Cascadian Odyssey with the Blueberry Kid

Cascadian Odyssey with the Blueberry Kid

by Rex N Brainard


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Descriptive mountaineering tales that transport the reader into the adventure. Rex Brainard's vast mental landscape of mountain adventures is forthcoming for the reader to enjoy. Cascadian Odyssey with the Blueberry Kid offers a new touch of class to mountaineering adventure stories with excitingly stimulative short tales of relentless mountaineering exertion. Designed to give you entertainment and knowledge about hiking and climbing in the Cascade Mountain range of the northwestern United States.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780595127818
Publisher: iUniverse, Incorporated
Publication date: 09/01/2000
Pages: 284
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.64(d)

Table of Contents

A Wilderness Journey5
A Blueberry of Happiness6
The Great Goal Quester7
Mountaineering Ambition8
Mountaineering Perfection9
A Forest Lily10
Chapter 1Jun. 26: Forbidden Peak, west-ridge--return by north-ridge, east-face, east-ridge11
Chapter 2Aug. 10: Mt. Watson to Mt. Blum, cross-country and return18
Chapter 3Aug. 21: Whatcom Peak, north-ridge; Bear Mtn., east-ridge and Peak; Copper Mtn., south-ridge32
Chapter 4Aug. 26: Copper Mtn., south-ridge; Bear Mtn., west-ridge and south-face; Mt. Redoubt, east-ridge and south-face; Indian Creek basin; East Lakes; Whatcom pass40
Chapter 5Sep. 18: Downey Creek basin high traverse49
Chapter 6Jun. 29: (Rhymed) Okanogan Pasayten Wilderness--Lost River, Monument Creek; Rampart ridge; Johnny Lakes; Shellrock pass; Pasayten River; Robinson pass59
Chapter 7Jul. 8: Mt. Baker, north-side, Cockscomb71
Chapter 8Jul. 12: Ruth Mtn. and Icy Peaks, north78
Chapter 9Jul. 16: Mt. Stuart, north-face, west-ridge, south-face85
Chapter 10Jul. 22: Glacier Peak, north, Grassy ridge, Frostbite ridge94
Chapter 11Jul. 28: Thornton Peak, south and north-ridge; Mt. Despair, south-face, south-ridge; Mt. Triumph, west-ridge, south-face, south-ridge102
Chapter 12Aug. 9: Mt. Rainier, N.E., Sunrise, Burroughs ridge, camp Curtis, Emmons glacier; Mt. St. Helens, south, climbers bivouac and trailhead; Mt. Adams, west, north-side of west-ridge, White Salmon glacier; Mt. Hood, east, Tilly Jane/Cooper Spur ridge trail; Three Finger Jack, sought-ridge113
Chapter 13Sep. 1: Thunder Creek trail, Mt. Buckner, east-ridge, north-ridge; Mt Goode, southeast-ridge, north-face; Mt. Logan, south-ridge127
Chapter 14Sep. 19: Crater Mtn., south-ridge; Jerry Lakes, via Crater Mtn. and northern glacier; Jack Mtn., east-ridge, south-face141
Chapter 15Oct. 9: Hidden Lakes, Okanogan Pasayten Wilderness154
Chapter 16May 2: Mt. Baker, east-face, Boulder ridge and glacier165
Chapter 17Jun. 5: Mt. Baker, east-face, Boulder ridge and glacier174
Chapter 18Jun. 18: Mt. Shuksan, northwest couloir to north-ridge180
Chapter 19Jul. 3: Mt. Shuksan, northwest couloir, north-ridge, Upper Hanging glacier, east-ridge and return188
Chapter 20Jul. 17: Mt. Stuart, north-ridge attempt202
Chapter 21Jul. 30: Mt. Maude, south-ridge; Seven Fingered Jack, south-ridge (west-side), south Crags214
Chapter 22Aug. 13: Whatcom Peak, north-ridge; Indian ridge, north; Mt. Redoubt south-wall; Bear Mtn., west-ridge, south-wall; Copper Mtn., south-ridge227
Chapter 23Oct. 11: Mt. Sefrit, northeast flank, south-ridge250
Walking/Hiking Benefits257
Solitary Hiking/Climbing--Advantages and Disadvantages258
The Mountains260
Solitary Cross-Country Techniques and Dangers264
For or Darkness271
About the Author. A professional Around-Abouter, Ascender and Descender273
Ye Old Grumbling Mountaineer279

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