Catching Carly

Catching Carly

by Emma Hart

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BN ID: 2940153917405
Publisher: Emma Hart
Publication date: 03/07/2017
Series: Barley Cross
Sold by: Smashwords
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 20,656
File size: 2 MB
Age Range: 18 Years

About the Author

Emma Hart is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of over thirty novels and has been translated into several different languages. She is a mother, wife, lover of wine, Pink Goddess, and valiant rescuer of wild baby hedgehogs. Emma prides herself on her realistic, snarky smut, with comebacks that would make a PMS-ing teenage girl proud. Yes, really. She's that sarcastic. ​ You can find her online at,, or join her reader group at Alternatively, follow her on Instagram at or @EmmaHartAuthor. Keep up to date on her releases by following her on Amazon or signing up at

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Catching Carly 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 25 reviews.
Loganhr90 More than 1 year ago
Definitely the best of this series! I loved Carly from the start! Her humor and sweetness was everything! Add her best friend and you get a funny dynamic duo! There will be Harry Potter books quotes as a bonus! Plus her chemistry with the hero is just out of this world! Definitely a couldn't put down, laughing the entire time kind of book!
Lisa-Lou More than 1 year ago
Catching Carly by Emma Hart is the second stand-alone story in her new Barley Cross series. Humorous, endearing, outrageous, and quirky this book follows after Being Brooke but can be read separately. Not sure why you'd want to... Brooke's story is equally as enchanting and endearing (and outrageous) as Carly's. They're best friends, so of course they both just a tad bit crazy! Carly has never had a thing for her best friend's brother but then, one night, has a thing with her best friends brother. Wild and wonderful and slightly intoxicated she is aware that it is the best thing she's ever had but absolute denial to who she had it with leaves her in complete denial. Zeke is confident and funny and so far beyond determined to get through to Carly that they aren't doomed, that they do get along, and that they are a perfect match. He has his work cut out for him but he isn't afraid of a challenge and that is definitely what Carly is. A Challenge! Enjoy!
LexyH More than 1 year ago
**4.5 Stars** Ever since I read Being Brooke I was waiting for Carly and Zeke's story, I knew it was going to be good. This did not disappoint and I loved every second of it. I think I loved it more than Being Brooke. There is just something about Zeke and Carly, the chemistry they have and the connection they have. Emma did an amazing job on their story and I can't wait for more from Emma and the characters in this series. Zeke does not trust females. Two weeks before his wedding he founds his fiancee with cheating on him. This has shaped how he is handing his relationships with females until Carly. Carly is a game changer for him, but can he let her in? She's his little brother's best friend, she's younger than he is, but their connection and his attraction to her is something he can't pass up. Winning her over isn't going to be busy, he just has to decide if he can let her in. Carly is in lust with her best friend's older brother. This is something she can't do, it's Zeke. With her two best friend's in love with each other, Carly has felt her life change. She doesn't see Brooke has often anymore and she is now deciding if she is ready to try online dating. Things start to get interesting when her Grandma gives her an ultimatum to bring a date to her birthday party or she'll find someone for her. Zeke is available, so she brings him alone for a "date". I think this is when I started to fall in love with Carly even more. I found her changing at this point in the story and I loved it. Zeke and Carly are two of my favorite Emma characters. There was just something about their relationship that I loved. Zeke is right up there with Drake from Emma's Hollywood Files and it made the story even better. His "woo-ing" of Carly was what she needed and I couldn't have asked for a better story. Like previous Emma stories, you fall in love with the secondary characters. Emma has this ability to write the best grandparent characters. Between Brooke's grandpa and Carly's grandma you will crack up and flat out love the story even more. I can't wait for people to read Carly and Zeke's story. It's perfect for them.
JkD88 More than 1 year ago
Carly is my favorite. She is independent, spunky, sarcastic, and has a huge heart. After meeting her in Being Brooke, I couldn’t wait to hear her story, and after reading a couple of dark & angsty reads, this was just what I needed. This story follows a sort of enemies to lovers storyline, but … not really. Carly & Zeke made the mistake of sleeping together, one that cannot be repeated. But, unfortunately for them, their best friends (and brother) are mutual and they are ALWAYS being thrown together. This causes the lust that hasn’t settled to stir between them and their feelings to be tossed amuck almost every day. When they finally realize that these feelings aren’t going away, it seems life makes everything more complicated. Carly is one of my favorite women. She is so brave. When it comes down to the wire, when she needs to make a choice, she makes the hard choice. She shares her feelings, which may inevitably lead to her heart being broken. “‘See, I want that happy ending. I want that fairytale kinda thing I always dreamed about when I was a kid. I want that and I want it to be real, and I need to know if I have it with you or if you’re just a pit stop. I’m…’ I stop and shudder out a breath. ‘I want the ... happily ever after. Problem is, I’m in love with you, Zeke.'” Heart. Broken. She just lays it out there, and even though she knows her heart belongs to Zeke, she knows she can’t settle for anything less than her fairytale. How freaking beautiful is that?! This is a must read. It’s beautiful, funny, heart-wrenching, and inspiring. I didn’t think I would be so moved by a romantic comedy, but damn. Read this. Read Being Brooke. Love these people as much as I do ❤
Tanya_tgbookboutique More than 1 year ago
Catching Carly by Emma Hart is a lot of funny and a lot of romance rolled into one. It will just leave you with a happy sigh by the end of the last words. Emma Hart pours her soul into each book she writes and with Catching Carly, I felt like we were getting a normal yet somehow crazy world yet again. She never seizes to amaze me with her brilliant and thought-out books. Her amazing books are what make me a Emma Hart Addict. I am addicted and always waiting for more words from her. She writes the perfect mix of romance, hot men, comedy, and sassy women. This book can be read as a standalone but Being Brooke is pretty amazing too. That is how I fell in love with Ezekiel Elliott. I got a glimpse of him in book 1 and I was all out obsessed with the man. It wasn’t just the name, but it was his charm and his arrogance that drew me to him. I don’t know what it was about him but I was completely enthralled by Zeke. He had my heart from the very beginning. It is just his character and his charm and his nicknames to Carly that got me. I’m 100 percent attracted to Ezekiel Elliott and I want to steal him from Carly. #noshame Carly is not as awkward as Brooke but she has her moments. She is sassy and knows how to throw down with Zeke. Dare I say I love her more than Brooke?! Gasp. I know. Brooke is amazing but there was just something about Carly that drew me in. She was so relatable and normal! It was so much fun to read. Her internal struggle with herself was amazing. Catching Carly is one of the most normal books Emma Hart has written but even then it has it’s spunk. I mean how can we forget that Grandma and Grandpa. They were a hoot! Emma Hart will swoon you with her brilliance and Ezekiel Elliott will deliver the final blow to your heart. Catching Carly is not a book to be missed! Read it and fall in love with it as much as I have.
Vero-Stro More than 1 year ago
This is Book 2 in the "Barley Cross" Series. I found Carly's character very interesting in Book 1 and in this book, I absolutely loved it but before talking about my feelings regarding the book, I want to talk about Emma Hart's writing. Her sense of humour is clever, witty, sassy and funny. She manages that her characters say things that happen to us on a daily basis and when they happened to one of the characters you cannot stop laughing hard because you don't generally read about these day to day silly situations on books so Emma Hart, thanks for the humour! Carly and Zeke are great together, their chemistry is wonderful and their story is entertaining, light and funny! What else can I ask in a book? Nothing at all! Highly recommended! I voluntarily reviewed a copy of this book.
Tracy_Reads_Kissy_Books More than 1 year ago
Another side splitting romantic comedy from Emma Hart! Catching Carly is the second of a standalone series. The previous book does not need to be read in order to fully enjoy Carly, but as always, it is recommended! Carly and Zeke aren't strangers. Quite the opposite, in fact. Carly, who we met in Being Brooke, is Zeke's sister's best friend. Carly is a refreshing heroine, she's honest, bold, and an independent woman who doesn't NEED a man. Zeke. HOLY HOTNESS THAT IS ZEKE. I just may have a new book boyfriend with him. He is strong, thoughtful, and while still a swoon worthy Emma Hart hero, he's a bit different than the typical hot alpha. As always, be prepared for hot characters, panty melting sexy times, and a group of characters you can't help but want to meet and hang out with. Emma Hart is astoundingly gifted at crafting stories that highlight friendship just as much as the romance, and Catching Carly is a great example of that talent. Carly, Zeke and the gang are all engaging, unforgettable characters on a fun, exciting ride for the reader.
Tatia More than 1 year ago
5 stars Why do I ever doubt Emma Hart? It doesn't happen often, but the few times that it does, I find myself kicking myself in the arse for every thinking I wouldn't love her book. Catching Carly. It's a book that pleasantly surprised me. I didn't expect to love Carly and Zeke's story as much as I did. These two hate each other. Maybe hate is a strong word, but they definitely dislike each other. I've never seen two people grate on each other's nerves like these two do. I'm not sure they'd last an hour by themselves without one of them harming the other. Well, unless alcohol is involved. When tequila arrives to the party, all inhibitions are thrown out the window. I guess the song is true. Tequila does make her clothes fall off. I soon found myself falling for Zeke just as hard as Carly was. Regardless of how he talked, what insecurities he had, or how much I rolled my eyes at him, I fell for him hard. Their relationship made me laugh so hard. That's what I love in a book. A couple that, while trying to hate each other and resist each other, still has fun. They make the other laugh at whatever stupid, ridiculous stunt or comment they make. Emma Hart writes the best ones! I've never finished one of her books without laughing at some point. I think that's what keeps me coming back. Her stories have a little of each element. Humor as well as some serious heart-clenching moments. I'll always be a fan, no matter what the subject matter is. **I submitted a request to the author to read and voluntarily review an uncorrected advance reader's copy of this book.**
Mari360 More than 1 year ago
Catching Carly is a 5 star read by Emma Hart. In this story we get to see the story of Carly and Zeke. The readers see their relationship go from hate to love. Zeke and Carly convert to lovers from barely standing to be in the same room together. Zeke has gone through some heartbreak is now the resident playboy. Carly is just looking to enjoy life. They never saw each other coming. Zeke is the forbidden fruit, the best friends brother. They have known each other for a long time and never even attempted to hook up until recently. That hook up through them for a crazy ride. They both tried to avoid what they were feeling after that one drunken hook up. Will Zeke sabotage any chance at happiness with Carly because of his past? Will Carly be able to get past the fact that Zeke is her best friends brother? Emma has such a way in telling a story that the character imbeds themselves into our lives. Oh and Emma sure has a way of writing grandparents into her books. Laughed through your the book. Again great great 5 star read!
Anonymous 5 months ago
Loved the characters, love the sass and snarkiness! Wish there would be more!
laceye721 More than 1 year ago
Carly gets a book!! I was so excited to read this one. I was definitely not disappointed. This just so happens to be one of those funny cases where I loved the sequel more than the first one. I loved everything about this book. The best part was the fact that it never slowed down for me and I never had to stop to reread this one!  Carly was fantastic in the first book. I loved everything about her character. She was hilarious and witty with a twist of genuineness when it came to her friends. My favorite thing about this story was Carly's character and how she develops throughout the book. I love that the characters from the first book were included as well. Zeke's character was exactly how I expected him to be. He was cocky and funny, but it came to romance: swoon.  The chemistry in this book was just as great as the first. The romance was outstanding and something that every reader would dream of. Emma Hart's romance is just beautiful, sexy, and emotional. Everything about the way Carly and Zeke's romance was portrayed was amazing.  There was nothing wrong with this book. I went into this book thinking that it was going to be similar to Being Brooke where I was getting a little lost and having to reread some parts. I'm so glad I was wrong. I'd recommend this series to romance lovers who are looking for a juicy, emotional, quick read. These two were perfect. 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I wish there was more to t his serious because I cannot get enough of it. These two girls, the ideal best friends that cannot get you to stop lauging.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A fun get a way book.
ValleyBookDoll More than 1 year ago
Reading an Emma Hart novel is always a treat. This latest rom-com holds up to the level of hilarity and wit that I’m used to getting from her stories. Even if you read this with fresh eyes as a standalone, Carly and Zeke will appeal to your heart, body, and mind instantly. The witty banter starts right away, and this is where Hart never fails to hook me in. The dialogue, both internal and external, always allows for the reader to feel like they’re a part of the characters’ world. The vibrant characters always manage to feel so real. Carly is sassy and isn’t afraid to say what’s on her mind. She is an absolute riot. I really enjoyed the chemistry between Carly and Zeke, and a lot of that rolled over from the first standalone book in the series, Being Brooke. I felt like I already had a sense of who these characters were, and I knew the foundation of their relationship. But being fully immersed in their story was a whirlwind. I didn’t expect the intensity and sexual chemistry that was bursting off the pages. The sexual tension was through the roof and present from the start. They’re truly a perfect match. That’s where the fun and playfulness of the novel comes in. I knew right away that these two characters were meant to be, but them acknowledging it and giving in to their feelings was an entertaining journey. It’s not all belly laughs—though there is plenty—because the story does contain emotion and a whole lot of sexiness too. Overall, CATCHING CARLY was a red-hot, high-spirited quick read.
Jenny_B_AZ More than 1 year ago
And once again Emma Hart had me laughing out loud as I read this book. The banter and sass of Zeke and Carly was hilarious and I couldn't get enough of their little comments and nicknames. Throw in a little sexual tension between the two and it is over the top! There were so many times I was laughing hysterically and then a pages later just when I gained control over myself it would happen again. Must read for everyone (although do yourself a favor and read the first one) but only if you are looking for a book that truly makes you laugh out loud
mrsdiddy More than 1 year ago
5 Stars! So, you know those books you love, the ones with the snarky heroine and the hero who is kind of a jerk, but you can’t help but love him. Okay, good. Now, take that book and times it by a hundred and you have the fun brilliance that is Catching Carly. Carly Porter’s life is a mess of her own making. She’s a self-proclaimed a&%)@(e, an awesome best friend and she’s lonely. Now that her two BFFs, Brooke and Cain, have finally admitted their feelings and are happily in love, Carly is feeling a bit left out. She is also fighting a raging case of regret after sleeping with Cain’s sexy, older brother, Zeke. Zeke was engaged to be married two years ago, only to find his fiancée in bed with his friend two weeks before their wedding. Needless to say, Zeke lacks in the trust department, especially when it comes to women. But, ever since that drunken night of sex with Carly Porter, he can’t get her out of his head. Only problem…they hate each other. So, if you only minutely like Emma Hart’s books (and if that is the case, what the heck are you thinking???), Catching Carly is hard not to love. Carly is funny, sassy, snarky, honest to a fault and she can’t see to control her mouth from saying what her brain is thinking. It is absolutely hysterical. Her interactions with everyone cracked me up. Zeke is, as I said above, a jerk, but a lovable one. He is kind of a mess, himself, what with the trust issues and lingering attraction to Carly and all. Their hate for each other runs hot like their true feelings. The book literally simmers with their feelings. You’ve got Carly and Zeke who are so attracted to each other both trying to deny their feelings. Then you have outside interference from, well, everyone else, because they’ve all figured out that Carly and Zeke love each other. You put this all together and you get a laugh out loud funny book about letting go and giving in. With Hart’s signature snarky, in your face writing, this book is sure to be on your favorites list faster than you can say Carly.
StephB More than 1 year ago
Catching Carly is another amazingly written book by Hart. Her characters are witty, sarcastic and funny. I'm in love with Carly and Zeke because their love story is real life love. You're not reading an unrealistic story full of hearts, flowers and perfect people. Which is why Emma's books are amazing to read. Note, I did request and receive an advanced copy of this book for purposes of writing an honest review.
KrissysBookNook More than 1 year ago
I didn’t think you could find a more lovable hot mess than Brooke Barker in the previous book but Carly Porter is certainly that. A lovable HOT mess. I worried about her in the previous book because I could foresee her becoming the dreaded third wheel in the Brooke-Cain-Carly best friendship and my suspicions are confirmed as we begin Carly’s story. That is until Cains older brother Ezekiel, (Zeke) crashes into Carly’s life and makes the perfect fourth wheel. Carly and Zeke are mutually snarky-but-adorable characters. That combined with their love-hate feelings for each other made for some wicked hot love scenes. I appreciate when an author pulls back the curtain and writes characters as real people with actual flaws. Carly and Zeke are far from perfect but it’s the way that they accept each others flaws that make them perfect together. We see a lot of Brooke and Cain in this book too. Brooke appears to still be competing for the “Most Messiest of Hot Messes” title with Carly but her successful business and happy relationship with Cain are keeping her slightly above the hot mess line. I found her meddling adorable (and funny) rather than annoying and I loved being able to see more of her and Cain in this book. It’s like reconnecting with old friends when you see past characters from the series in a book. I give Catching Carly 5 out of 5 Krissy’s Stars. I can’t imagine where author Emma Hart will go from here in Barley Cross with the next book in this series. It will be tough to top both Brooke and Carly but if anybody can do it, Emma can. Xo-K *I was generously given an advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
CoffeeGoddessTK More than 1 year ago
Carly Porter has been besties with Brooke Barker and Cain Elliot for years. But, Zeke, Cain's big brother? Not so much. More like frenemies, with the emphasis on enemies. Except for that one time, the time that Carly and Zeke, well, you know... I was ready for CATCHING CARLY the minute that I finished BEING BROOKE. I fell in love with Brooke, Carly, and their crazy families from the small town of Barley Cross, GA, and wanted more ASAP. Well, thank you, Emma Hart, for feeding my addiction, and for doing so with such a sexy, lively, laugh-out-loud book. I couldn't have pictured a more perfect story for Carly and Zeke, and I loved every single word. Trying to keep the 'hook-up that never happened' firmly in the past and convince herself and everyone else that she can't stand Zeke is a lot of work. Mostly because, whenever the two of them are in the same vicinity, it's like spark central. Seriously, the chemistry between these two is in-your-face hot, and a lot obvious. And, I mean, really, why fight it? When you find someone that has your number the way that Zeke has Carly's, it's all over anyway. If they can weather the online dating hell, crazy senior citizen parties, and persistent exes, and still come out wanting to spend time together, it's meant to be. Emma's sassy snarky dialogue and quirky and one-of-a-kind characters are on point here, as usual. If a book has me laughing so hard that family members come running to see what's so funny, it's a winner, and CATCHING CARLY had me laughing a lot. And, let's not forget the steam factor. Emma's got that down to a science, and she did not hold back. I think that I may have mentioned that the connection between Carly and Zeke is pretty combustible? Well, yeah, so keep that fan handy, because you're going to need it... As expected, CATCHING CARLY is 4.5 stars' worth of love, laughter, and HEA that I would not hesitate to recommend to other readers. I'm looking forward to seeing more of Barley Cross and the people that live there from Emma, because these characters are just wonderful.
Yamikirky More than 1 year ago
Romantic comedy that will make you swoon and laugh out loud "If this kiss is a battle and tongue is his weapon, then his passion is his army.” Catching Carly is one of the most entertaining enemies to lovers story I have ever read. It is a standalone romantic comedy that will have you laughing out loud at an uncontrollable rate- I was on the verge of peeing my pants on so many occasions, essentially when the grand-parents made an appearance in the story. Carly’s online dating experiences provided the readers with amusement. Carly is a sassy heroine who has no filter and says out loud what she thinks in her mind. She is funny, hilarious… you name it- I so want to be her friends. When the trio is reunited – Brooke, Cain and Carly- it put a smile on my face as I felt like I was part of the gang again. Carly slept with Cain’s brother but she hates Zeke , like hates the guts out of him! But us readers, we all know that there is a fine line between hatred and love ;-) “Unattached. He’s unattached to almost everything and everyone outside of his family and closest friends.” Zeke could charm the pants of anyone. I love his interactions with Carly. His cheekiness and his insecurities made him very appealing and sexy as hell! Carly drives him absolutely insane and he doesn’t know how to act around her or her dog LOL She is unpredictable ! Reading this was just like being inside Carly 's mind, it was very spontaneous. Something in every chapter made me laugh, and the book was nearly impossible to put down. Catching Carly is , without a doubt, the perfect blend of romance and comedy. The story wasn't complex or anything heavy and was a perfect light read any day or time, but maybe not anywhere because you're going to laugh a lot ! LOVED IT!
SusanReads1 More than 1 year ago
Let me tell you that this book is hysterically funny!!! Like so funny that you can't begin a bad mood when you read it! Carly is snarky, sassy, funny and so very likeable. From Carly's dating disasters to Grandma's birthday party I laughed so hard I was lucky I didn't choke or stop breathing. The banter between Carly and Zeke is filled with sexual tension and innuendo. She swears she doesn't like him, but tho dost protest too much, to be believed! Zeke can be arrogant, but he also knows how to turn on the charm. The road to a happily ever after for Carly and Zeke isn't a smooth one. It is filled with speed bumps, but they will all leave you laughing.
Sara_Sue More than 1 year ago
This woman... everytime I think I can't love one of her books more than the last Hart proves me wrong. This book was so hilarious! Seriously it is off the charts! I am just seriously running out of way to tell people how utterly hilarious Emma Hart’s books are! I don’t know where she comes up with this stuff but I hope it never ends!! I fell for Carly hard in Being Brooke. I mean, these girls… the things they say and do… they are just side-splitting funny! Carly was just so determined to have what Brooke and Cain have. Even with this being an amazing RomCom… there were some things that rung true. It was really fun to see everyone trying to figure out how to live with their new normal. Carly feels like a total 3rd wheel and I can see that. Everything has changed for this trio of besties! I knew Zeke and Carly were going to be a hot mess! I was so not disappointed in them! Carly is fierce in what she wants and isn’t willing to settle for anything less than perfection! Zeke was fantastic! He was so cocky and arrogant but he had this vulnerable side to him that made him irresistible! The fear of commitment was strong with him and that’s pretty understandable. Carly’s the first to make him question his fear. The banter between Carly and Zeke was amazing… there was so many quotes that I could place in here now but I don’t want you to read snippets… read this book! There was just so much quit wit and questionably funny antics. The friendships and heart in Barley Cross is unlike any other town. All I need now is Brooke and Carly to have babies… I just can’t even imagine how funny that book would be! I received an ARC of this book with the hope that I will leave an Unbiased Opinion. I was not required to leave a review, positive or otherwise, and my opinions are just that... my opinions.
Stacee2183 More than 1 year ago
Carly is pretty much everything I want to be when I grow up. She is snarky, sarcastic, kind and a bit of a b*tch. She and Zeke were made for each other. Their banter made me laugh out loud so many times, I had to leave the room so I didn't disturb anyone. Their story is probably one of my favorites. EVER. Great job Emma Hart!!