Cats Miscellany: Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Our Feline Friends

Cats Miscellany: Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Our Feline Friends

by Lesley O'Mara
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Cats Miscellany: Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Our Feline Friends by Lesley O'Mara

Cats Miscellany provides readers with a fun collection of feline facts, anecdotes, and tales. In this truly fanciful work, author Lesley O’Mara has crafts a kaleidoscope of information which is sure to delight every cat lover. What happened when Charles Dickens discovered that his cat William was really a Williamina? How do you tell if your cat is truly fat? How long did it take one Florida housecat to track down his owners after they had moved to California?

Filled with heartwarming tales, historical anecdotes, unique quotes, and so much more, Cats Miscellany is sure to satisfy human curiosity the whole year round. Delightfully illustrated and beautifully designed, this quirky and entertaining book is the perfect gift for pet lovers and “ailurophiles” of any age.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781616083564
Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing
Publication date: 11/30/2011
Series: Books of Miscellany Series
Pages: 192
Product dimensions: 5.30(w) x 8.40(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

Lesley O’Mara lives in London, England, with her two rescued cats. In addition to leading a successful career in publishing, Ms. O’Mara has collected and compiled numerous anthologies of short stories about cats and dogs. Her most beloved collections include Best Loved Cat Stories, Great Cat Tales, and Classic Animal Stories.

Table of Contents

Introduction vi

Ten Reasons Why You Have to Own a Cat 2

Cat Lovers 4

Cat Ancestors 6

It's a Cat's World (1) 8

Some Cat Breed Facts 10

Cats' Bodies 12

Cats on Postage Stamps 15

The White Cat 17

Cats' Whiskers 18

Cat Trouble 20

Cats' Incredible Journeys (1) 23

Cats' Food 26

Famous Cat Owners (1) 29

Purring 34

Cats' Ears 35

Cat Naps 36

Top Cats 37

More Cats 40

Cats' Chat 41

Cats Versus Dogs 43

Cats and Milk 46

Having Kittens 47

Some Cat Behaviors 49

Cats' Curiosity 51

Some Cat Care 53

How to Litter Train Your Cat 54

Cats' Eyes 55

Gat and Mouse 57

Cat Fun 58

Hazardous Plants 60

Some Plants Poisonous to Cats (1) 61

Famous Cat Owners (2) 62

Catty! 66

Getting Rid of Fleas 67

Catnip 69

Photographing Your Cat 71

Catty Problems Solved 73

Cats Versus Humans 75

Not for the Squeamish 78

Some Famous Cats 79

Cats' Legs and Paws 83

Cats in High Office 85

Some Plants Poisonous to Cats (2) 90

Celebrity Cats 92

Cat Legends 95

It's a Cat's World (2) 98

Cats Skin and Fur 100

Cat Myths 102

Some Cat Luck and Lore 105

Some More Cat History 107

Nine Lives 110

Each Nation to its Own:Cat Superstitions 111

The Black Cat 112

Cats' Blood 114

More Lore: Cats and the Weather 115

Record-Breaking Cats 116

Cats' Noses 119

Some Plants Poisonous o Cats (3) 120

Miscellaneous Cat Facts 122

Everlasting Cats 124

Cats and Computers 125

How to Befriend a Cat 126

Famous Cat Owners (3) 128

Famous Aiiurophobes 132

Fat Cat: How to Tell if Your Cat is Overweight 133

Cats in Art 134

Cats in Ancient Egypt 138

A Few Cat Dangers 140

Cats in Advertising 142

Cats and Music 144

Cats' Mouths 146

Believe It or Not 148

Inventions for Cats 150

Cats' Tails 152

A Great Mouser 153

Cats and Birds 154

Cats' Incredible Journeys (2) 155

Cats at War 157

A Cat Hotel 160

Cat Tricks 161

American Cat Laws 163

How to Toilet Train Your Cat 165

Great Heights 167

The World According to Cats 169

Famous Cat Owners (4) 171

Cat Names 174

Other Cat Colors 175

It's a Cat's World (3) 177

Louis Wain 179

Some Plants Poisonous to Cats (4) 181

Chit C(h)at 182

Contrary Cats 183

How to Draw a Cat 184

Cats in Trees 185

Mincha 186

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