by Alex J. Cavanaugh
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CassaFire 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Beverly_Stowe More than 1 year ago
What if you could read other people’s minds? Sounds like fun, right? What if you also had the ability to teleport? Wow! That would be exciting. In CASSAFIRE, the second novel in the science fiction series by Alex J. Cavanaugh, the author has created a world where some of the characters can do amazing things. Byron is a Cassan from the planet Cassa. He’s also a war hero who wants to forget. I imagine that’s true of many war heroes in the real world today. The characters are what make a story great for me. The author has done a super job of bringing Byron, Athee, and other characters to life, giving them individual personalities, likes and dislikes, so they seem real. The story also has plenty of action for readers that enjoy battles between planes, much more advanced than our airplanes of today. Add aliens with technology that could be dangerous, and you have a novel that will please most readers. Alex J. Cavanaugh doesn’t forget romance lovers, either, and gives us just enough to keep us happy. Oh, and if you like to explore alien ruins, get a copy of CASSAFIRE and ride along with Byron and his friends. You’ll be glad you did. ###
SherryE More than 1 year ago
Cassafire is the second book in Alex Cavanaugh's space opera trilogy. It's twenty years later, and Cassa pilot, Byron, is sent to check out some ancient ruins on the planet Tgren. There's a device there that might be a key to Tgren's civilization or a dangerous weapon. The only way to know which, is to crack the code. Tension mounts between the Cassans and the Trgens as they become wary of each other' psychic abilities. One of these Tgrens is a young woman named Athee. Things get interesting when Byron finds himself falling for Athee. The story has good pacing, and the characters are well-developed. Female readers in particular would probably enjoy the romance that blossoms between Byron and Athee. The interactions between them are very tender and sweet. Readers who enjoy science fiction and space operas will enjoy this book.
C_M_Brown More than 1 year ago
Cassa Fire, the second book in the series by Alex Cavanaugh, sees the main character Byron, involved in an exploration of ancient artifacts, found on a planet, whose inhabitants are not yet capable of space flight. The Cassans are surprised to find some of the inhabitants possess the stronger mental abilities than they first thought and begin testing to find what they may be capable of. Even though Byron still holds onto a lot of emotional baggage in Cassa Fire, he seems ready to move on with his life and begins to let down some of his shields to allow a few selected people into his private world. Cassa Fire is another great read by Alex Cavanaugh and the reader is swept up with the life of his complex main character, Byron, as he finds friendship in an insecure scientist and a special female inhabitant of the planet the Cassan expedition visits
ChristineRains More than 1 year ago
War hero and star pilot Byron is keeping his word to his former mentor. It's boring on the exploration ship, but at least he's content. Alien ruins are found on the planet of Tgren, and Byron's people are working to decode them. They form an alliance with the Tgren people, but it's shaky at best, especially with the fact some of the Tgrens are developing mental powers. The Cassans are helping them learn about their new abilities, but one young woman's powers may even rival Byron's. He's assigned to teach Athee, but all he wants is to be left alone. Yet she may be exactly what Byron needs. A well-written and solid science-fiction tale. It has all the great elements of the first book, CassaStar. New worlds, comradery, and a sense of wonder. Byron is still a compelling character. Though older and wiser, he still has a sense of mischief and a love for flying. Athee tests his resolve. She's a strong and admirable woman, and reminds me of Byron a lot when he was young. I was unsure if there would be a romantic relationship at the beginning, but it moved at a slow natural pace. I also thoroughly enjoyed Byron's friendship with a young scientist and how their relationship evolved. CassaFire isn't as much about the battles as the previous book. It's about people. And the immense dread hanging over their heads when something happens at the ruins!
44Boys More than 1 year ago
A very enjoyable read. It was fast paced with likable characters and even a bit of a love story. I enjoyed how this sci-fi focused on story without boring me with tons of techno-jargon.