Catherin Hope's V Chronicles

Catherin Hope's V Chronicles

by C. B. Mantooth


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Biloxi is an up and coming town, with the title of Mini Las Vegas. For Catherin Hope it's all the same. She owns the strip club Pandora's Box in town. Being a madam of a strip club is hard enough, with titles of strip club owner-vampire to vampire hunter. Yes I didn't I mention, Catherin's a vampire. With everything on the line she meets an interesting older vampire who's in the mood for royalty. Will he be Catherin's demise or will she share the rein his queen.

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ISBN-13: 9781456751418
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 07/07/2011
Pages: 124
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.26(d)

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Catherin Hope's "V" Chronicles

Pandora's Box
By C.B. Mantooth


Copyright © 2011 C.B. Mantooth
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4567-5141-8

Chapter One

I had been here in Biloxi for its own small eternity. I needed a way to earn money and make myself known. A longtime friend of mine gave me an idea on how to earn money from humans. He introduced me to Anthony. He now is my business partner of our club-strip club that is. Tony and I did well for the establishment we decided to open. I put up the money and he gave his name. Well you see I am a vampire. And a real live-well dead descendant of Pandora. I know what you're thinking I'm going to tell you about her box but sorry to displease you the only thing I know or have about her box is my club. I named my strip club Pandora's Box.

My club and a pinkish tint in it there was track lighting all lined in my club. The biggest stage was a long rectangle about 9 feet. At the end of the rectangle there was a square a pole was lined in the middle of it. There were chairs that lined the stage. The dancer got on the stage by a stairs at both ends toward the wall. There was a door on the wall behind the stage-that went to the ladies dressing room and our offices. Anthony and my office was the same size. They were next to each other passed the three other offices.We had two managers, besides me and my co-owner Anthony; Dean and Bobby, there good kids. There are three bars in my club, one right to the left when you entered-that bar also had a mini stage next to it. There was one in the middle of the club further into the establishment. Behind that middle bar was the DJ booth the last bar was in the high roller section. Pretty basic lay out if you ask me. There was a ramp leading to the high roller section and even had its own host.

It was Saturday night, we just closed and I got change back into my business suit. I went out to the front of the stage and got the dance books out. Waiting for all the girls to come out and pay their rent. Rent for the weekends were 250 dollars. What can I say I wasn't greedy? By the way, rent is what you charge dancers to work at your club. They are all private contractors and you either charge them by the dance or rent. I charge them rent. With over 50 girls you just couldn't get greedy. Wendy a woman that I hung out with on my free time was buzzed on the money she made tonight. She was constantly chit chatting-I don't mind her pointless banter but the other girls seemed to be getting a little annoyed. I've known her for 5 years now. She in an odd way was a friend, maybe even a best friend.

You didn't come across to many of them. Being the undead was troubling enough, with title of Strip Club owner to Vampire-to Vampire hunter. I've been in Biloxi for its own small eternity. I've owned the club for the last 10. When Katrina hit, I was real reluctant to rebuild, but when I found out that the Hard Rock Casino was going to give another build after the storm I thought why the hell not.

My job as the club owner was always fun. I loved the club-I loved the girls. I always told them to go to school and make something of their dreams, but to be honest with you a lot of them don't. I'm not knocking on the girls who do though, touché to them.

Wendy would be joining me for after work entertainment. I'm sure she would be bringing home some party favors, I never ask these days. She always surprises me, in a good way. She doesn't ever do or say anything that would make me uncomfortable, but then again what really could with someone as old as me?

I would like to see my friend go to college but knew well enough that she didn't have the self-esteem it took to go off to school. I for seen her getting a job at the casinos later in life, when she was too old to dance. Unless I didn't turn her, which I did think about every now and then, she never led on that is what she wanted. I think that's why I so fond of her.

After I got home I got situated. Wendy always came in and went directly to her room to change. I'd have given her a room because she was over so much. My house was pretty big with 6 bedroom's 4 bath roomsand one level. The floor was tile. I had some oriental rugs laid out in the high traffic areas like the living room and dining room. The bedrooms were carpeted. You'd come up to my house from a gravel road to a paved half circle drive way. Then you were met by two red French doors. My house was cream stucco, with tons of plant life.

You'd walk in to a big foyer and to the left there was a door, which led to a hall that went into the kitchen. There was a wall on the right with a giant mirror. Also a table to place my shoulder holster and keys, I know what you're saying why a vampire would need a gun-well as much as you can run and fight another of your kind it's always easier to kill them with the help of something. Ripping out hearts could get a little messy sometimes; scratch that-all the time.

The hall to the right from the door had all the bedrooms down them. My bedroom was the last door in the hall. Wendy's room was the first on the left. Her room had a bath room in it and the room next to her had one too. The rooms on the right side of the hall shared a bathroom. Why does this all matter-well I'm trying to set the mood-chill out.

My living room or pallor was straight ahead. There was a fire place and a television mounted to the wall on the right. I had my collections of books on the far back of the wall. I had a lot of seating in my living area of browns with very vibrate pillows of reds and oranges. I guess it was my yearning to see the sun. I had a big back yard with a jacuzzi. Wendy seemed to love the back yard. It had a bed back there that was covered by anawning. I had a lot of flowers and plant life in the back yard as well. Wendy came out from here room in a skirt that was a sweat pant material and a tank top with a little plastic baggie in her hand.

"Check these out-I got these new pills from Mike the valet. He said they came from Miami. But I seriously doubt that. They're called pure gold. They're pretty yellow-probably really smacky." She held one up. I took it and popped in my mouth.

"Does it taste gross?" I made an ugly face and she started laughing. She got herself one out.

I was in the kitchen getting me something to eat. I was also in search of my cigarettes. I have to remember to pick some up next time I went to the store-also to get gas. There was something extremely wrong with a little woman pushing a big monster truck into a gas station. People would stare-well I guess it's not like they don't stare anyway.

"If you were hungry you should have let me know-I am always willing to offer my wrist for you." She smiled to me and I smiled back.

"How many girls were on tonight?" She asked quietly.

"There were 52 girls tonight. What do you think of the new girls?" I asked her. She walked to the microwave and brought out my bottle.

"Bottle or glass?" she said.

"Bottle is fine." She handed it to me with the cap loosened.

"Tracy that's the younger of the two, she's 18 and I don't think she'd ever seen a pair of stiletto's in her life. She's got a pimp so she's super jack up. I hate the way she talks and she gives us a bad name you should fire her." She said with kind of an attitude. But she was letting me take in what she said.

I don't really get involved with my dancers lives. It's kind of a fluke I ended up Wendy's friend. This guy was giving her shit at the Black jack table while I was walking by, if he wouldn't have had spilt anything on me I don't think I ever would have said anything. I guess it was her lucky day. I recognized her immediately-she was one of my best girls. She's hard not to notice and remember.

"On the other hand Bailey is a pro. You don't have to worry about her she's making tons of cash already. Thanks a lot boss just more competition for me." She said it kind of laughing I looked up at her and she stuck her tongue out.

Wendy had nothing to worry about, she was about 5'8 which made her about amazon height with heels, had long red hair that was past her enhanced double-d breast. High cheek bones and thin nose thicker lips. Her eyes were a chestnut brown. She wore contacts every now and then to make them blue. I thought she was attractive in a slutty sort of playboy fashion.

Wendy was telling me about what the girls were bitching about and I wasn't completely paying attention. I just liked her company because she filled the silence with noise, and she wasn't afraid of being alone with me. Good girl. I finished my blood and placed it down. I didn't know if I should bring this up to my friend but what the heck.

"I felt his presence again tonight." I said it softly. I didn't really want to admit this. I had been in somewhat of a predicament. I always had this nagging feeling that someone was watching me and stalking me to some sense, which is annoying because I'm the one who hunts the vampires in town. His presence was strong-actually to be completely honest he's presences was the strongest I've ever felt-ever. I knew if he kept fucking with me I'd be out there to track him down. He would be easy to find too-with as strong as he allows himself to be felt. But then again he could be doing it all on purpose-pallor trick per se'. Hard to tell though vampires these days are way different than my day.

"Really, you seemed to be on guard tonight but I didn't even put two and two together. Hmmm, he's an old one huh." I never said he was old. "I wonder if he's hot." Boy Wendy was always one for vanity and money. She was a normal woman of these days if you ask me, unless you found a 24year old mom, priorities change. "You know what I mean Catherin? Usually the really old ones are old looking and withered and ugly. If he's been bugging you I would think he'd be hot. Since you're like a bronze goddess." She was teasing me. How did this little human woman get so comfortable to tease me? It made me a little happy she felt that comfortable with me. She's a no non-sense kind of woman and I liked that about her. She doesn't let anyone give her shit. Good for her.

"It's hard to say, he's never looked into a mirror while close to me. I know he's staring at the club. He's never gets close to the door." I gritted my teeth a little. I was intrigued none the less but it bugged the fuck out of me. I wanted to know this mystery man.

After an hour I started to feel the effects of my ecstasy pill. I opened my arms up to Wendy and she made her way over and placed herself in the middle of my legs. She leaned in to kiss me. I kissed her back. She was a soft kisser. She wasn't the aggressive type-I know she's very submissive. She reached down and caressed my breast softly. I could feel inside my legs tense up and a hard little knot form. I grabbed her breast hard. Her breasts were fake and almost too big for her body. But she was still sexy naked. I pulled her shirt over her head and she lifted her arms to let me. I unclipped her bra and laid her back and started to suck on her nipples. She was running her fingers through my hair. I reached up her skirt and she didn't have any panties on. He sex was moist and she had a hard little knot between her legs as well. I pulled up her skirt so it lies around her waist and she sat up with her elbows. I spread her legs and started kissing her thighs. He legs was quivering a little. She was ticklish so I had to get to business. I laid my tongue on the little hard knot in her legs and she let out a loud moan. She fell to lay flat on the couch. I had her one leg up and I inserted two fingers in her and she let out another moan. I was lifting her with each of my thrust of my hand in and out of her wet sex.

"You have to stop don't go so fast or you'll make me cum." Wendy protested to me.

"And why would that be a bad thing." I whispered back to her. She threw her head back and continues her protest quietly. Within a minute she was shaking and I felt a river on my hands and in my mouth. She's lucky I didn't have neighbors or we'd have cops here all the time. She got to her sense and sat up. I was glad to have done something nice for her. Within a half an hour she was at it with me again. She smiled to me.

"Now it's your turn." She said to me softly. I just smiled to her and laid back.

Chapter Two

When I got up today there were messages on my answering machine-what time was it? As I played it back it was my partner Tony, he was pissed because some of the Council was at the club. Shit! I got up and did my normal routine-I skip the shower because it would have taken too long to get my hair dry. I got out a dark maroon suit. Black tights laced up into a black garter, black fitted body suit. The top fit very nice against my fuller D breast. All my suits are all sexy suits. I didn't own anything that didn't look appeasing to the eyes.

When I got to the club and entered I saw the Council members there. Vivian and Cal were leaned towards each other in deep conversation. Dmitri was there looking so perfect with his older style suit, all in black. Like a reckless cowboy. He seen me first, he stood up as I was walking towards the table. When Vivian saw me she rose as well, and Cal followed right after her.

"My apologies, I don't know what I was thinking with not remember such an important engagement." Trying to sound as humble and empathic as possible, to be completely honest with you I could care less for these vampires, which the Council there were 12-here in front of me there were only 3. Well Dmitri was fine. He always made advances to me but I never knew if it was for himself of for the Council. I can't deny that I would feel guilty for not taking him up on his advances.

"Apology accepted Catherin." Vivian said to me like a bitch. I really didn't like this woman but she was after all another employer to me.

"What brings you down to Biloxi?" I was only curious. There was really nothing down here in Tri Area South for the Council members unless they came down here to take more money from me, which they seemed to enjoy.

"Have you found any one on the list that we faxed you?" Vivian asked.

"You're speaking of the bounty list?" I asked back.

"Yes that's the one my dear." She snickered to me. I really wasn't this vampire's dear, I'd really like to have a boxing match with this woman maybe I'd gain a little more of her respect.

"The term of endearments is really not necessary." I relayed to her.

"Thank goodness, I hate having to play nice." She was smiling a little so at least I knew she finally was being truthful to herself.

"To be honest with you, I haven't looked it over really, but what I did look over, you still have the same people on the list. Are they are hard to kill, or did you leave these vampires for me to kill?" I asked back trying not to let her take away my hospitality. Vivian leaned in and started whispering into Cal's ear, all I could think is wow so fucking professional. As the thought was bypassing my head Dmitri leaned in,

"You look great Catherin, Do you hunt regularly?" Dmitri whispered to me. I had to smile, not the most promising thing to do as a vampire but I loved smiling. I also liked to make the act of breathing, yes we didn't have to but it felt so freaking good to me.

"I do, I go to De Soto Nation Forest all the time." I whispered back to him. Dmitri looked disgusted for a moment.

"The glow isn't from hunting in your city?" He asked still in shock a little.

"You know as well as I do hunting humans is against the law and if I'm not totally wrong it's enforced by the Council 110 percent." I looked to him and winked. He smiled he was coming around.


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