Carnage #2: Book #2 The Story Of Me

Carnage #2: Book #2 The Story Of Me

by Lesley Jones


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ISBN-13: 9781500679095
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 07/31/2014
Series: Carnage , #2
Pages: 372
Sales rank: 744,655
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.77(d)

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Carnage #2: Book #2 The Story Of Me 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
katsindiebookblog More than 1 year ago
*** I was very lucky to be one of the Blogs on the Release Day tour so received a copy of the book to give my honest review*** I will start by saying if you have not read Carnage #1, The Story of Us,stop reading this review and go buy both books and read them in order. YOU are a lucky person to be able to be able to have book 2 waiting... I have waited a long time for this book, and thankfully Lesley did not disappoint me. The first book was my very first GR review where I had to use GIF's that book has by far been the most emotional book I have read in a very long time (well until this book LOL) I was an emotional mess writing that review!!! So GET READY FOR "A ROLLER COASTER" Ride of emotions I am going to try write a spoiler free one - but try to evoke the feelings that I felt when reading this book: description TIP :An industrial size BOX of Kleenex Tissues is a must while reading this book. NO ITS NOT ALL DOOM AND GLOOM, But you will certainly be on a roller coaster ride... I really connected with Georgia, I have not (thank the lord, Touch wood etc) had to deal with a situation that the MC Georgia has to deal with, but Lesley's writing skills transport you into the book and you (Or Shall I say I certainly did) become so involved in the characters situation that you can't help giving in to the emotions. I think that Lesley Jones really put across the feelings of the loss you would feel so believably that you can't help but put yourself in the MC's shoes. love them so much Georgia has to deal with a lot in her path to healing, and I know that if I ever had to go through what Georgia has, I would be in the depths of despair, and I really do feel that our loved ones watch over you, and there are moments in the book (I am not mentioning specifics) but you will know what I mean when you read them...  Georgia has to escape the Media, and goes to Australia to stay with her Aunt, Uncle and Cousins in Byron Bay, here where she is not known, she can finally relax and begin to heal.  Jackson her cousin really is such a lovely guy, I think there will be a lot of #TeamJackon Fans at the end of reading this book, and maybe some #TeamRoman fans too. Lesley described the Aussie laid back male to a 'T' he was just what Georgia needed at that time, and I think that Lesley did a great job in bringing Georgia slowly back to life. I was and always will be #TeamCAM, and "Tiger" thankfully makes an appearance in the book eventually, He is a Big Alpha male but he also shows his vulnerable side, and boy did I 'need a moment or two' during some of parts where they discussed their past, and how Georgia was dealing with the loss of her family, He really was a true 'Gent', as well as seriously HAWT  Of course there has to be some character's who I just really wanted to scratch their eyes out OMG Lesley didn't half throw some doozy Plot twists into this book. There are some seriously Laugh out Loud moments and Georgia's BFF's/Sis-in-laws are often the reason for this, I wish I had them two for BFF/Sisters! The epilogue... well lets just say it was: PERFECT! This book has been written solely on the request of the masses of Carnage #1 readers/fans who couldn't let the story end like that, that couldn't forget the characters, who demanded more of the story, and I am really thankful that Lesley listened to us - so THANK YOU Lesley Jones you get the Highest of Fives.  I can't wait to meet you next year and get my hands on signed copies of this series!!!!!!! And so in ending I say - GO BUY THE BOOK! you won't be disappointed.