The Carrie Diaries (Carrie Diaries Series #1)

The Carrie Diaries (Carrie Diaries Series #1)

by Candace Bushnell


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The Carrie Diaries is the coming-of-age story of one of the most iconic characters of our generation.

Before Sex and the City, Carrie Bradshaw was a small-town girl who knew she wanted more. She's ready for real life to start, but first she must navigate her senior year of high school. Up until now, Carrie and her friends have been inseparable. Then Sebastian Kydd comes into the picture, and a friend's betrayal makes her question everything.

With an unforgettable cast of characters, The Carrie Diaries is the story of how a regular girl learns to think for herself and evolves into a sharp, insightful writer. Readers will learn about her family background, how she found her writing voice, and the indelible impression her early friendships and relationships left on her. Through adventures both audacious and poignant, we'll see what brings Carrie to her beloved New York City, where her new life begins.

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ISBN-13: 9780061728914
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Publication date: 04/27/2010
Series: Carrie Diaries Series , #1
Pages: 389
Sales rank: 1,353,993
Product dimensions: 5.75(w) x 8.50(h) x 1.40(d)
Age Range: 14 - 17 Years

About the Author

Candace Bushnell is the critically acclaimed bestselling author of The Carrie Diaries, Sex and The City, Lipstick Jungle, One Fifth Avenue, 4 Blondes, and Trading Up, which have sold millions of copies. Sex and The City was the basis for the HBO hit show and films of the same name. Lipstick Jungle became a popular television show on NBC. Candace lives in New York City.

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The Carrie Diaries (Turtleback School & Library Binding Edition) 3.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 628 reviews.
-kay- More than 1 year ago
It's time to meet Carrie. Before there was Carrie Bradshaw with Sex and the City, there was only Carrie, nicknamed Bradley by her friends, from Castlebury, Connecticut. The Carrie Diaries, a prequel to Candace Bushnell's book Sex and the City, and to which the TV series is based on, introduces Carrie and shows how she was sculpted into the woman she became. The first Sex and the City book was published in 1997 and was scripted into a HBO TV series of the same name in 1998 and lasting through 2004. Sarah Jessica Parker starred as Carrie in the series and reprised her role in the movies as well. The book tracks Carrie's senior year in high school, along with details about her family life, her friends, and her experiences with the good, sweet guys, and bad, toxic guys. Fans of Sex and the City will be familiar with the Carrie they have come to know. Her fashion statements began at a young age while wearing red Mary Jane shoes to kindergarten, and only have progressed even more entering a life of adulthood with her thrifty white go-go boots, and her sassy, yet youthful attitude has not changed a bit. Aimed mostly at teens, and true Sex and the City fans, the whirlwind of high school and all its drama is presented in a way that everyone can relate to. Breakups and makeups, secrets hidden by friends, family trouble, and always that one popular girl who makes your life hell, is what Carrie, her friends and family go through in one single year. Though all the drama, which makes you actually think you are reliving your high school year, Carrie knows what she wants to be in life and goes after it. Amid her and her friends smoking behind the school, or taking shots down at the local bar, she does everything in her power to get it, but the question is if it all pays off or not. With an ending that will keep you captivated waiting for the second installment of this book set to come out next summer, this book shapes a popular character and a better understanding on her adolescent lifestyle. Fans alike will never want to put this book down.
Leah-books More than 1 year ago
Talented writer. Great story line. Enjoyed this book!
Dolly80 More than 1 year ago
I find it strange that anyone would comment negatively about an author's character. Carrie from The Carrie Diaries is one of the most kick-ass literary female characters I've read since The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. She's quick as a whip, funny as hell and doesn't take any flack from anyone. The way Candace has written the true Carrie makes me love the TV version of her even more. Candace shows you what it took to get where Carrie is when we meet her in the show - finally someone spells it out that you don't just arrive in NYC and move into some fabulous apartment and start writing for Vogue. That's the dream and you have to work hard to get there and bring your experiences that shaped you with you -- that's what matters. I love the new characters. And I love feeling like a teenager again through this book - all the wonder about what's going to happen next. I can't wait to read the next one!!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
For all of those who are expecting this book to be an exact prequel to the Carrie you know from the Sex and the City series...please remember, Carrie was, is and will always be Candace's character. The little details they dropped about her prior history were by other writers for the show. The book is an engaging look at how a young girl finds her way through that last year of high school. It has a bit of nostalgia for all the 80's grads, all the drama of young love, the banter of close friends and enemies, and the excitement and fear about the future. One can be a fan of this book and the series.
delilah93 More than 1 year ago
I liked this book. it wasn't the best book i read but it wasn't the worst. overall it was a good book that im happy i read. It will be easy for young girls to relate to this book. and yes there is a twist at the ending which most people will prbaly expect. i do think the book is a little predictable but still a really good book. PLEASE READ THE REVIEWS BEFORE YOU BUY THE BOOK ! It seems most people who buy the book are big sex and the city fans and there expecting carrie Bradshaw to be exactly the one they know. that is not the case. I like sex and the city but haven't really followed it so the character difference isn't really that much of a problem for me. And to the people who said they wish Candace would have watched the show before she wrote this book: Candace is the one WHO INVENTED carrie bradshaw. the show copied her character and put there own twist on it. so she had every write to change what she wants about carrie.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Really awesome book
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This does not seem like the same Carrie from Sex and the City or the show the carrie diaries. Its good but feels like a whole different story.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Best book ever realy worth your money have it on nook and real book
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The book was okay but the televison series is a lot better!!!! The televison series has a lot more depth with the characters than the book! I bought it because i thought it would be like the show, but its not. And its a lot slower than the tv series
longfellowsevangeline More than 1 year ago
i was hoping for a little more cross over, maybe carrie starting out in NYC meeting her pals, ect, instead, it was a whiny high school novel, and carrie was "in love" with an emotionally abusive boy. i found it difficult to read and totally unlikeable.
haae More than 1 year ago
I know I should have read the summary before I purchased this book. but I trusted the author so i bought it without knowing that it was about a hightschool kid. I'm almost 30 and I don't care about highschool drama. so i was a little disappointed
VegasMemories09 More than 1 year ago
I absolutely loved this book. The characters were witty and qorky and I totally could picture Sarah Jessica Parker playing the Carrie in High School that Candace portrayed. The ending was awesome! I CAN NOT WAIT FOR THE SECOND SERIES! HURRY UP! I had to read it fast, I couldn't wait for the next issue/drama/fun!
Barabel on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
This book brings you right back into high school! It is great see that Carrie wasn't always the city girl with the perfect style but just another girl in high school.
thelestonian on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
This is a horrible book. The best thing that ever happened to Candace Bushnell is that her book/articles were made into a tv series. I enjoyed the HBO series, but her writing is awful. This book is no different. I should have known better from trying her other books, but I was hoping that she would come through with the one character that has been pretty fleshed out for her by the HBO writers. Don't waste your time.
KatKealy on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
I thought this would be interesting, since I still enjoy some young adult novels (like Twilight) and really like Sex and the City, but the book was so boring I couldn't even spend the hour or so it would have taken me to finish it. Perhaps if you're pre-teen or a teenager, it's worth reading. If you're not, don't bother.
birdsam0610 on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
This book is weird. It doesn¿t seem like it was written by Candace Bushnell at all. I find her books to have characters with strange but wonderful names, odd but completely believable plots and incredible intricacies of social networks.The Carrie Diaries has a plot, a lot of speech but very little detail. Carrie, a true fashion horse, describes her outfit to us only rarely. The characters have normal names (like George and Peter) and there is no background. To read this book, you need to be familiar with Carrie Bradshaw because she¿s not explained all that well.This is about Carrie in her final year of high school. She loves writing. She is also fantastically good at maths (from the woman who nearly bankrupted herself on shoes). She¿s a bit shy, a bit nerdy and a swimmer. These don¿t fit in with my version of what I know the older Carrie to be ¿ she¿s pretty confident, doesn¿t have the body of a swimmer and is fiercely independent. I know we¿ve all changed since high school, but surely the seeds could be planted in this book?There are a couple of good one liners that you can see Carrie typing and musing over (on a typewriter, this is the eighties y¿know). I¿m not sure who this is aimed at (it all becomes a little more Sex and the City in the last chapter, although you can see it coming) because while we have Carrie waiting for the right man to lose her virginity, she also smokes and drinks a lot for a 17/18 year old. I think you¿d need to be a hardcore SATC fan to love this, whereas I am only an interested party (I haven¿t even seen the second movie). I read this as an ebook, which I am glad of `cause no-one could tell what I was reading.A poor history of Carrie ¿ I know it¿s near impossible to please the fans, but this isn¿t her!
snowboadagirl on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Before Sex & The City, Carrie Bradshaw was a small-town girl who knew she wanted more. She¿s ready for real life to start, but first she must navigate her senior year of High School. Up until now, Carrie and her friends have been inseparable. Then Sebastian Kydd comes into the picture, and a friend¿s betrayal makes her question everything. This is set in the 1980¿s, in a High School setting, where you have your typical teenage dramas of what goes on in most High School¿s. Friendships are tested to the edge, friends betray one another, and then of cause there are the boys who make sure they get in on drama with the girls or are they the main reason behind the dramas that happen. I would recommend this book for girls aged 16+ as there is sex, swearing and use of drugs and alcohol. I would give it 3 out of 5. I enjoyed it, but it is the same stuff that does on in High Schools all over the world. It was a good read though. If you like sex in the city then you should like this.
butterflybaby on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
17 year old Carrie Bradshaw is looking for a way out of her small town. During her senior year she's envolved with a bad boy that everyone wants, who her ex-best friend steels. Carrie finds her life changing and not always for the way she dreamed it would be. Carrie's senior year is full of peer pressure and unexpected new friends. Even though this book seems to be written for a YA crowd I think everyone will enjoy this book.
gillamm on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
This was a decent book, but definitely written for the YA crowd. A big switch from what Candace Bushnell usually writes. The best part of the book was the last sentence when you find out how Carrie meets Samantha.
fredamans on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
I saw this book a while back and knew I had to get my hands on a copy one way or another, and lucky for me I won a contest where I go to chose the book. (Thanks Debbie!) I am a huge Sex and the City fan and was excited to read about Carrie before those New York minutes.This book didn't disappoint either. It gave me a real sense of Carrie and the character we know and love, right from the beginning.The best part is the ending, though I won't tell you why.A definite must read for anyone who likes a good book!
sabrinacate on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
This book is also very good. Its about a high school girl that really, really likes this guy. Her Best friend does something REALLY bad, something a best friend would never do. She has a little sister who is very weird and awkward. Her mother left something for Carrie. If you like chick flicks, or realistic fiction this book is great!
roseysweetpea on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
This book was an okay read. It felt like just a typical teenage angst book and not the back story to our beloved main character from Sex and the City. While I love Bushnell's writing style, the story lacked any real hook.
bookstar on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Except for the last page, which was clever, the book is lacking. It's geared towards high school students, but the focus on sex, drinking and smoking is unnecessarily high. The story is weak and I don't see any Carrie in the character - yes she's young, but some traits from the other book/series would have been much more fun. Overall a total disappointment!
MissMea on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
I will give the book credit for its ingenuity and creativity. Carrie and her friends and family are live, dynamic characters with real-life problems that sometimes bombard the book with an unnecessarily consistent melodrama. It does paint the portrait of Carrie as a strong-willed, confident girl who has "man issues" long before a Mr. Big existed in her mind. She is constantly at odds with her friends, but always makes sure to portray a "true blue" persona. The reader gets background of her desires and struggles to write and what makes her different from members of her family and her group of close friends. There were laughs and there were tears. But there were too many characters and too many subplots to keep up with that totally bombed the overall story for me--Walt and his homosexuality; Maggie and her sexual desires; The Mouse and her perfection; Peter and his unexpected rise up the totem pole; and Lali and her betrayal. Then we meet "dreamy" Sebastian. And in the background are the "two Jens" and Donna LaDonna and Tommy Brewster and the college guy at Brown and Gayle, the freshman writer. I'm certain I missed someone. The characters dive in and out of importance, as there was no set structure of who mattered the most to our central character, Carrie, and therefore to us, the reader. The book was intertwined with your typical teenage issues--sex, college, boys, cliques, popularity, sibling rivalry, high school, and all "here today, what to do tomorrow" phenomena. For the first book in a potential series, it failed to produce fireworks for me. The meat of the story--the characters and the overall plotline--were too convoluted for me to truly enjoy. As an avid fan of the "Sex and the City" series and movies, I must add that I did not appreciate the turn of events at the end. Donna, as Carrie's "sworn enemy" through the entire book until the last very few pages, has actually paved the way for Carrie to meet the infamous Samantha Jones?! I highly dislike that decision because it definitely came from left field and felt extremely forced, as a stick-in at the end for the next book. I believe the story should have ended once Carrie arrived in New York. I'm sure Candace will have some surprises in the second book, but the fact that the reader knows Samantha will pop up already leaves little space for the extraordinary.
Awesomeness1 on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
I've never seen Sex and the City, nor have I read the books or seen the movies. So I went into this with an open mind (well, not completely open). And I was pleasantly surprised. This book really wasn't half bad. It's nothing intellectual, but its fun enough. Actually, it reminded me a lot of my mom and all her high school stories. And that's not necessarily a bad thing since my mom is "cool". So it was interesting.