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Caribbean (Indigenous Peoples of the World)

Caribbean (Indigenous Peoples of the World)

by Lucent Books (Manufactured by)

Editorial Reviews

Children's Literature
One of the most important shifts in the development of picture books has been the addition of more text-based volumes for young adults. This series and this particular text certainly do justice to that trend. After an introduction that pinpoints who the indigenous peoples of the Caribbean were, six chapters provide the history of the Taino and the Carib people—the survivors of Spanish colonialism—and their cultural, religious, and social practices. Additional chapters tell us about the actual discovery of the "New World," the growth of colonial empires, and how these Amerindians fare in today's world. An epilogue provides a sense of what the peoples of the Caribbean hope will be in their future. Black and white pictures as well as grey information blocks throughout the eight main sections of the text provide additional insight as to the appearance and various practices of the four original indigenous peoples of the islands. Suggestions for further reading, as well as a "works consulted" list, round out this well-researched text. This is a solid book that can be used to start a research project or to supplement information for students investigating this topic. 2003, Lucent Books, Ages 12 to 18.
—Jean Boreen, Ph.D.

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