Caribbean Healing Traditions: Implications for Health and Mental Health

Caribbean Healing Traditions: Implications for Health and Mental Health



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ISBN-13: 9780415883399
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Publication date: 07/01/2013
Pages: 280
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Patsy Sutherland, MEd, is a psychotherapist and PhD candidate in counseling psychology at the University of Toronto. She has authored or coauthored over fifteen peer-reviewed papers and book chapters and served as a reviewer for the Counseling Psychology Quarterly. Patsy cofounded the Society for Integrating Traditional Healing into Counseling, Psychology, Psychotherapy and Psychiatry.

Roy Moodley, PhD, is associate professor of counseling psychology at the University of Toronto. He is the director for the Centre for Diversity in Counselling and Psychotherapy. He has authored or edited several journal articles, book chapters and books, including Outside the Sentence and Handbook of Counseling and Psychotherapy in an International Context.

Barry Chevannes, PhD, was emeritus professor of social anthropology at the University of the West Indies, Mona. He authored three books, one edited collection, and scores of articles on the Rastafari and Revival religions, male socialization, and culture. A public scholar, he served as chair of the Institute of Jamaica, the National Ganja Commission, and the Jamaica Justice System Reform Task Force.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgements Author Biographies Introduction Part I: History, Philosophy and Development of Caribbean Healing Traditions 1. The History, Philosophy and Transformation of Caribbean Healing Traditions Patsy Sutherland 2. The Evolution of Caribbean Traditional Healing Practices Wendy Y. Crawford-Daniel and Jicinta M. Alexis 3. Caribbean Traditional Medicine: Legacy from the Past, Hope for the Future Arvilla Jackson 4. Herbal Medicine Practices in the Caribbean Yuri Clement Part II: Caribbean Traditional Healing and Healers 5. Obeah: Afro-Caribbean Religious Medicine Art and Healing Nathaniel Samuel Murrell 6. Vodou Healing and Psychotherapy Ghislene Meance 7. Sango Healers and Healing in the Caribbean Stephen D. Glazier 8. La Regla De Ocha (Santería): Afro-Cuban Healing Methods in Cuba and the Diaspora Camille Hernandez-Ramdwar 9. Puerto Rican Spiritism (Espiritismo): Social Context, Healing Process and Mental Health Jesus Soto Espinosa and Joan D. Koss-Chioino 10. Revival: An Indigenous Religion and Spiritual Healing Practice in Jamaica William Wedenoja and Claudette Anderson 11. Spiritual Baptists in the Caribbean Wallace W. Zane Part III: Spirituality, Religion and Cultural Healing 12. Christian Spirituality, Religion and Healing in the Caribbean E. Anthony Allen and Abrahim H. Khan 13. RastafarI: Cultural Healing in the Caribbean Kai A. D. Morgan 14. Hindu Healing Traditions in the Southern Caribbean: History and Praxis Keith E. McNeal, Kumar Mahabir, and Paul Younger 15. Islamic Influence in the Caribbean: Traditional and Cultural Healing Practice Abrahim H. Khan Part IV: Traditional Healing and Conventional Health and Mental Health 16. Community Mental Health in the English-speaking Caribbean Gerard Hutchinson 17. Psychology, Spirituality and Well-Being in the Caribbean Omowale Amuleru-Marshall, Angela Gomez and Kristyn Neckles 18. Practical Magic in the US Urban Milieu: Botánicas and the Informal Networks of Healing Anahí Viladrich 19. Caribbean Traditional Healing and the Diaspora Roy Moodley and Michel’e Bertrand Glossary Index

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