Catholicism on Trial Series - Book 3 of 7 - The Bible Alone vs. The Virgin Mary - Revised

Catholicism on Trial Series - Book 3 of 7 - The Bible Alone vs. The Virgin Mary - Revised

by Roger LeBlanc

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It's a bold question but it must be asked because many believe it to be true. Is the "Catholic Image of Mary" a true representation of Mary? Or, is she actually a "Pagan Goddess" that was taken captive by the Catholic Church and "reconstructed" in order to oppress women?

Feminists, Protestants, and Pagans did not expect to come together to form an alliance against the very person of the Blessed Virgin Mary, but facts will speak for themselves. And given the level of tension in the Catholic Church over feminists' demands that the Church "ordain women", this trial will bring out what has been hidden in the feminists agenda for years, namely, a deep association with paganism.

In short, this trial will bring center stage for all to see the battle between "The seed of the Woman" and "The seed of Satan" in Technicolor. And colorful it will be. Facts will be demonstrated that will get under the skin of those who do not want their schemes exposed to the light of day. There will be insights into motivation and a Scriptural analysis of the most heated issues surrounding Marian doctrine. Assertions that women were ordained in the early Church will be explored, and Protestant accusations that Catholic rituals and doctrine,and Catholicism itself, are rooted in paganism will be flushed out.

And there should be no surprise to discover how important it was for feminists to strike first at marriage and the "evil nature of men" before they could attack Churchmen. But, perhaps most shocking is the ultimate reason that feminists attack Marian doctrine! Do they go beyond their demands of sexual license and independence? Does it all come down to a satanic attack on the Divinity of Jesus Christ and the inner life of the Most Holy Trinity?

The impact of this trial is far reaching, and it is impossible that it will proceed without great contention. But it will become unmistakably clear that the Dogmas of the "Immaculate Conception" and the "Perpetual Virginity of Mary" are seen by feminists as a form of rape by the "Patriarchy in Rome" and an obstacle to their sexual demands. And we will see if Mary's "heterosexual virginity" is a fortress which stands against their ultimate demand that lesbian and homosexual lifestyles be validated by the Church.

In addition, there are many who felt that the Catholic Church had abandoned its mission to convert all men and women to the Church since the days of Vatican II, but Pope Benedict XVI make it clear these people were mistaken in his recent "Clarification Note" on the "ecumenical mission of the Church". This clarification was like a shock-wave that went out from the epicenter in Rome to the world of Protestantism and non-Christian religions. And now, feminists and Protestants have threatened the "ecumenical position of the Catholic Church". They tell us that any future Marian dogmas will be the global death nail of ecumenism and the destruction of 40 years of "progress" since Vatican II. The mere thought that a Pope would actually consider pronouncing Mary to be the "Co-Redemptrix, Co-Mediatrix, and Advocate" of mankind as Dogma sends a chill down their spine.

Perhaps the best visual to depict the battle between the Catholic Church and the alliance (Protestants, feminists, and pagans) is to consider the difference between the "Ark of the New Covenant" and the "Ark of the Coven".

As you read this book you will find yourself living vicariously through someone in the courtroom. At times you may see yourself on the witness stand, and at other times you may see yourself as one of the attorneys or one of the jurors. But one way or the other, your religious convictions will be indelibly affected by the facts that will be presented in this trial.

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Publisher: Roger LeBlanc
Publication date: 03/22/2015
Series: Catholicism on Trial Series , #3
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About the Author

Mr. LeBlanc is a Pontifically Certified Catechist of the Vatican authorized by the Congregation of the Clergy in Rome, even though though he is not ordained to the Priesthood. This Series is for Catholics who seek to renew and deepen their faith, and is a powerful new tool for RCIA programs, Catechesis, families and individuals, college students, and for Evangelization, and is faithful to all the teachings of Rome. It is also for non-Catholics who wish to understand the basis for Catholicism from a Scriptural perspective.

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