Cattleman's Lament

Cattleman's Lament

by Robert Lubrican
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Cattleman's Lament by Robert Lubrican

One day, in the late 1870s, a cattleman's daughter went for a ride. Her horse returned to the ranch with a gunshot wound, which set in motion a series of events that would draw a family of sheep farmers, and a family of cattlemen, normally the bitterest of enemies, inexorably together in the common cause of locating the kidnapped girl.

The girl's mother, Molly, and Bobby, the eldest son of the family for whom the kidnappers had worked, became unwilling partners, tracking the girl to an Indian encampment where they learned she had been captured from the kidnappers in battle, and was "betrothed" to a young brave. Bobby thought that by claiming her as his wife, he might win her free, but the only way to secure her release was by challenge in battle. Further, some of the Indian men were most interested in red-haired Molly, who Bobby also had to claim as his "other wife," to ensure her safety.

And so the young sheepman stepped up to the task keeping one wife and fighting for the other. What none of them were prepared for were the emotions that would flow wildly, as the girl was won back to her own kind. Then, that night, cultural differences caused more emotions to flare, when an old Indian woman happily set about doing for them what she did for members of her tribe - help them have fruitful mating.

Meanwhile other members of each family are colliding, under the kind of circumstances fate loved in those days. The sheep rancher has two daughters, and the cattleman has two sons. One mixup follows another as the cattleman tries to find his daughter and wife, only to hear they have been saved by the hated sheepman's son.

That, as it turned out, was actually the least of his troubles.

Come along for a ride through the old west that will exercise your own emotions, as fear is followed by relief, which is then visited by laughter, only to be chased into submission by lust, as nature takes it's course. Watch with glee as these two families, destined to be separated by hate and mistrust, are dragged ever closer together until, at last, they have no choice but to accept each other as equals. Some readers call this book a western adventure. Some call it a romance. Some call it erotica with a plot. More than a few have called it a history lesson. Whatever it is, you're guaranteed to be entertained along the way.

Warning: This book contains adult subject matter, and does not minimize sex scenes. It is a point of irony that, while the book is set in a time frame when people in their mid teens were often considered adults, and could marry and start their own families, the book itself is intended for audiences over the age of eighteen. Cultural changes have required this ... even if the biological urges involved are the same as they've been for thousands of years.

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Publisher: Robert Lubrican
Publication date: 08/19/2011
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About the Author

I grew up in the fifties and sixties, and that is reflected in my books quite often. I spent twenty years in law enforcement, and traveled the world, which also can be seen in my books and stories. While the genre I write in is technically called erotic romance, what I actually write are stories with a plot, which include sexual behavior on the part of the characters. That is because most people's lives include sex and erotic gratification. And, since most people wonder about lifestyles that are sometimes called taboo, or forbidden, I write about them, occasionally too. I believe that two consenting adults know more about their own happiness than anyone else, and that even if they are mistaken, they have the right to make their own choices. I also believe that love is the key to making choices that will not turn out to be mistakes. Many of my ideas involve coming of age, which usually takes place in the early to mid teens. Publishing standards, however, require that all characters in the published version of the book be over 18. That's not realistic, but it's just the way things are. If you purchase one of my books and would like to have the original version, unedited for age, send a copy of your receipt to and I'll happily provide you with a copy of the original at no additional cost. It is not illegal to write or possess such versions. It's just unpopular with certain special interest groups who desire to restrict your freedom.

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