Cat Talk With Oliver: Autobiography of a Rescued Feral Cat

Cat Talk With Oliver: Autobiography of a Rescued Feral Cat

by Oliver


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Cat Talk with Oliver is a light, humorous story of a rescued feral cat who had issues with his "mom" and she with him!

"My name is Oliver. I am a rescued feral cat . I was actually a rescued feral kitten when I found a home (such a relief)!

"Because I am a very literate cat (I thank Mom for that), I have written my autobiography so you can learn all about my "journey" (I like that word) and how I became so magnificent (and I definitely am). Okay, okay, you might think I am bragging but I'm not; I am merely confident!

"When Mom found me on the side of a street in a small Oregon Coast town, I was barely two pounds and was mostly bald. I had pneumonia, an eye infection, campylobacter, a severe infestation of ear mites and intestinal parasites ... and a lot more things I don't remember. I was little but my eyes were open (albeit pink with infection) so I could see when my soon-to-be-mom got out of her car to inspect the bit of orange fluff (me) she saw at the side of the road. Though mostly bald, I did have that little bit of fluff so she saw me. I mustered my strength and looked her straight in the eye. I don't know how I knew at that age (instinctual, I guess) but humans like that.

"Mom named me Oliver, after Oliver Twist (Charles Dickens, ya know - see, I am very literate!) who started out rough but came out okay. This book is to tell you about my life ... since I am such a charismatic, impressive dude! Well, I am!

"Mom and I had "issues" (her word) for a long time. She didn't understand that I didn't have a momma cat to teach me things about behavior, like biting. Frankly, I don't think she was taught some things either. She certainly wasn't intelligent herself when it came to things like raising her voice at me (yelling, ya know!). Hey! I'm not taking all the blame here! But, while things were difficult at times for both of us, they are good now. Really good. So, I hope you enjoy my story (I do!)."


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ISBN-13: 9781540727411
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Publication date: 12/17/2017
Pages: 72
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About the Author

Oliver is a large - almost 30-pounds - orange cat who was rescued in a little fishing town on the Oregon Coast. At the time of his rescue he was two pounds and very sick with an infestation of parasites, pneumonia, eye infection, campylobacter, ear mites and other disorders from starvation. Having no momma cat at such an early age, he was not socialized and had a habit of biting, along with other behavior issues. At the present time, at nine-and-a-half years of age (approximately), he is healthy, happy loving cat with only occasional slip-ups of behavior problems. He would like the world to know how he started and how happy he is now.

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