Catching Summer: A Second Chances Novel

Catching Summer: A Second Chances Novel

by L. P. Dover

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Catching Summer: A Second Chances Novel by L. P. Dover

Hailed by Heidi McLaughlin as a bestselling author who “knows how to create the men who make us swoon,” L. P. Dover returns with an edgy, emotionally gripping Second Chances novel about a beautiful widow who can’t resist a chiseled NFL player.
Former nurse Summer Jacobs has seen her fair share of suffering, but she never expected tragedy to hit so close to home. After watching her husband die in the MMA ring, Summer spends the next two years fighting her way through the darkness. The last thing she needs is another hardheaded athlete turning her life upside down. But that’s exactly what happens when she meets a gridiron star who’s as skilled at stealing hearts as he is at snagging passes.
Carolina Cougars wide receiver Evan Townsend usually has no problem winning fans, so he’s intrigued when Summer shoots down his go-to plays for winning a woman’s attention. Never one to back down from a challenge, Evan turns up the heat, setting off sparks that neither can deny. But as his slow seduction begins to chase away Summer’s pain, he gets the feeling that someone is desperate to keep them apart. Now Evan will do anything to protect her—because he never misses a chance to make a perfect catch.

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“L. P. Dover knows how to create the men who make us swoon, the book boyfriends we all want.”—New York Times bestselling author Heidi McLaughlin

Praise for Catching Summer
“L. P. Dover masterfully weaves together agonizing heartbreak and swoon-worthy romance with ultimate suspense. This second-chance love story had me flipping the pages from the very first scene, craving more with each twist and turn.”USA Today bestselling author L. B. Simmons
“A moving story of love and loss that will stay with you long after you finish reading.”USA Today bestselling author Kelly Jamieson

“[A] sweet and flirty contemporary . . . One need not be fan of football to fall head over heels for this spunky contemporary romance with elements of suspense.”Library Journal
“I’m so glad I picked up this book.”—The Book Disciple
“I love how this story is told. It gave me the feel of both characters and what they are thinking.”—Wicked Women Book Blog
“How does L. P. Dover manage it? I’ve read countless books by her and she still manages to suck me in right from the first few pages.”—Emmbooks

Includes a special message from the editor, as well as an excerpt from another Loveswept title.

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ISBN-13: 9781101967812
Publisher: Random House Publishing Group
Publication date: 04/05/2016
Series: Second Chances , #1
Sold by: Random House
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 246
Sales rank: 83,333
File size: 1 MB

About the Author

L. P. Dover is the New York Times bestselling author of the Second Chances series, the Forever Fae series, the Gloves Off series, the Armed and Dangerous series, and a standalone novel, Love, Lies, and Deception. She loves not only to write, but also to play tennis, hike in the mountains, go white-water rafting, and sing. A Southern belle with a former life in periodontics, L. P. Dover lives in North Carolina with her husband and two beautiful girls.

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Memories. I hated them. All I wanted was to forget the past and move on, but I couldn’t. Every time I closed my eyes, I could see it all as if it had happened yesterday. Sleep was not my friend. The second I’d drift off, I’d be taken back to that nightmare. I wanted to rip out my heart and throw it away so I wouldn’t have to feel the pain anymore. Or feel anything, for that matter. It was too much. I honestly didn’t know if I was going to live through it.

How could I when my whole life had been taken from me? To this day, even when I was awake, Austin’s shouts demanding that I be let go still echoed in my ears. All he wanted was to be recognized, to show the world how good a fighter he could be. Instead, he was lured into a deadly game, promised a life of riches and fame. I could still feel my captors’ fingers digging into my arms as they held me tight, whispering in my ears what they were going to do to me and to my husband. I was blindfolded at the time, but I could hear every damned thing that was going on. It was the exact moment I lost all faith in humanity.

I wanted to be strong, to believe that we would get out of it alive, but it was no use. Austin didn’t have a chance, and neither did I. All he had wanted was to be the best fighter in the UFC and to make something of himself, to finally earn the money to open up the restaurant he and his brother had been dying to start ever since they were young. Instead, our dreams scattered to the wind that day, gone for all eternity. I don’t know how many men were in the ring with him, but it had to have been at least three by the sounds of it. Fists hitting flesh, grunts of pain, and bones breaking were the noises of my nightmares. They were nightmares I could never escape from. The endless torture never ceased.

“Summer? Are you okay?”

My sister’s voice broke through the memories, but it wasn’t enough to snap me out of it. Lara had tried desperately to help me, to talk to me in hopes it would ease my pain. She was my twin sister, and with a bond like that she was sure she’d have the healing touch to help me forget. But her soothing words were no match for the evil tainting my soul. Nothing helped, not even when I sold our house in Georgia to move back to North Carolina. Our parents lived in Virginia and had tried to get me to move in with them, but I couldn’t escape from my demons no matter how far I moved away.

I could still hear Austin choking on his own blood, begging them to let me go. The men taunted him about how they were going to have fun with me when he was dead. I’d tried to hold in my screams because I knew it would only torment him more to know that I was scared. My arms were covered in bruises for weeks after the attack. The trauma made me forget, and for a while my memories had escaped me, but they came back with a vengeance. While in the hospital, I had no clue who I was or what had happened. It was like I didn’t exist.

Sometimes I wanted to go back to that, to be in a state of ignorant bliss where the memories couldn’t haunt me. It wasn’t until Mason Bradley, a friend of mine and Austin’s who also happened to be an undercover cop, showed up and sparked my memory that it all came back to me. Mason found Austin’s murderers and brought them to justice, almost losing his own life in the process. I would always be grateful for what he did for me, but nothing was going to bring Austin back.

Lying broken and beaten in the hospital bed, I’d wanted my life to end so that I could be with Austin again, to see his smiling face and feel his arms around me. We didn’t have any kids, so it wasn’t like I had anything at home waiting for me other than my sister. With his last dying breath before the final blow took him away from me, Austin had shouted that he loved me.

“Summer, come back to me,” Lara cried, shaking my shoulders.

Gasping for air, I looked down at my hands, which were bloody. Tears streamed down my cheeks and my hands shook as I lifted them. “What happened?”

Lara frowned. “You had another episode. As soon as I heard the glass break, I came up here.”

Tears blurred my vision, and I could feel the shards of glass stuck into the palms of my hands, but there was no pain. It was all in my chest. “What did I break?”

Swallowing hard, she glanced toward the corner where my wedding picture with Austin lay mangled, the glass shattered and the frame broken. “Oh my God, what did I do?” Sobbing, I crawled over the broken glass and held the picture to my chest. Lara sat with me and pulled me into her arms.

“Shh, it’s okay. We’ll get you a new one.”

“It won’t be the same,” I cried. “Nothing will ever be the same.”

She rubbed her hands soothingly down my back. “I know they won’t, but you have to get through this. It’s been six months and you’re worse now than you’ve ever been. I don’t think talking to me is helping. You’re barely eating or sleeping.”

I pulled away from her. “So what are you saying? That I need psychiatric help?”

Her voice softened and she regarded me with those sad blue eyes of hers. It was the first time I’d really looked at her in months. We looked exactly alike with golden blond hair, heart-shaped faces, and blue eyes, but she was never one to be sad. My pain was rubbing off on her, and I could see the effects of it in her face. It only made me feel worse. Selfish.

Her eyes misted over, but she held back her tears—always the strong one. “All I’m saying is that you might want to consider talking to a therapist. I can’t stand seeing you like this. Austin wouldn’t want it. He would want you to live your life and find happiness again.”

“He was my life, Lara.”

“You’re right, he was. Now you need to live a new one. He’s always going to be a part of you. What you need to focus on now are the good times you shared and not the bad.”

I looked down at my wedding picture, at the man I thought I’d be with for the rest of my life. Shaking my head, I traced his smile with my finger. I’d give anything to be able to see him again. I missed his touch and the way he’d held me protectively in his arms. He’d always known what to say to make me feel better if I was having a bad day. How could I find that kind of happiness again?

“I don’t know if I can do that,” I whispered.

Lara lifted my chin and smiled. “That’s what you have me for. You can do this, Summer. I have faith in you. Now let’s get your hands cleaned up.”

She helped me to my feet, and I finally got a glimpse of my room. Other than the photo, there was no trace of Austin anywhere, not since I’d moved out of our home. His brother, Grayson, had most of his things because I couldn’t bear to look at them. I used to be strong like Lara. I needed to be that person again, but I didn’t know how to find her. She had died six months ago.

“Will I ever get back to normal?” I asked softly.

Lara took my wrist and pulled me gently into the bathroom. “Yes, I promise. You just have to have faith.” She turned on the faucet and stuck my hands underneath the running water.

Closing my eyes, I let the warm water glide over my torn skin. Please God, if you can hear me, I need your help.

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Catching Summer: A Second Chances Novel 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 48 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
1st book I've read from this author, have to say I am hooked. What a great read. Love me some football. Looking forward to the 2nd book in this series, Defending Hayden. :)
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Another great book by the author.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Nice try but not realistic. The authors lack of understanding as to how an NFL franchise works leaves an appalling gap in the realistic events of this story, Such a shame.
Shanrock19 More than 1 year ago
I haven't read any of Dover's books previous, so I wasn't quite sure what to expect, but I ended up enjoying Catching Summer. Summer has had a tough go of it since her husband was murdered and she was forced to watch, and after being in therapy for years, she's finally in a place where she feels to is ready to start moving forward with her life. Evan is a pro football player, who has had feelings for Summer for awhile now, but was warned away from pursuing Summer by her sister because Summer was still in a fragile state, so he's held off, but now that Summer is ready to move forward, she and Evan begin a relationship. I did feel like their relationship progressed a little too fast, but I thought they were really sweet together, and Evan treated Summer really well. The intimate scenes were quick, but steamy, and I like that they don't play games with each other; both of them are honest when things come up in their lives that would cause tension if withheld, so that is definitely refreshing. As the couple continues to grow together, someone has it out for Evan, and is causing complications in his life. I had a feeling who was after Evan from early on in the book, but I still liked the mystery of the storyline, and was surprised how far the events actually went. I enjoyed Summer and Evan together; they were adorable! I do look forward to reading more by Dover, and although Lara, Summer's twin sister, didn't quite click with me, I'm interested to see how her story progresses, and I'd like to read the previous book about Kate and Cooper, so I'll definitely have to check them out!
ChillingTaz More than 1 year ago
L.P. Dover writes an emotional packed story of Evan Townsend and Summer Jacobs in Catching Summer. Summer lost her husband and his slowly regaining her life back after two years. Evan has been wanting Summer forever, and is finally ready to make his move. After many twist and turns Evan and Summer find their love. Dover can make you smile and cry within the same chapter.
Linda_RochesterNY More than 1 year ago
*ARC received from Random House Publishing Group in return for an honest review* The horrors Summer survived which resulted in the death of her husband, are heartbreaking. Her new romance with football star Evan is sweet and sexy until suddenly Evan becomes the target of person or persons unknown. Catching Summer is a really good romantic suspense story that kept my interest all the way through. The story never got bogged down or boring. The characters are all interesting and I want to know all of them better. This book is a great read and I can't wait to read the rest of the series.
TheBunny1 More than 1 year ago
***ARC Provided by the Publisher and NetGalley*** I wanted to like this one more than I did. The story was good, for the most part, and held my mild curiosity (hence the 2 stars which may be more than it actually deserves). The characters had potential, but unfortunately, there were some issues both with the plot and the actual construction of the novel that kept me from being able to fully engage. 1. The dialog- it was stiff and unnatural and I could not see real people making the statements. The locker room scenes especially...I did not believe 2 men were talking to one another. 2. The writing- choppy and unclear in some places. The POV was from both Evan and Summer, but written almost in the 3rd person, so it was sometimes hard to tell who was speaking. There was also no discernible difference in the 2, so it felt like one book with one narrator, which makes the POV awkward. 3. The plot with Jax and Lindsay- this was not believable to me...maybe that a cheerleader would behave in this manner, as most cheerleaders are part-time. However, I did not believe a player who had made it to the NFL would behave in the manner he did and risk his career. I know it happens with players, but not for the flimsy reason given in this. 4. The entire plot with the therapist Summer was seeing was not only unnecessary, but would have actually made her question her entire recovery and therapy process...which was somehow not addressed. You don't find out something like this about the therapist you were seeing for 2 years without it shaking who you are and the recovery you have made...yet this was not even really addressed. 5. The whole nurse don't just "pop" back into nursing, no matter who you know, after you have left the profession. The idea that an NFL team would let her work with them (although not actually sure what she ever did other than take some classes) to keep her nursing license current was ridiculous. I may have been more bothered than others by this because I work in a healthcare field, but still. I think this book gets bogged down under the lack of totally believable plot and choppy writing. I think better writing would have carried the plot in a more convincing manner...and a less shaky plot would have made the writing issues less glaring.
astroyic More than 1 year ago
Catching Summer captured my attention at the beginning with a rather descriptive narrative of a brutal murder of Summers' husband Austin who was the love of her life and was a MMA fighter. A horrific game for someone's viewing pleasure in the illegal underground of the MMA world. Not what I was really ready to read about. We then skip ahead two and a half years where we find Summer living with her twin sister Lara and managing a bar/ restaurant with her husbands' brother and her sister trying to make her late husbands' dream come true. Summer has also been undergoing counseling to help her get through her grief and the darkness that has been present since the death of her husband. Enter Evan Townsend who is the brother of their neighbor Kate as well as a NFL Football player for the Carolina Cougars. Now I really like Evan he is all about Summer and he has been in the wings since he met her, wanting to get to know her better. But then when the author has Summer going to get caught up on her Nursing skills at the Football stadium just a little to far fetched for me. There are some twists and turns in this story that I felt were again a little over the top and not needed. I would have loved more insight into Summer and Evans story. It seemed that the flow of the conversation was not natural as well as a fast progression from no dating to in a serious relationship. I am all about a great romance and although I was glad they got their HEA, I didn't think I was signing up for all this darkness. Received a complimentary copy through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
weluvdopey More than 1 year ago
Great Book! This is a great book; this is the sixth book in the Second Chances series by L.P. Dover. Summer Jacobs has tried to get her life back on track. She is now the owner of a prestigious restaurant. She is trying to live her dream after her husband was killed in the MMA ring. Evan Townsend is the local NFL star and he is determined to catch her heart. If you are looking for a great book then you need to read this one. I am looking forward to the next book by this great author. A Review copy was provided to me in exchange for a fair and honest review. The free book held no determination on my personal review.
CCarroll More than 1 year ago
I enjoy a book that involves a different twist than what you normally see in a romance novel. This one involves some dark activities and a little bit of suspense. I was a little worried when this book started out. I was actually somewhat taken aback with the darkness and in-depth description of a murder. Where I can understand the author setting it up the plot, some of the description is a bit harsh for a romance. However, the first part of the book was the best part of the book in my opinion. While I love the story and the development of the plot, it seemed that halfway through the book something changed and maybe the author was just in a hurry to get it done. I'm not sure what it is but I never really felt overly connected with the two main characters. I enjoyed the feelings that Evan felt for Summer and he treated her right. Plus there was some delicious scenes too! He was a sweetheart and totally swoon worthy, but Summer was a different thing for me. I just never connected with her for some reason. I had never read any of the other books in the series, although this is the sixth book in the Second Chances series so I don't have anything to compare it to. But I hope in future publications the author may take a little bit longer in developing and expanding the story so that the reader has a better buy in. This is the first book I have read by this author and with the fact that she has over 50 works out there, I am surprised! While this one did not hit it out of the park for me, I still enjoyed the storyline and will definitely check out other books by her.
Lab228 More than 1 year ago
I have read a number of books by this author and this one does not disappoint. I have loved every one of them. Even though it says it is the 6th book in the series, you do not need to worry. This can be read as a stand-alone. It has been two years since Summer was viciously attacked and forced to watch her husband die in the ring. He dreamed of opening their own restaurant one day. In the two years since his death, she has been able to honor his dream by opening a restaurant. Summer is also a nurse. To keep her license active she agrees to help her friend by being part of the medical team for the Carolina Cougars, NFL team. Evan, who is on the Cougars team, has always had an attraction towards Summer. But he knew he had to give her time to heal after the death of her husband. So after two years, she is ready to try to start moving on. So now all bets are off. Evan slowly makes his way into Summer’s heart. These two are great together and you can feel their connection. It pulls you in emotionally. There is great dialogue between them and not a lot of inner turmoil. This is not your “insta-love” relationship. They have actually known each for years but start their romance starts off slow and builds up to intimacy. It is told from alternating POV. As they become closer though, someone is determined to pull them apart. So you have a little mystery involved as well. Story line is realistic. When I think of books by this author I think of feel good books. I look forward to reading more by this author.
micharch More than 1 year ago
Summer has been going through the motions for the past 2 years after losing her husband, Austin, in a horrific manner which also caused her to receive both physical and mental harm. Summer has moved back home and started a restaurant with her former brother-in-law, Grayson. Evan is a football player and the brother of her sister's best friend, Kate. Summer starts to have feelings for Evan and starts to step out of her comfort zone. I did like how Evan offered to back off if Summer became uncomfortable with their relationship. I liked the book but their insta-love after not really knowing each other for 2 years was a bit of a stretch for me. How quickly "I Love You" was exchanged was astounding. Also, the twists in the story, while good, where somewhat non-believable. I was also at a loss at how everyone just assumed Evan was the one in danger. The ending was nice but a bit rushed for me.
LoraJ More than 1 year ago
4 out of 5 stars Summer Jacobs has faced unbelievable hells in her life. She’s trying to recover from those and is doing a pretty good job, but meeting Evan Townsend is the key to her new life. I enjoyed this story so very much. This is my first book by Ms Dover and I can promise that it won’t be my last. She has a refreshing writing style and made it easy to fall in love with the characters...not just Evan & Summer, but all of them. (((I’m especially eager to see how things work out with the best friends in the next book… least I hope they get the next book!))) I enjoyed that this story wasn’t just about consummating a relationship. It wasn’t just about lust, but really finding love and making love all that it can be. Evan is patient and Summer is ready. They come together to form a great bond. There is a twist, but unfortunately I totally saw it coming from the very beginning which is why I only gave the book 4 instead of 5 stars. It was a great twist and I enjoyed the book that much more for having it, but I just wasn’t surprised enough. I highly recommend this book if you’re looking for a read that will make you fall in love with the main characters as well as the supporting ones. And even though this was part of stand-alone series, I never felt like I was missing anything having not read the other books….that being said, I’m off to find the others and read them, too.
BOOKFLIRTS More than 1 year ago
Holy hot mess of emotions! It was like I was watching a movie on Lifetime, and I totally needed tissues and a tub of ice cream to go with it. This is only the second book I have read from LP Dover and I was even more impressed with it than the first (and I gave that one 5 *WINK*!). I was once again hooked with the the prologue alone and needed to know more about Summer. Her heart wrenching past made it for an interesting foundation to build a new life. This new life just happen to include the companionship of Evan. A total football playing bachelor who I got a taste of in Intercepting Love. His protective nature and boyish charm had me swooning at every half smile! Their chemistry had me blushing and I felt a strong connection to not only them, but even the secondary characters. So much so that I completely broke down and had an ugly cry moment. I couldn't believe what I had read and my heart was completely shattered. Then a twist that I didn't see coming!! (Which is rare for me) I can not express how much you need to read this book, so just go do it and thank me later! BEYOND 5 *WINK* READ Book Flirts by Jessi
Lori-Gonzo More than 1 year ago
Wow! Talk about a heavy read. My heart went out to Summer right from the prologue after all she dealt with. What a strong lead female character! And then we were introduced to Evan. Hello Evan! What a smoking hot, protective, considerate and patient man. He had me swooning from the beginning. The way he flirted with Summer and pursued her, she really never had a chance. He helped her heal and she gave him stability. The suspense part of the story was well written and a little shocking as to how far the craziness went. I had my suspicions and then found the truth. Great storyline! I loved the secondary characters and now want to go back to read the other books in the series, especially Kate and Cooper. I really need Derek's story after what he went through. And I would love to know how Lara and Grayson's story will play out. I received this book in exchange for an honest review from Netgalley.
Jill_S More than 1 year ago
Catching Summer by LP Dover is a second-chance romance that has romance, suspense and utterly swoon worthy moments. In other words just a great captivating story! Catching Summer is part of the Second Chances series, but it is an interconnected standalone (all of the books in the series are!) And it truly can stand on its own two feet. I haven’t read all of this series (though next week when I am lying around after surgery seems like an excellent time for a binge read!) and I never felt lost or like I was missing out on anything! But characters from previous book in this series and others, definitely make an appearance – which I always eat up! The characters are really just used here as true side characters that add depth to the story and help to move it along. And probably make you want to get them a little bit better Now let’s talk our main characters… Summer and Evan. Summer has had a rough go of it the last couple of years. She was there and witnessed her husband brutally die in the MMA ring and has been in a dark place ever since. It is now two years later and she is just starting to peek her head out of the lonely, scared place she had been in. Enter hottie Evan – wide receiver in the NFL, and brother of her friend and neighbor. Evan has been captivated with Summer from the very beginning but has kept his distance while she came back to herself. He is so protective of her, I just loved watching it, even before anything romantic developed between the two. The way they ended up coming together… it was so easy to see why they were just right for each other, and I so enjoyed sitting back and watching it happen. While this IS a romantic suspense, much of this book was also about finding yourself and finding love again. It was both sweet, and hot and then all of a sudden BOOM! And you had a huge curveball thrown at you! Enter the suspense part! Dun dun dun… Someone doesn’t seem to want Summer and Evan together. But who are they after and why? This kept me guessing! And even when I thought I knew.. I just didn’t really want to believe it! I absolutely recommend this read! And I personally can’t wait for the next! I received a complimentary copy of Catching Summer in exchange for my honest review.
stylnunicorn More than 1 year ago
This was such a fantastic book. I loved this whole series so much because each book is standalone. There is a downside to this series, the book typically has such a sad and pivotal moment in the characters lives in order for them to get on a alternative path. This author knows how to reach down deep and really make the reader fall into the book similar to Alice falling down the rabbit hole. Once you start this book you are then totally under the arrest so to say by the author. I was unable to put the book down from beginning to end. The storyline was so heartbreaking yet this had a way of coming full circle into a very loving relationship. I would highly recommend reading this book and any other book that this author has ever written she doesn't hold back on the emotional factor. I received this book from netgalley in exchange for a honest and unbiased opinion.
KristinaSnyder More than 1 year ago
I want to start off by saying that I absolutely love L.P Dover's Second Chances series. I have come to adore and love the characters in each and every one of these books. When I found out that L.P Dover was going to do a story on Summer and Evan, I couldn't wait to get my hands on this one. Catching Summer was full of twists and turns that had me begging for more. I could not put this book down. Each chapter left me wanting more. Catching Summer was told in both Summer's and Evan's POV. I was able to get an inside peak on how they really felt and and so on. Being inside their heads helped me connect with both characters on a deeper level. I was also very excited to see secondary characters from previous books in this series pop in so I can keep track on what they have been into!!! Summer lost her husband in a very tragic way. She loved him deeply so trying to come to terms with that was basically impossible for her. Going to therapy for a couple years seems to help her come out of her shell a little. She started working with Kate on taking care of the football team. Therefore, taking care of Evan as well. Evan has always had a thing for Summer. He never thought he had a chance. Now that she was becoming who she used to be, Evan steps in and claims what it his. And he protects what is his fiercely. I loved Summer's and Evan's relationship. They really and truly cared about each other. Evan did whatever he could to keep Summer from going back to that dark place. He brought her light. Catching Summer was a fantastic second chance story that I will definitely have to add to my collection. This a definite reread!!! Full of tragedy, yet full of love. Once you start this book, trust me, you will not want to put it down. I know from reading L.P Dover's books that I need to expect the unexpected. This is a MUST read!!!!!
Crystal61 More than 1 year ago
This story hooked me at the beginning. It starts off so dark but is a story of survival and moving on. I loved Summer's strength to climb out of her dark place. Evan is a great guy, biding his time. Summer struggled through her loss with the help of her sister. After two years, she realizes that she had more support than that. Her friends were there as well. Evan is one of those friends. He had cared about Summer for a long time and patiently waited for her. Feelings build and love blooms. Someone is trying to keep them apart. Danger follows Summer once again. Will they find out who it is in time? I recommend this story.
ButtonsMom2003 More than 1 year ago
Not what I was hoping for. Catching Summer is the 6th book in the Second Chances series but it can be read as a stand-alone. I haven’t read any of the other stories but it wasn’t necessary to read them before reading this one. This is the first book I’ve read by L.P. Dover and it’s told in alternating first person point of view. I wish I could say I really liked this book but it just didn’t work well for me. I’ve read many good things about books by this author so I’d be willing to read another one even though I didn’t really enjoy this one that much. The “second chances” romance trope is one of my absolute favorites so I was eagerly anticipating reading this one and was disappointed when, for me, it didn’t live up to the things I’d read about it. I found the writing to be a bit choppy and I didn’t feel any chemistry between the heroine and Hero. Even the sex scenes didn’t seem that great. Yes, there was a fair amount of dirty, sexy talk but it just didn’t feel right; it almost felt forced. And there didn’t seem to be any real tenderness between the h and H. There was mystery and suspense in this story but I was able to spot the bad guy way too easily. I think I would have enjoyed the book more if it had been shorter; there was a lot of unnecessary stuff that I didn’t feel added anything to the main story. I did feel a lot of compassion for Summer and what she went through with her first husband. She has made an admirable comeback from a really bad situation. I’ve given the book 3 stars, rounded up from 2.5 because I finished it and because I know how hard authors work to produce their stories. I don’t really like to leave less than glowing reviews. Book ratings are always subjective so while this book isn’t a favorite for me you might disagree and love it. *****Reviewed for Xtreme-Delusions*****
PennieM More than 1 year ago
This is a second chance romance with so much loss and heart ache but then even more love and finding a new way in life. There were many twists and turns to keep us guessing until just about the end. Summer and Evan forged a special love which surpasses what she had with her husband who was murdered and even though forces are trying to separate them they will stand strong through it all. **Received this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review**
ali_reads More than 1 year ago
This is the sixth book in the Second Chance series. I have yet to read the rest of the series, but I am definitely interested in checking out more of this series. Summer watched her husband die a horrific death and is still trying to get her life back together. She has done well in all areas except her love life. Evan a pro football player has been secretly in love with Summer and is aware of what Summer has been through. Evan gets his opportunity to spend more time with Summer when she signs on to be on the medical crew for the football time. Eventually, Evan and Summer get their HAE after several attempts are made on Evan's life adding a bit of a twist to the story. The supporting characters were great and I imagine it was fun for readers of the rest of the series to see them again. NetGalley ARC
Becca_Anne More than 1 year ago
Once again Ms Dover has managed to deliver a great read. With each flick of my wrist I would get more and more comfortable on the edge of my seat as Evan and Summer's story unfolded. At times throughout this book I would find myself running a different emotional race. I've cried my eyes out and then turned around and laughed so hard I'd cry. Other times I would find myself shocked and intrigued by the suspense that was unfolding in the story. This is the sixth book in her Second Chance Series but this book along with all the others can be read as a stand alone. Evan and Summer's story is one that I've been waiting many months for and I loved every minute of it. So, if you are into sexy football players, people getting second chances at love, or a book that will keep you glued to your spot until the last word has been read then this is the book for you. A definite must read that you won't regret taking a chance on.
IreneC More than 1 year ago
3.5 stars Catching Summer was a good read. I enjoyed watching the relationship develop between Evan and summer, they had great chemistry and both were likable/entertaining characters. Some of the drama I didn't care for but it didn't take away from my overall enjoyment. Overall a lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon, I highly recommend this book.