Cassiodorus, Jordanes and the History of the Goths: Studies in a Migration Myth

Cassiodorus, Jordanes and the History of the Goths: Studies in a Migration Myth


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This work will be of interest to specialists of Jordanes, the 6th- century author of the Getica, or History of the Goths. Christensen (history, U. of Copenhagen, Denmark) asserts that much of Jordane's work was taken from a History of the Goths by Cassiodorus that was never published. The present volume presents an extensive analysis of different aspects of Jordanes's work with much of the text devoted to historiography and commentary on the work of other scholars. Distributed by ISBS. Annotation c. Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

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ISBN-13: 9788772897103
Publisher: Museum Tusculanum Press
Publication date: 07/01/2002
Pages: 391
Product dimensions: 6.80(w) x 9.70(h) x 1.20(d)

Table of Contents

1The Problem1
2The Goths in Graeco-Roman and Judaeo-Christian Literature before Cassiodorus21
Greek and Roman Accounts of Gothic History until around ad 15022
(Pytheas of Massalia)/Pliny the Elder Nat. Hist. XXXVII. xi. 3525
Strabo Georg. VII. i. 332
Pliny the Elder Nat. Hist. IV. xiii. 99-10034
Tacitus Germania xliii. 635
Tacitus Annales II. 62-6336
Ptolemy Geogr. III. v. 838
The Goths during the third century40
The Goths in the fourth century42
Ammianus Marcellinus42
The Judaeo-Christian tradition concerning the Goths43
The Book of Ezekiel: Gog and Magog45
The Book of Revelation: Gog and Magog45
The Book of Genesis: Magog--the genealogy of peoples46
Josephus: Antiquitates: the genealogy of peoples (Magog)47
The discussion of the biblical origins of the Goths48
Isidore of Seville51
The Goth/Getae identification51
Cassiodorus's Chronica from 51957
The Goths in the Chronica62
Cassiodorus's Information abouth his History of the Goths67
Ordo generis Cassiodororum (Anecdoton Holderi)68
Athalaric's letter to Cassiodorus (Var. IX. xxiv.)71
Athalaric's speech to the Senate in Rome (Var. IX. xxv.)71
Cassiodorus's speech to the Senate in Rome (Var. XI. i.)74
Cassiodorus on the conquest of Rome in 410 (Var. XII. xx. 4.)76
The preface to the Variae77
The Chronological Scope of the History of the Goths79
The Life and Works of Jordanes - The Problems85
Jordanes - Iornandes: the name of the author86
Jordanes's father and paternal grandfather - his lineage91
Agramatus - notarius93
Conversio: bishop - monk - Christian?94
The life of Jordanes101
The works of Jordanes103
Jordanes's Romana103
The Goths in the Romana109
Jordanes's Getica113
Jordanes's Getica--How is it related to Cassiodorus's History of the Goths?115
5The Amal Genealogy124
Jordanes's Amal Genealogy125
The names from Theoderic the Great to Germanus133
The names from Achiulf to Theoderic the Great133
Jordanes and Ammianus Marcellinus135
Jordanes's account of the events135
Ammianus Marcellinus's account of the events141
The Death of Ermanaric143
The Amal Genealogy and the Successors of Ermanaric145
Vithimir-Vinitharius and Vithericus-Vandalarius148
Hunimund, Thorismund, and Beremund149
The Amal Genealogy (1)156
The Amal Genealogy and family etc. (2)157
6The Gothic Kingdom of Ermanaric158
The Debate about Ermanaric's List of Peoples161
The manuscripts162
The text editions164
The interpretations166
Peter Friderich Suhm 1772167
Kaspar Zeuss 1837170
Karl Mullenhoff 1882 and 1887175
Theodor von Grienberger 1895178
Moritz Schonfeld 1911183
Gottfried Schramm 1974183
Irma Korkkanen 1975187
Ermanaric and the Aesti192
Ermanaric and Athanaric194
7Goths, Visigoths, Ostrogoths197
Jordanes's Account of the Division of the Gothic people198
The names for the Goths201
The Etymology of the Names of the Goths205
Names of the Goths in Ammianus Marcellinus and Cassiodorus-Jordanes220
The Tradition of the Getae and Scythians in the historiography of Late Antiquity232
The tradition regarding the Getae and Scythians in the Getica234
The 'Long' Version of Gothic History, 2030 years235
The Amazons240
The Personal Names of the Goths242
Zeuta, Diceneus, and Zalmoxes243
The Geographical Prelude251
The description of Scandza255
The List of Peoples for Scandza263
The Getica266
The Sources to Scandza's Peoples in the Getica270
The Geographical Location of the Peoples in the Getica277
The Names of the Goths?283
An Explanation of the Scandza Section299
10The Origins of the Goths, Berig, and Isidore301
The emigration legend304
Isidore of Seville311
The legend of the Gothic origins in Isidore313
Cassiodorus at the Vivarium316
11The Historical Tradition of the Goths318
The Historical Tradition of the Goths in Jordanes's Getica (Visigothic Section)320
The Battle of the Catalaunian Plains in 451323
The Historical Tradition of the Goths in Jordanes's Getica (Ostrogothic Section)341

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