Cassie and the Cavity Witch

Cassie and the Cavity Witch

by Julie Sullivan


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"What is it?" they asked.
"Where do you get one?" another shouted.
"Does it bite?" a classmate asked. Cassie laughed and Ms. Flynn made everyone sit down.
Cassie announced, "Well this is a Cavity Witch, and no you can't just go buy one because she is the only one in the world. Of course she doesn't bite, but she will give you a nasty cavity if you don't brush your teeth.

Join Cassie and the toothbrush pals as they meet the Cavity Witch for the first time. Follow along with Cassie as she discovers the truth about cavities and why all children should brush and floss their teeth.

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ISBN-13: 9781449073695
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 12/07/2011
Pages: 20
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 11.00(h) x 0.05(d)

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Cassie and the Cavity Witch

By Julie Sullivan


Copyright © 2011 Julie Sullivan
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4490-7369-5

Chapter One

Cassie was a fun kid who was just like you and me. She and her family lived in a small town, and their house sat on a street with many big trees, pretty flowers, and lots and lots of kids. Cassie went to school with her friends and enjoyed learning new things. Her favorite part of school was recess because she could run and play with all the kids.

Today was an exciting day at school. It was Cassie's turn for show and tell and, boy, did she have something to show and a great story to tell. Ms. Flynn, Cassie's teacher, called her up for her turn of show and tell. As Cassie walked to the front of the class, her friends and classmates stared at her little birdcage in amazement. This might have been a normal little birdcage, but there definitely wasn't a bird in that cage. All the kids ran to the front of the class and peered into the cage.

"What is it?" one asked.

"Where can I get one?" another shouted.

"Does it bite?" a classmate asked. Cassie laughed, and Ms. Flynn made everyone sit down.

Cassie announced, "Well, this is a cavity witch, and, no, you can't just go buy one because she is the only one in the world. Of course, she doesn't bite, but she will give you a nasty cavity if you don't brush your teeth."

Cassie's friends and classmates looked and looked and couldn't believe they had a real live cavity witch right there in their classroom. Now, poor Ms. Flynn, well, she had seen many crazy things during show and tell, but this topped them all. The boys and girls begged Cassie to tell them how she found the one and only cavity witch.

Cassie explained, "It all began one night when I was just too tired to brush my teeth. I jumped into bed, and as I drifted off to sleep I thought I heard something buzzing around my head, and Skipper, my dog, kept barking. Next morning, I woke up to Skipper licking my face and trying to nudge me out of bed. Half asleep, I stumbled to the bathroom to get ready for school. Skipper followed me, wagging his tail, barking, and pushing me to the medicine cabinet where my toothbrush pals always greet me with a nice 'good morning.'

"Skipper stood up by the sink and was barking loudly, as if to warn my toothbrush pals that something awful had happened. Tommy Toothbrush and Patty Paste immediately questioned me about not brushing my teeth last night.

"Freddie Floss was pacing back and forth, repeating over and over, 'We have warned you and warned you about how dangerous it is for your teeth when you don't brush and floss.'

* * *

"As I reached for Tommy Toothbrush and Patty Paste, I began to open my mouth for my brushing, when all of a sudden everyone screamed. The cavity witch, who had been trapped in my mouth all night, finally tried to make a quick escape. She would have made a perfect getaway, but her treasure bag fell off her magical broom. As she made a quick broom dive to retrieve her bag, Skipper snatched her right out of the air. The cavity witch shrieked, and I told Skipper to drop her. Skipper was unhappy to be scolded but dropped her right in the sink. The witch bounced off her broom and began to slide down the watery drain.

"Tommy Toothbrush, Patty Paste, and Freddie Floss were all begging me to throw the witch down the drain. I couldn't because everything happened so fast. I had never seen a witch before and never thought she would be in a cute little outfit. As I picked her up, I just stared at her in shock and disbelief. The cavity witch was only about an inch tall and had these funny little red boots that matched her curly red hair. Her purple leggings had glittery stars on them that matched her dress.

"So there I stood, holding up this tiny little witch and not knowing what to do with her. I didn't know where else to put her except for this little old birdcage," Cassie remarked.

"As I stood dazed by the morning's events, I realized my back tooth was aching. My toothbrush pals and I tried to see my aching tooth in the mirror.

"Tommy Toothbrush snapped, 'I knew it; that cavity witch gave you your first cavity!'

"He cried and cried, and as the tears rolled down his face, Patty Paste tried to comfort him. 'There, there, Tommy, we have all worked very hard to keep Cassie's teeth pearly white and cavity free.'

"'Hopefully, our little Cassie has learned a lesson from this cavity witch,' fumed a very frustrated Freddy Floss.

"I looked back at the witch who sat, legs and arms crossed, pouting on the bird swing. I shook the cage and demanded she take back the cavity. The cavity witch was startled by my angry outburst. The trapped witch pleaded with me to let her go. She explained that if she could trade her freedom for the cavity she would, but she wasn't allowed to take back cavities. That's when I decided to strike a deal with the cavity witch.

* * *

"I figured, if I was going to be stuck with a cavity, maybe I could help other boys and girls by warning them about this cavity witch. I told her that if she let me keep her in the cage for ten days and ten nights, while she told me all her cavity witch secrets, I would be able to warn everyone about the life of this mysterious cavity witch. She agreed and I signed her Cavity Witch Contract, promising to let her go under these conditions.

"The toothbrush pals and I gathered around the birdcage to hear the mystical secrets surrounding the cavity witch. Before we could get started, the witch started yawning from exhaustion and sugar deprivation. She informed us that she couldn't begin without a bagful of candy, some sour lollypops, and, of course, some basic sugar cubes. Oh, and a nice big bottle of cherry soda to recharge her magical broom.

"After eating plenty of candy and sugar cubes, the witch seemed to perk up and began telling us her biggest secrets. She said that she had wanted to come forward for a long time and that she had a lot of explaining to do.

"The witch hesitated and then, with a sigh, continued her story. "'It's not fair, coming from a famous family, that your sister gets all the credit. I deserve to be famous, too,' insisted the cavity witch. 'I live in the far and distant Cavity Land where everything is made of sugar. Most of the candy you eat comes from my sugar factories. In fact, I sell to the biggest names in the candy business. My land will always remain a secret because only my magical broom knows the exact location. This magical broom is older than I am and was given ancient rules of operation. The broom can fly only me and nobody else. My days are very long, and I only get a little sleep in the morning. When I wake up, I eat my magic sugar cubes and spend the rest of the day working with my sugar fairies. We always have so much to do. We have new candies to invent, candies and sugar to sample, and, of course, we are always making our cities bigger. My night job is the most exciting for me. My magical broom, Broomster, and I team up every night for wild adventures. Cavity Land depends on the success of our sugar missions. We fly all night into the mouths of millions who fail to brush their teeth. It's really quite easy, thanks to Broomster. Broomster has a sugar tracker control pad that tells him exactly where to go. We usually are quite fast and successful, but this is our first mission that has gone badly. The way it works is that Broomster will usually fly over the mouth a few times to check out the safety scene. Then, when it all looks safe, I make a state-of-the-art sugar dive right into the old mouth. As soon as I have loaded the last bit of sugar into my treasure bag, I send up a sugar signal, and Broomster catches me right as I shoot out of the mouth.'

"I was a little confused. 'Well, how do the kids get a cavity?' I asked.

"The witch admitted, 'That's the tricky part. You see, I never wanted to brush my teeth. In fact, I can't remember the last time I brushed. Maybe once a couple thousand years ago. Anyway, I am full of decay and plaque. So, when I'm in there digging up my treasure, the decay just sprinkles right off of me and into the mouth that I'm working on.'

"'You should just brush your teeth,' I told the witch.

"'So should you,' snickered the witch as she sucked on one of the sour lollypops. 'You see, I am a very old witch who just happens to be very stubborn and forgetful. I didn't used to be so messy with decay, but I have always eaten so much sugar and seem to always forget to brush my teeth. In fact, my biggest secret of all is that I used to live in Tooth Fairy Land.'

"'What?' shouted the toothbrush pals.

"'Well, this story is getting better by the second,' stammered Tommy Toothbrush.

"'Yes, it's true; I am the tooth fairy's little sister. I have to say that she did give me a lot of warnings. My problem was always the same thing: sugar or candy of any kind has always been forbidden in Tooth Fairy Land, so I would have to stay up very late to sneak my candy treasure in.


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