Cartographies of Place: Navigating the Urban

Cartographies of Place: Navigating the Urban

by Michael Darroch, Janine Marchessault


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Media are incorporated into our physical environments more dramatically than ever before - literally opening up new spaces of interactivity and connection that transform the experience of being in the city. Public gatherings and movement, even the capabilities of democratic ideology, have been redefined. Urban Screens, mobile media, new digital mappings, and ambient and pervasive media have all created new ecologies in cities. How do we analyze these new spaces? Recognition of the mutual histories and research programs of urban and media studies is only the beginning. Cartographies of Place develops new vocabularies and methodologies for engaging with the distinctive situations and experiences created by media technologies which are reshaping, augmenting, and expanding urban spaces. The book builds upon the rich traditions and insights of a post-war generation of humanist scholars, media theorists, and urban planners. Authors engage with different historical and contemporary currents in urban studies which share a common concern for media forms, either as research tools or as the means for discerning the expressive nature of city spaces around the world. All of the media considered here are not simply "free floating," but are deeply embedded in the geopolitical, economic, and material contexts in which they are used. Cartographies of Place is exemplary of a new direction in interdisciplinary media scholarship, opening up new ways of studying the complexities of cities and urban media in a global context.

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ISBN-13: 9780773543034
Publisher: McGill-Queens University Press
Publication date: 04/01/2015
Series: Culture of Cities Series , #4
Pages: 320
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.80(d)

About the Author

Janine Marchessault is professor of cinema and media at York University.

Table of Contents

Figures and Tables vii

Acknowledgments ix

Introduction: Urban Cartographies Michael Darroch Janine Marchessault 3


1 Metaphor City Ben Highmore 25

2 The Virtuality of Urban Culture: Blanks, Dark Moments, and Blind Fields Rob Shields 41

3 Serendipitous City: In Search of an Aleatory Urbanism Mervyn Horgan 55

4 The Cartographatron - Between Media and Architecture: McLuhan, Giedion, Tyrwhitt, and Doxiadis Stephan Kowal 77

5 The Artist as Urban Researcher: Research, Representation, and I mage-Relations in the City Saara Liinamaa 92


6 Where Are Wei Who Am I? Self-Identification with(in) the City Jean-François Côté Marie-Laurence Bordeleau-Payer 117

7 The City as Gamespace: Alternate Reality Games and Other Fiction Olivier Asselin 141

8 Remapping the Space Between: Sovereignty, Globalization, and Media Representation in Rio de Janeiro Justin Read 157

9 The Urban Night Will Straw 185


10 "The Company of Strangers": Urban Cultural Diversity and Colonial Connections in Twentieth-Century Popular Fiction and Cinema Markus Reisenleitner 203

11 Mapping the Spatial Practices of the Cinema and Protest: Visualizing and Archiving the Urban Space of Tokyo Sharon Hayashi 217

12 Cinematic Border Spaces: Translocality and the Moving Image Ian Robinson 238

13 Art and the Post-Urban Condition Lee Rodney 253

Bibliography 271

Contributors 295

Index 299

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