Cats Through History - An Illustrated A-Z

Cats Through History - An Illustrated A-Z

by Christina Hamilton


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An illustrated A-Z history of famous cat lovers and the names of their cats. From Cleopatra's CHARMAIN to Beyoncé's MASTER P; from John Lennon's TICH & Thomas Hardy's KIDDLEYWINKEMPOOPS to Harry Styles' DUSTY & Andy Warhol's 25 cats named SAM - this book is full of fascinating cat names and cat facts about cat lovers through history.

Not sure what to call your cat? Select a name from the Index and see which famous person chose it for their own cat.

"If you've ever wondered about famous cat lovers and their beloved cats, you'll enjoy this book." The Conscious Cat

"A delicious, delightful little book. Takes a side trip - through our love of cats - into the secret lives of some of the people we love, or perhaps, love to hate... " Marc Farre, Amazon US

"Should be in every cat lover's library. Fun and informative, a handy resource I'm certain you'll refer to again and again." Cat Chat With Caren & Cody

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ISBN-13: 9781497424449
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 03/25/2014
Pages: 192
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