Catholic Doctrine as Defined by the Council of Trent: Proposed as a Means of Uniting All Christians

Catholic Doctrine as Defined by the Council of Trent: Proposed as a Means of Uniting All Christians

by A Nampon SJ


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This work contains the decrees of Trent, which are expanded by the author to explain the Catholic Faith.
The reunion of all Christians into one fold under one shepherd has been the desire of all sincere Christians from the time of the first schisms in the Church. This book converted a man, who wrote the preface. This was published shortly before the First Vatican Council, which also sought to bring about the reunion of all Christians.
In translating the Council of Trent, I have translated an exposition of t.he Catholic Faith, indisputanly more perfect than that of Bossuet, and of which the author is the Church itself, assisted by the Holy Ghost. It is impossible for these definitions, impressed with the seal of divine authority and truth, to become more widely known, without producing the salutary effects which the Fathers of Trent had in view: that is to say, confirming Catholics ill the faith and the prejudices, doubts and errors of a great number of those who differ from us. That the beauty of our rites may be appreciated, I have presented what is better than the fictions of the most beautiful poetry, some pages faithfully translated from the Ritual and Pontifical. I have added the profession of faith of Pius IV., with the notes of tho theological faculty of Louvain, which has distinguished itself ill its contests against heresy.
The anathemas directed by the Council against those who attack our dogmas could not have been included in this work, if I had not made some mention of the errors of those teachers. I have therefore rapidly traced their genealogy, a task made easy for me by the labors of Bellarmine, Bossuet, Moehler, Dollinger, and others. At the same time I have spoken as little as possible of them, because such an enumeration, which could never be complete, and must always be disagreeable, would have been useful out to a small number, and repugnant to most, and would have transformed into a polemical treatise an exposition which I wished especially to make clear, brief, and kindly.
Composed of such elements, the work will, I hope, be of some use, first to Cathol1cs who wish to have a more than elementary knowledge of our doctrines, than to Protestants who are desirous of not protesting against the Council of Trent without being acquainted with the subject, and to those especially who wish to have done with this unhappy protesting.

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