Cat Got Your Secrets: A Kitty Couture Mystery

Cat Got Your Secrets: A Kitty Couture Mystery

by Julie Chase


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ISBN-13: 9781683312833
Publisher: Crooked Lane Books
Publication date: 09/12/2017
Pages: 320
Product dimensions: 5.60(w) x 8.30(h) x 1.10(d)

About the Author

Julie Chase is a mystery-loving pet enthusiast who hopes to make readers smile. She lives in rural Ohio with her husband and three spunky children. Julie is a member of the International Thriller Writers (ITW) and Sisters in Crime (SinC).

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Cat Got Your Secrets: A Kitty Couture Mystery 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 15 reviews.
kayteerufus More than 1 year ago
Cat Got Your Secrets is the first book I have read in the “Kitty Couture Mystery” series. I do not think it will be my last. I adore books that involve pets and with the protagonist owning a shop dedicated to spoiling your pets, this ticks all the boxes for me. I enjoy the relationship main character Lacy Marie Crocker has with her family and friends. Set in the colorful city of New Orleans, full of quirky characters, fun writing style, this one is a hit for me. Valentine’s Day is fast approaching which means a seriously busy time for Lacy at her pet boutique. Add to that her mother pushes her to participate in the upcoming National Pet Pageant, her love life is settling finally and besides her mother’s expectations, Lacy is also dealing with her mother’s new attitude and fashion. So when Lacy comes upon the murder scene of one of her dad’s friends, things get really hairy. Then she finds out why her father was acting so odd the night before. Her father Dr. Crocker had an argument with the deceased Wallace Becker that night and he could be the last person to see him alive before the killer. Unfortunately Lacy’s sort of boyfriend, Detective Jack Oliver has to follow the evidence and it is all pointing to her dad. As any good daughter would do, Lacy has to find out what happened, even if it means making Jack angry. I really enjoyed the mystery in this cozy. The clues, the evidence, the trail of the killer, all of this could point to several different people, including Lacy’s dad. I loved the interaction and relationship of the characters. Even though I am a long way away from the life Lacy and her family and friends live, I felt like I could relate to them. The author, Julie Chase, is that good. She was able to bring them to life and their conversations were real and authentic. When Lacy is faced with a blackmailer trying to silence her, I felt the angst and fear. As she had to go to the pageant meeting and dreaded it, I did too. Even though this is the first in the series I have read, I already felt a connection to the characters. I think even if you have not read the other two in this series, you should be able to jump right in and enjoy this one. The setting is interesting, the characters are fun, the mystery is intriguing. I would recommend Cat Got Your Secrets to any cozy reader that enjoys pets in the forefront. Also any cozy lover that insists on a well written plot and storyline. I really enjoyed this one. I know this will definitely not be the last book I read in this interesting series. I was given a copy of the book, however the opinions expressed are my own.
Kuzlin More than 1 year ago
Lacy already knows from personal experience that trying to track down a murderer is witness her most recent adventure. But this time it's personal when her dad is the prime suspect in the murder of Wallace Becker. The story moved along at a nice pace, with an occasional comic relief to the mystery plot. I loved the picture of her cat, Penelope, riding around on the Roomba. I also laughed at the image of her client's llamas dressed in tiaras and eyelet capes. The varied suspects kept me guessing until the end and this book resolved another mystery from a prior story. I also liked the relationships between Lacy and her two male friends, as well as with her mother. Looking forward to reading more from this author. Disclosure: I am voluntarily reviewing this book.
MyWhims More than 1 year ago
Cat Got Your Secrets is the first book I have read by Julie Chase, and I found it to be a delightful book. The main character is Lacy Crocker who owns Furry Godmother boutique (which is an awesome name for a pet store), and she is a talented designer. She creates costumes for various animals and offers tasty pet treats from her store. Lacy is delivering a special order when she comes across a police scene, which turns out to be highly suspicious. When a loved one becomes a person of interest, Lacy begins to search for clues as to the identity of the real suspect. I found this book to be a fun cozy murder story with stimulating twists and turns, and I want to read the rest of the books in this series. The author did a great job of bring New Orleans and various characters to life for me. I highly recommend this book. I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion.
KTempleton More than 1 year ago
Cat Got Your Secrets: Kitty Couture Mystery # 3 by Julie Chase. Lacy Marie Crocker is excited about her pet boutique, Furry Godmother, finally showing signs of success and that the National Pet Pageant is coming up soon which will bring in new orders for pet costumes. Finally thing seem to be going well for Lacy, but when she received an order of dreidel shaped dog biscuits for a bark-mitzvah and arrives to deliver them she finds out that one of her dad’s friends has been found dead inside the venue. Detective Jack Oliver comes to Lacy’s shop later to let her know her dad is a suspect in the murder of his friend. Lacy is determined no matter what to clear her dad’s name. Can she find the real killer without becoming the next victim? I really like how Lacy is maturing as the series progresses. She has finally decided to have a better relationship with her mother even though she still wants to make a success on her own without financial help from her parents. She finally decides what she wants as relationship wise from Chase and Jack. I was also glad to see Jack show some trust and open up, letting Lacy know more about his life past and present. I love Lacy’s cat Penelope and her obsession with riding the Roomba around Furry Godmother. I am looking forward to seeing what trouble Lacy can get into in the next book and seeing how Jack and her other friends and family can help get her out of harm’s way. I recommend this book to mystery lovers especially lovers of cozy pet mysteries. This is a funny, well written book, with lovable characters and just the right amount of red herrings. There is no graphic language, sex, or violence. This book can be read and enjoyed as a stand alone mystery. There is continuing storyline in the series and to have better understand of the backstory on the relationships you should read Cat Got Your Diamonds and Cat Got Your Cash first. Recipes included as a bonus. **I voluntarily read an advanced reader’s copy of this book. All opinions expressed are entirely my own.**
Cynthia181 More than 1 year ago
I won a copy of this book from Goodreads Giveaways. I was not required to give a favorable review. This is the first book I have read from Julie Chase and I found the writing wonderful and the story great. I can just picture having a shop for pets and using her design skills to make pets owners happy. The murder mystery theme is just great and the love of family is wonderful. I hope that things get better in the future for Jack & Lacy. Thank make a great team and he will always protect her. The whole book was very hard to put down.
Dollycas More than 1 year ago
Dollycas’s Thoughts An absolutely delightful new cozy from Julie Chase! Doesn’t that grab you right away? Lacy’s back and this time her father has been accused of murdering his best friend. Her dad goes into slump, her mother is in denial and worried more about upcoming National Pet Pageant, Lacy goes into overdrive to find proof so that Detective Jack Oliver will leave her dad alone and find the real killer. The tables turn on Lacy when she receives an envelope and finds herself in the cross hairs of a blackmailer. To Jack’s dismay Lacy acts again without thinking things through and puts herself in danger. I love Lacy Crocker. She is creative and smart and devoted to her dad. When she learns he was with his friend so close to the time of his death she knows exactly what Jack is going to do. She tries to warn her mother but she doesn’t think it is a big deal until they take her husband to the station for questioning. Then she expects Lacy to fix everything. Lacy’s mother is very demanding without her husband in the hot seat. This time she not only expects Lacy to clear her father but she also puts her on the Pet Pageant committee, a committee that she chairs. She has declared that all committee members to dress in pastels for an entire month. Remember Lacy is also running a business, a business where sales should increase when the pageant takes place. She also has several special orders. All this before she even tries to have any private life. So murder, blackmail, a new wardrobe, her business, a pageant, and normal life. Lacy’s plate is more than overflowing. This mother/daughter relationship ebbs and flows. Lacy doesn’t ever want to hurt her mom’s feelings but it is hard work. As the story continues the relationship starts to brighten but I feel for Lacy so much under all that weight. The private life I mentioned includes attorney Chase Hawthorne and Detective Jack Oliver. They each have their pluses and minuses. I remain on Team Jack! The focus of the story lets us get to know some of the supporting characters. Imogene, Lacy’s former nanny takes on the heavy load of The Furry Grandmother while Lacy does her investigating and Scarlet helps Lacy with the case as she taps into the gossip train around town. But it is Penelope and Spot that always make me smile and laugh. The mystery is well written and keeps a steady pace from beginning to end. The subplots and main plot flow together nicely. Secrets, secrets and more secrets drive this story. The plot takes an interesting twist that brings many more suspects to the forefront. The drama escalates when Lacy finds herself in more than a little danger. My pages were turning briskly. The story takes place around Valentine’s day and it was fun to see people shopping for their pets. I adore this series. Fun characters and themes and entertaining mysteries. I do suggest you read them in order to get to know the characters from the start. They are all perfect escapes!
CozyUpWithKathy More than 1 year ago
a cute cozy CAT GOT YOUR SECRETS by Julie Chase The Third Kitty Couture Mystery Lacy Marie Crocker is back at Furry Godmother whipping up organic treats and outfits for pets of all types. But when she stops to deliver some driedel-shaped doggy biscuits for a St. Berdoodle's Bark-Mitzvah she discovers a crime scene. The victim is Wallace Becker, the owner of the Cuddle Brigade, a popular pet sitting business. The problem is that Wallace is also a friend of Lacy's dad. The dad who's acting strange...and the last person to be seen with the victim! Now Lacy's bound and determined to prove her father's innocence, with or without the help of a certain hunky homicide detective or a charming lawyer. But will Lacy wind up in a killer's sights yet again? The Kitty Couture Mystery series is a cute cozy series and the third book in the series fits right in. Although Lacy has struggled to make it on her own and be her own person, she does have a Cinderella like aura which the villain describes perfectly, "you bounced down the driveway like little blue birds followed you through life". Lacy is a perky cheerful soul, albeit nosy and a bit immature. Fortunately she's also quite a bit likable. She's a caring person who genuinely wants to help others, animals and people alike. I enjoy watching the relationship between Lacy and her mother grow and develop, as well as Lacy's relationship with her two possible beaus, Chase and Jack. CAT GOT YOUR SECRETS is a cute cozy filled with ever evolving characters, a great location, and an in-depth mystery. Julie Chase gives readers plenty of wonderful visuals, such as the apparel Lacy creates. But, my favorite visual is that of Penelope regally riding Spot, cat atop a robotic vacuum, priceless and memorable! FTC Disclosure – The publisher sent me a digital ARC provided through NetGalley, in the hopes I would review it.
KrisAnderson_TAR More than 1 year ago
Cat Got Your Secrets by Julie Chase is the third story in A Kitty Couture Mystery series. Lacy Marie Crocker owns Furry Godmother in New Orleans, Louisiana. It is a pet boutique and organic treat bakery that caters to all animals. Lacy is dropping off dreidel dog treats for a bark-mitzvah at a catering hall next to The Cuddle Brigade when she notices a slew of emergency vehicles. She gets out to inquire what is occurring and discovers that her father’s friend, Wallace Becker is dead. When Lacy discovers her father was the last person (besides the killer) to see Wallace alive, she knows she needs to act quickly. Lacy starts delving into Wallace Becker’s life to find out who would have wanted him dead. She needs to work in her investigation in between baking pet treats, creating costumes, helping with the preparations for the party honoring her father, and her NPP Welcoming Committee commitments (thanks to her mother). In addition, there are her two suitors, Chase Hawthorne and Detective Jack Oliver. Cat Got Your Secrets was easy to read and had a good pace. I did feel that the murder occurred too early in the book (right at the beginning) which makes the book feel long. Cat Got Your Secrets can be read alone. Everything a reader needs to know is provided in the story. I felt the author tried to stuff too much into one book. There are numerous people and animals introduced (along with wacky costumes for the pets). None of the human characters are fully developed (very superficial). There are details missing from the story (an example is the father’s first name). I am rating Cat Got Your Secrets 2 out of 5 stars (just not for me). Lacy is a difficult character to like (and lacks depth). She is 30 going on 16 (I might be giving her too much credit). Lacy has unreasonable expectations, runs around like the Roadrunner, overreacts to every little thing, breaks laws, etc. There is just one zany antic after another. Then there is her demanding mother (a woman who loves parties and events). The mystery is not complicated and it is easily solved early in the novel (one clue will give it away). There was a repetition of information especially in the beginning. Cat Got Your Secrets failed to capture and hold my attention. I wanted more substance and less wacky. I am not the right audience for A Kitty Couture Mystery series.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I could gush about this series all day. I love banter, inside jokes and clever quirks. You're constantly guessing "who done it" and "what's Lacy up to".
Missisue4 More than 1 year ago
You know you are reading a good book when you are completely lost in the story and you haven't finished Chapter 1 yet. If you've read the first 2 books in the Kitty Couture Mystery series by Julie Chase, you are already a member of the family. If you haven't read any yet, what are you waiting for ?? Lacy Crocker lives in New Orleans and although she comes from money, she has worked hare for what she has. She has her won home and her own business. She owns Furry Godmother which is a pet bakery and pet accessory store.....and she makes everything herself !! Even though the store keeps her more than busy, she always seems to end up in the middle of a police investigation. This time is no different except this time the person of interest is her own father !! Her dad was the last one to see the deceased alive and of course they had an arguement that was recorded on survelliance cameras. Now her father wouldn't hurt a fly, he's a successful vetenarian !! Lacy of course cannot let the good detective Jack Oliver handle the case on his own. She has to investigate as well. Even though Lacy has enough to keep her out of trouble being on the National Pet Pageant Welcoming Committee with her mother, running the shop, baking for the shop, making costumes, juggling two guys, she has to clear her dad's good name. Okay back up.... 2 guys ? Yes. Not only is there something brewing between Lacy and Jack but a friend from high school, Chase, has let his feelings known to Lacy. Personally I love the dynamics between Lacy and Jack and think they would make a smashing couple but that is not up to me. (So Julie something for your to think about.....) I LOVE this series !! I love the Lacy and her family and their relationships. I love seeing Lacy and her mother growing closer and understanding each other more. Lacy's father is just a great dad and supports Lacy no matter what she does. Lacy has a great best friend, an awesome job, lives in an entertaining area that is far from dull, she has the interest of 2 amazing men, a cat she takes to work..... It is such a treat to read these books and I encourage you to add them to your list if you haven't already. You won't regret it !! I cannot wait for more Kitty Couture Mystery books and hope they never stop !!!
TheCozyReview More than 1 year ago
Lacy Crocker has settled into a routine with her business and her social life in New Orleans. Her business, Furry Godmother is a pet boutique and organic treat bakery that caters to all animals and is booming. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, she’s busier than ever. She is also helping her mother organize the upcoming National Pet Pageant. When delivering an order of dreidel-shaped doggy biscuits for a Saint Berdoodle’s bark-mitzvah, Lacy stumbles onto a murder scene. Unfortunately, the last person to talk to the victim alive was her own father. It’s up to Lacy to clear her father's name from the suspect list before Detective Jack Oliver decides to arrest him. Things are as simple as she thinks they should be when she starts receiving threatening letters from a blackmailer. Threat aside, Lacy doesn’t know when to stop. -- Series: A Kitty Couture Mystery - Book 3 Author: Julie Chase Genre: Cozy Mystery Publisher: Crooked Lane Books The third addition to the Kitty Couture mystery series, Cat Got Your Secrets is a fun and entertaining read. The character of Lacy is interesting even though a bit immature at times. However, this helps the reader understand the gravity of the situations Lacy gets herself involved in. Which her friends and family are continuously trying to prevent her from getting hurt by. The character of Jack Oliver is a wonderful romantic lead and is clearly the soul love interest for Lacy. Chase is great, but he is too far into the friend zone to be a real love interest. It will be interesting to learn how this plays out in future additions to the series. Will Lacy grow up and accept that Jack is the only man for her? Lacy’s mother and father are parents who care deeply about their daughter and also their community. They may not be perfect but they try to do the best they can under the difficult circumstances Lacy puts them into. It would be great if Imogene played a bigger role, and the hints of otherworldly inferences could be made a little more prominent. This will be interesting to see if this happens in future books in the series. Of course, the story is filled with animals of all types, cats, dogs. llamas, and more, as well as their eccentric owners. Each of the animals and owners is a welcome addition to the story and the plot. The setting of New Orleans is portrayed vividly. If the reader closes their eyes, they can almost smell the Cajun food cooking, hear the music of the bayou, and feel the sticky heat on a humid day. For anyone who has ever paid a visit to this historical and busy community, they will have a sense of going back in time. For those who haven’t visited New Orleans, they will definitely want to spend some time there. Ms. Chase writes an easy to read, an entertaining and soul filled story of murder, relationships and ultimately, home and family. The plot is easy to follow if a little disjointed at times. The reader is never led so far down another path that they forget which direction the story is going. Cat Got Your Secrets is highly recommended. Love of animals, food, and family will draw the reader in without ever having to read the first two books. It is hoped that this series continues for many more books to come.
CozyMysteryLover1 More than 1 year ago
I'm not familiar with this author, but the cover was so vibrant and the description interesting, that I couldn't resist. I was pretty disappointed with the writing. The story itself was good, Lacy owns a pet boutique, she designs and creates pet clothing. It's the typical cozy mystery, Lacy stumbles upon a dead body, her father is a suspect and she races to solve the mystery. The story was just bland, there was no pizzazz, nothing that drew me in and caught my attention. There were times the book felt very disjointed and didn't flow smoothly. I might read the next one just to see if I feel the same way, but I won't add it to my list of books to read. I voluntarily read an ARC of this book provided by the publisher and NetGalley.
mymissdaisy More than 1 year ago
They just keep getting better. Although I have to admit I didn't get the chance to read book 1. I was introduced to Julie Chase and the Kitty Couture series with book 2. I was delighted to get the opportunity to read and review book 3 Cat Got Your Secrets. Admittedly I am not a cat fan. I know gasp! But I was intrigued and delighted with Lacy's crazy cat that rides a Robot Vacuum. The Kitty Couture Series is written so that each installment is stand alone. But a word of'll probably be so enchanted you'll want to read them all. The characters are charming. Lacy and her family and close friends pull you in and you'll want to become their new 'bestie'. I was! Cat Got Your Secrets was a great follow up to the previous installments. I liked that the book/story took off right from the beginning. I didn't have to go through multiple chapters before we got into the serious drama and mystery! If your a fan of Cozy Mysteries you'll enjoy this series. Whether your a cat lover or not! I received a complimentary copy from Great Escapes Tours.
mymissdaisy More than 1 year ago
They just keep getting better. Although I have to admit I didn't get the chance to read book 1. I was introduced to Julie Chase and the Kitty Couture series with book 2. I was delighted to get the opportunity to read and review book 3 Cat Got Your Secrets. Admittedly I am not a cat fan. I know gasp! But I was intrigued and delighted with Lacy's crazy cat that rides a Robot Vacuum. The Kitty Couture Series is written so that each installment is stand alone. But a word of'll probably be so enchanted you'll want to read them all. The characters are charming. Lacy and her family and close friends pull you in and you'll want to become their new 'bestie'. I was! Cat Got Your Secrets was a great follow up to the previous installments. I liked that the book/story took off right from the beginning. I didn't have to go through multiple chapters before we got into the serious drama and mystery! If your a fan of Cozy Mysteries you'll enjoy this series. Whether your a cat lover or not! I received a complimentary copy from Great Escapes Tours.
CozyMarie More than 1 year ago
Quick, fun, and a good time, this book is one you don’t want to miss. Lacy Marie Crocker is running her dream business designing pet clothes and baking tasty pet treats in her hometown of New Orleans. Cat Got Your Secrets is the third installment of the Kitty Couture Mystery Series, Lacy is forced to defend her father’s honor when one of his friends is found dead – and her father happens to be the last person to see him alive. This book is fun, fast paced, and keeps you guessing until the end. Julie Chase has done it again. Another fun and entertaining installment of an enjoyable series. One for anyone who loves a good cozy mystery.