Carillon: Fable poems Favole poesie

Carillon: Fable poems Favole poesie

by Ivano Bersini

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Stefano's beautiful illustrations (All Rights Reserved Stefano Rossi (c) 2018-2019) (, who arranged the lyrics to create a "story", completes Carillon (that was previously "parked", waiting for ideas, in the Favole poesie folder of my Google+ page dedicated to children as special beings, who I would define as authentic examples of purity whom we should listen to.

Every time they observe me, I feel a world open up, a world that is invisible to us, made of instantaneous subliminal messages that, while reaching me in the depths of my being, lead me to believe that I am perhaps in the presence of an indigo child.

The specialness and the purity of little ones allow them to dialogue with invisible worlds: they are paths to re-evaluate our existence.
It would be nice if we adults always had the utmost respect for them, thus drawing inspiration to perceive the invisible and supernatural side of everyday life by accepting magic in our lives; synchronicity.

It brings to mind Pablo Picasso, who famously stated: "At the age of four I was painting like Raphael, and then I spent a lifetime learning how to paint like a child. All children are born artists; the difficulty lies in staying a child as adults.”

Giovanni Pascoli, in his 1897 publication Il Fanciullino (The Child), referring to the latter, wrote: “When our age is still tender, he confuses his voice with ours ... But then we grow up, and he remains small; we light a new yearning in our eyes, and he keeps his old serene marvel fixed on you ... you always say what you see as you see it ... You enlighten the thing ... You are very old, oh child! The world you see again is very old! ... The new is not invented: you discover it...poetry...revives and improves humanity…” (from Il Fanciullino by Giovanni Pascoli 2015 ABEditore II edition: June 2015. Pages 9-21-24-25-26-40).

There is still plenty to be said, others could talk about it better than me, but I would like to invite you now to listen to what Carillon whispers...

Ivano Bersini

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