Careful (The Careful, Quiet, Invisible Series)

Careful (The Careful, Quiet, Invisible Series)

by Isobella Jade


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ISBN-13: 9780985097509
Publisher: Gamine Press
Publication date: 07/26/2012
Pages: 292
Product dimensions: 5.25(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.66(d)
Age Range: 14 Years

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Careful (The Careful, Quiet, Invisible Series) 3.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
CharlotteReader1 More than 1 year ago
After suffering a personal tragedy in the last year and a half, I found this book very relevant. This book made me laugh out loud...especially during the prom dress shopping, cry during her own surreal to be able to watch your own funeral and think about texting and driving. Too often people think text messages must be answered right away. Imagine how much safer our roads would be if people didn't text and drive. This is definitely a must read for all ages, but would love to see this in the hands of every teenager preparing to get their license. Looking forward to Quiet and Invisible!!
BooksWithBite More than 1 year ago
Another heartfelt story sure to make you see things differently, Careful takes a dive into what it's like for those you love left behind after your death. What I really enjoyed most about this book is the different perspective. After Estella's unexpected death, she dwindles with the living seeing the aftermath of her death. This part I loved. Watching Estellas parents grieve, the fights in school with her friends and watching her crush fade away, all makes for a great story. The emotions swirled inside me as I saw people spark fights over a lost taken so soon. I loved the loyalty that Estella's friends gave throughout the whole story. The stuck by their friend and made she she lived on in everything they did. There really is much going in the story other than watching other move on with their lives after Estella is gone. And this part is my gripe. Other than Estella's death is cause by texting and driving, I don't see the point of hanging out watching other live for so long. I get to watch it from the beginning for a few days but Estella lives in other life for a whole month. Half-way through the book, it felt repeated. I can find the appreciation in watching the grieving but after a while it felt too much. Careful portrays a powerful story of lost taken too soon. Emotions bombard the reader giving them a front row seat in a roller coaster. Sentimental and bittersweet, Careful is good.
Ivana_Reads More than 1 year ago
Careful is one of those books that will have you in tears (or at least with a lump in your throat) by page 15. While I did expect a lot of emotion, given the topic that Isobella writes about, still there's no preparing for what Careful has to offer. First of all, a lot of heart. Jade wrote Careful after the loss of her father, and it shows on every page. She raises all the questions that we ask ourselves after losing someone dear and wonderfully captures the plethora of emotions. When Estella dies in a crash caused by a schoolmate who was texting while driving, she doesn't "leave", but lingers and watches how her friends and family try to move on. She discovers more about them (and herself) than she ever had the chance to while she was alive. Jade made me feel a lot, even when it wasn't all positive, but I was not indifferent. That's what matters to me in a book. Jade takes Estella on a journey of rediscovering what remained behind: a loving family, close friends and romantic relationships. Even though the big event happens right up front, there is enough plot to keep the reader interested in what happens next. Jade also incorporates issues such as bullying, eating disorders, and pays attention to smallest details of everyday life, which makes this book more easy to relate to. The reason why I'm giving this book four stars instead of five is the ending which really came too abruptly, not in a cliffhanger sort of manner, but more like simply making a cut between two chapters. Also, the writing didn't make me swoon, there was a bit too much of retelling, so that Estella seemed somewhat detached. But overall, I enjoyed this book, and will probably reread it soon.
StephWard More than 1 year ago
'Careful' is the first book in a young adult series that follows Estella, who just happens to be dead. During a typical day in winter, Estella is in a car accident where the other driver was texting and driving. She was killed instantly. Instead of going into "the light," Estella decides that she's not done on Earth quite yet and now exists as spirit as she watches the effects her death has on those she holds most dear. This novel is a well written story that deals with serious topics in today's society - like texting and driving, death, and grief. We see the story from Estella's point of view - so we are able to get a kind of outside view of how her death effects her family, friends, and the town. Even though Estella is now just a spirit, she finds that she can still touch the lives of those she left behind - which is a heartwarming thought and also provides some thought-provoking questions about what really happens when someone dies. The story is sad and touching, while also being uplifting at times. It's an interesting first book in a series that will make readers aware of social issues as well as make them think. Disclosure: I received a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.
Chrissy_W More than 1 year ago
Good messages Did I enjoy this book: For the most part, I did enjoy this book. There were parts that made me very uncomfortable but the book had some very good messages throughout. Messages that young adults can take away and put to good use. Messages that teach that revenge is never the answer and bullying is not acceptable. Careful was well written. I found the beginning to be sad and haunting. It drew me in to the book. The great part about this book is that it gives you something to think about. You think about what ifs, you think about the choices you make and those you will make. Careful would be helpful to those young adults who have lost a friend. It gives you an idea that maybe those friends are not completely gone, that they are still there watching over you. However, I don't know that the friends would watch over you in some of the ways that Estella did. It really bothered me when she watched her friends being intimate with their boyfriends. These girls are only 16...that is very inappropriate, the watching. I also found it hard to believe that the fight between the two bullies and Estella's best friends went as far as it did at school. The teachers were aware of the fight happening. They saw the girls run away. I don't think it would have gotten that far. That was pretty unbelievable to me. There was a lot of repetition regarding Estella trying to cope with having her life cut so short. She was constantly thinking about what could have been and what her new purpose was in her afterlife. But those thoughts would be expected in this situation. Would I recommend it: Yes, I would recommend it for the messages that are in the book. I also think it would help those who have lost someone close to them. Will I read it again: I will not. I am curious to read the next book though.
upstatereader More than 1 year ago
Isobella Jade's Careful young adult novel is very timely. It touches on the dangers of texting while driving as well as the issues of friendship and loss of loved ones. This book is a must read by all teens as well as their friends and other loved ones. Can't wait for the other two books! Well done, Isobella Jade!