Catholicism on Trial Series - Book 5 of 7 - The Bible and The Blessed Trinity - LIST PRICE REDUCED from $14.95. You SAVE 60%

Catholicism on Trial Series - Book 5 of 7 - The Bible and The Blessed Trinity - LIST PRICE REDUCED from $14.95. You SAVE 60%

by Roger LeBlanc

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Does Scripture support belief in the doctrine of the Trinity, or does such a belief turn people away from the One true God?

Catholicism, which is the fullness of Christianity, in its totality is rooted in Trinitarian doctrine which teaches that in the One God there is an unbroken unity of essence shared by 3 distinct Persons. These 3 Persons have existed from all eternity in the Godhead, but they are not 3 distinct Gods. The false belief that the 3 distinct Persons in God are 3 distinct gods is "Tri-theism" and this is actually "Polytheism", the belief in many gods. This false understanding of the Trinity is found in religions such as Mormonism. This false understanding of the Trinity, among other reasons, is why Mormons, among others, are not Christians.

Trinitarian doctrine as taught by the Catholic Church informs us that the 3 distinct Persons of the Trinity will never be confused with each other, or mingle with each other in their divine Persons. They are forever distinct from each other as Persons, even though they share the same nature and attributes as the One God from all eternity.

And if this be true then Trinitarian doctrine is the highest form of Monotheism (belief in One God) possible, and to reject the distinct Persons of the Trinity in the name of "Monotheism" is an attack on Monotheism itself.

Furthermore, can an argument be made to show the stamp of distinct Persons in the One God is reflected and found in creation itself? And did Christ come into this world not only to save man, but to tell us who the distinct Persons in God are, Him being one of them?

Even still, there are many who fail to understand what this doctrine is actually saying. They incorrectly assert that the Son MUST be the same Person as the Father because He is the same God, or that the Holy Spirit MUST be the same Person as the Father and the Son because He too is the same God. That is NOT what the doctrine teaches.

Nor is Trinitarian doctrine a statement of three different modes of presence of the ONE GOD. The notion that the Trinity is three different modes of presence rather than three distinct persons was condemned by the Catholic Church which it labeled as the heresy of "Modalism".

This trial revolves around whether or not Scripture can prove there are THREE DISTINCT PERSONS IN ONE GOD, and if so, is there evidence in Scripture that shows they worked together to save sinful men that we may come Home to the Father. Representatives of Catholicism are up to the task.

As you read this book you will find yourself living vicariously through someone in the courtroom. At times you may see yourself on the witness stand and at other times you may see yourself as one of the attorneys or one of the jurors, but one way or the other your religious convictions will be indelibly affected by the facts that will be presented in this trial.

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Publisher: Roger LeBlanc
Publication date: 12/18/2010
Series: Catholicism on Trial Series , #5
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About the Author

Mr. LeBlanc is a Pontifically Certified Catechist of the Vatican authorized by the Congregation of the Clergy in Rome, even though though he is not ordained to the Priesthood. This Series is for Catholics who seek to renew and deepen their faith, and is a powerful new tool for RCIA programs, Catechesis, families and individuals, college students, and for Evangelization, and is faithful to all the teachings of Rome. It is also for non-Catholics who wish to understand the basis for Catholicism from a Scriptural perspective.

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