty Million Individuals Already Do! 50

There's No Better Business than Your Own Unconventional Business 56

The World's Coolest Unreal Jobs 63

Today's Most Exciting Unconventional Business That Allows You to Make Money While You Sleep 66

Write Yourself out of Poverty into Satisfaction and Riches 71

Retire to a Job You Love Instead of One You Love to Hate 75

Chapter 3 Extraordinary Success Is Achieved by Ordinary People 81

Real People Attain Unreal Success - So Can You! 81

Commit Yourself to Being Successful and You Won't Have to Be a Victim - Ever Again! 93

Receiving a Lot of Criticism Is a Good Sign That You Are Well on Your Way to Success 98

Action Has Magic, Power, and Grace in It 102

Chapter 4 Get Creative - You Will Surprise Yourself and Change the World! 109

Creativity Is Your Biggest Asset - Bar None! 109

Bold, Creative Effort Will Dispel Your Fears and Bring You Good Fortune 116

A Bit of Craziness Is Good for Business 119

Just One Great Idea Can Change Your Life Dramatically - It'sThere Somewhere! 123

Hard Work and Real Success - Oil and Water! 126

Chapter 5 It's Not Just an Unreal Job - It's a Real Business! 131

It's Not Creative Unless It Sells! 131

Fifteen Minutes of Notoriety Beats the Best Advertising Money Can Buy 138

Try Something So Stupid That It May Pay Off Big Time 143

Claim Your Way to Fame 146

Give Yourself Away to the Influencers of This World 149

Chapter 6 Prosperity Comes When Your Do the Right Things with Your Life 151

More Money Won't Bring You More Happiness - It Works the Other Way Around! 151

Financial Freedom Does Not Have to Be Just a Dream 158

Your Prosperity Will Grow to the Extent That You Do 165

To Acquire the Golden Touch with Money, Hang around People with the Golden Touch 170

Try to Spend More on Your Career Training and Personal Development than on Your Next Hairstyle 173

Prosperity Spending Is Good for Your Financial Soul 177

Chapter 7 The Work Model for People Too Prosperous to Do Mornings 181

The Unquestioned Quest for Corporate Success Is an Idiot's Journey at Best 181

You Don't Have to Be Able to Walk on Water to Make Money While You Sleep 183

Becoming an Internet Marketing Genius Is a Lot Easier than You Think 196

Do It Badly - But at Least Do It 199

Chapter 8 It's All in How You Play the Game, Isn't It? 203

It's Never Too Late to Be What You Might Have Been 203

Look Ma: Life's Easy 209

Failure Is the Universe's Way of Ensuring That Too Much Success Doesn't Happen All at Once 217

Do Your Best and the Best of Things Will Come Your Way 219

Ah, Career Success Without a Real Job - There Is No Life Like It! 224

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Career Success without a Real Job 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Inkline More than 1 year ago
There aren't many books on the market about following your dreams in life. This book is one of them and it's really good because it helps people with some of the more practical aspects, such as business know-how and marketing. It'll help you to survive and make a modest living. It makes a compassionate and humorous argument for choosing to do work you're passionate and purposeful about, instead of chasing after money and traditional success, as the majority, the herd is doing. Ernie advise people not to be such conformists. Be different! Be daring! Be unconventional/unorthodox! And success will more surely be yours. He encourages us to be more creative. It's a fantastic and very fun book. Artists of all types will benefit immensely. If this books had been available in the 1960s, then maybe so many baby boomers, many of whom were hippies, wouldn't all have cut their hair, put on a suit (or dress clothes) and have essentially conformed to the establishment in order to make the big bucks, buy a big house, buy an expensive car, etc. (Selling Out).
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Louise_1stopbook_com More than 1 year ago
Career Success Without a Real Job will motivate you to look outside the box. In high school we're told that we need to go to college and get a good job in corporate America. But no one ever tells you that there are other options to making a living, and the earlier you start the better. This book gives you solid ideas and courses of action that will help you have a successful career outside of corporate America.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Career Success Without A Real Job is easily Ernie's best book, if only because the author's cumulative work and life experience have honed his social commentary skills and knack for telling it like it is. In this book, he has chosen not to rest on his laurels, but to inspire us with another dose of how delicious creating our own realities can be, and how with a little ingenuity and passion, we can not only afford - but also thrive - in our new found freedom from the daily grind. Mr. Zelinski has again answered the call in this book, and given truly sane people another collectible to add to their libraries.