Cat Care: A Guide for Pet Lovers

Cat Care: A Guide for Pet Lovers

by Geeta


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The cat is an animal deeply loved, hated, despised, revered, even worshipped by man around the world. Cats are one of the smartest animals on the earth. They cannot be commanded. The fur of a cat may become soiled, but her body is clean and she will groom herself to a degree of fastidiousness above and beyond that of most humans. To understand cats is a mark of keen intelligence, for they do not demonstrate and put on acts except to use man for the cat's good. This book will provide guidance, ammunition and source to all who desire to have this animal as a pet for them and their family. It emphasizes the responsibility of owning a pet and contains a lot of information that one should have if he or she is planning to keep a pet cat. Detailed information has been provided on choosing a cat, training, grooming, feeding, health care and how to deal with emergencies. Description has been provided about alternate therapies, cat horoscope, breeding, and care, grooming and feeding of the cat. This book may help you to understand - why this great spread of sentiment for or against an animal as "gentle as a kitten"? Read this book and enjoy your cat more.

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ISBN-13: 9788170359821
Publisher: Astral International Pvt. Ltd.
Publication date: 01/01/2011
Pages: 202
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