Casting Shadows: Beyond Solstice Gates

Casting Shadows: Beyond Solstice Gates

by Kimm L Reid

NOOK Book(eBook)

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Today would normally be a wonderful day. After all, it is the Elliot Twin's twelfth birthday, but neither Judah nor Jennifer are in a celebrating kind of mood. You see, it is also the second anniversary of their parents' mysterious death. They died in an unexplained accident, or so it might seem! However, the soul of the twin's mamma was stolen before it could reach Heaven. Yes, those wicked Trows interfered as usual and dragged mamma's soul to the dark land of Trilleah adding it to the countless others already imprisoned by a dreadful curse in the forest of "Waiting Ones." Unless Judah, Jennifer and their constantly clashing group of colleagues can locate the twelve clay tablets hidden deep in the darkness of Trilleah and figure out how to break its curse, mamma--and the others--will remain for all of eternity under the curse of the Trows. Twice a year, on the days of Solstice, when the sun casts either its longest shadows or its shortest, are the gates to the curious land opened. Travelers entering King Shrailzhar's shadowy land of Trilleah must find the tablets and get back out through the gates before the sun goes down or they too will be trapped in the dreadful land, suspended somewhere between not really dead and far from alive. Countless unpredictable occurrences and far too many perilous traps await Jennifer and Judah in Trilleah, as things are never what they seem to be. By learning to use their hearts to see what is unseen by the eye and their souls to hear what is not whispered to the ear, the Elliot twins and their constantly conniving colleagues must learn the truth needed to free the souls of the waiting ones for certainly, truth always destroys lies...light always expels dark. Hopefully Mamma's soul will be freed... hopefully it will not be too late... hopefully the price required for her freedom is not too great... the necessary exchange not too dark.

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ISBN-13: 9780994732804
Publisher: Ahelia Publishing LLC
Publication date: 05/15/2015
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 204
File size: 1 MB
Age Range: 10 - 15 Years

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