Cash in!: Funding and Promoting the Arts

Cash in!: Funding and Promoting the Arts

by Alvin H. Reiss

Paperback(1st ed)

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ISBN-13: 9780930452599
Publisher: Theatre Communications Group
Publication date: 10/01/1986
Edition description: 1st ed
Pages: 240
Product dimensions: 7.00(w) x 10.00(h) x (d)

Table of Contents

Prologue: Who Needs Money Anyway?1
1.Who Are You, What Are You Selling and Why Should Anyone Want to Give You Money?9
The Artistic Viewpoint
The Right to Fail
Promoting the Product
Selling an Experience
Emphasizing Uniqueness
The Outside Envelope
Visual Aids
Promotional Campaigns
By Proclamation
Holidays and Business Celebrations
2.It's an Inside Job27
Internal Publics
The Board of Directors
What a Board Member Gets
What a Board Member Gives
Recruiting Members and Donors
Sampler Programs
Attracting Volunteers
Recognizing Artists
Thanking Donors and Subscribers
3.Whose Public Is This, Anyway?43
External Publics
College Students
The Office and Blue-Collar Worker
Young Professionals
Sports Fans
Government Officials
Charting Publics
4.Whose Business Do You Want?67
The Dont's of Corporate Solicitation
What to Ask For
Hotel Support
Department Stores
A Business Marketing Tool
The Business-Sponsored Party
Invitations to Executives
Corporate Membership and Sponsorship
Logical Tie-Ins
Tie-in Opportunities
Acknowledging Corporate Support
5.It Pays to Advertise, Especially If Someone Else Pays89
Public Service Campaigns
Free Advertising Opportunities
The Print Media
Business Marketing Tie-Ins
The Broadcast Media
Arts Advertising Concepts
6.Don't Just Applaud: Send Money101
The Personal Touch
Non-Traditional Approaches
The Tools of Business
Letter Inserts
What's Written and What's Seen
The Light Touch
A Harder Sell
Involving the Recipient
How the Money Will Be Used
Test Mailings
Mailing Lists and Computerization
7.At Your Place or Mine?119
Celebrity Attendance
Putting Vision in a Site
The Event Theme
The Holiday Spirit
The Elegant Event
Business Sponsorship
The Select Few
The Artistic Benefit
Putting the Benefit Together
8.Game or Gamble? Why Not Both?135
The Single, Spectacular Raffle Prize
Food-Oriented Raffles
The One-of-a-Kind Prize
Extended Sweepstakes and Lotteries
Broadcast Marathons
Games and Contests
9.More Ways to Skin a (Fat) Cat151
The Celebrity Draw
The Sporting Touch
Pledges for the Arts
Design for Funding
10.Selling Trips and Anything Else That Can Be Sold163
Tours and Cruises
Performing for Tourists
The Sales Game
Personal Services
Movie Premieres
11.Where's the Beef? Or, Eat Your Art Out177
Multiple Dinners
The Artful Dinner
Just Desserts
Cookbooks and Cooking Demonstrations
Dining with Celebrities
Wine and Spirits
Restaurant Partnerships
High Fashion and the Arts
Fashion and Performance
Perfume and Jewelry
12.Earned, Burned, Yearned and Spurned Income195
Earned Income Cautions
Entrepreneurial Activities
Program-Related Income Activities
Selling Expertise
Items for Sale
Income from Facilities
Commercial Productions
Playing Games
Questions to Ask
Epilogue: If the Sky's the Limit, Then Funding Can Be Heavenly207
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