Carthaginian Empire: Book 6 - The Viking Cycle

Carthaginian Empire: Book 6 - The Viking Cycle

by David Bowman

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Carthaginian Empire: Book 6 - The Viking Cycle by David Bowman

Previously only available as individual e-book short stories, this collection features episodes 29 to 32 of the original series.
Episode 29 – Viking Raid
After generations of peace the increasingly violent raids against her northern provinces cause Carthage to raise her battle standards once more. The Scandinavian tribes are bringing misery to Britain and the shores of Gaul, it is time for the military machine to fight again. The invincible galleys of Carthage will face the most fearsome sea going peoples of all time.
It is 319AD and Carthage has a new and vicious enemy.
Episode 30 – England Prospers
Pushing north the Carthaginian forces have conquered Denmark. The Angles, the Saxons and the Franks have been overrun. The galleys of the Carthaginian fleet control the seas from Spain to Denmark. Protected in this way the British reap the benefits of the peace the rest of the empire has enjoyed.
It is 332AD and finally the northern empire can catch its breath.
Episode 31 – Cold Water, Cold Land
To stop the raids on their northern frontiers a punitive fleet is sent north to punish the remaining Viking tribes. Off the cape of Jutland the Carthaginian galleys finally find the Norse long ship is a formidable craft. Attacking through the snows of Southern Finland the Army also encounters Norse berserkers for the first time.
It is 345AD and Carthage is sent reeling in defeat.
Episode 32 – Cold Revenge
Forty years earlier the Vikings sent a fleet of Carthaginian galleys to the bottom of the North Sea, and left the bones of a Carthaginian army to whiten in the snows of Finland. It may have taken forty years but now it is time for Carthage to have its revenge. The last European tribes to challenge Carthage will now find out what that ancient challenge really costs.
It is 389AD and Carthage has its revenge.

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Born in 1956 in the East Anglian Fens in England he moved to Nottingham to study for his business degree. In line with the current myth of the time he met, courted and married a local girl and they have now been married for 30 years. They still live within 10 miles of Nottingham and have two adult children and are have just become grandparents for the first time! Following a career in software development and IT management David was forced to give up work in 2005 to look after both his wife and daughter both of whom were suffering from different life threatening illnesses. To fill the time and take his mind off of the domestic and financial issues David eventually turned to his love of both photography and writing. Seven Sisters was the first product of the latter and has been followed by a prodigious number of works.

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