Cartel Car Bombings in Mexico

Cartel Car Bombings in Mexico


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This book first seeks to provide an historical overview and analysis of cartel car bomb use in Mexico. In doing so, it provides context, insights, and lessons learned stemming from the Medellin and Cali cartel car bombing campaigns that plagued Colombia, primarily between 1988 and 1993. It then discusses the initial cartel car bombings that took place in Mexico in the early 1990s-car bombings that most researchers have overlooked-before highlighting indications and warnings (I&W) events identified in the years prior to the resumption of Mexican cartel car bombings in mid-2010. Contemporary car bombings in Mexico from mid-2010 through much of 2012 will then be discussed and analyzed. Second, this book capitalizes on the historical overview and analysis provided-from both the Mexican and earlier Colombian experiences-in order to generate insights into future cartel car bombing potentials in Mexico. The identification of such potentials, in one sense, offers us a glimpse into cartel "enemy intent"-a possible form of actionable strategic intelligence.

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