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Cause a Disturbance: If You Can Slice a Melon or Make a Right-Hand Turn, You Can Be a Breakthrough Innovator

Cause a Disturbance: If You Can Slice a Melon or Make a Right-Hand Turn, You Can Be a Breakthrough Innovator

Cause a Disturbance: If You Can Slice a Melon or Make a Right-Hand Turn, You Can Be a Breakthrough Innovator

Cause a Disturbance: If You Can Slice a Melon or Make a Right-Hand Turn, You Can Be a Breakthrough Innovator


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If you can slice a melon or make a right-hand turn, you can be a breakthrough innovator.

The title of this book, Cause a Disturbance, says it all, and it most assuredly will cause a disturbance in the way you think about business: your business.
Everyone knows—and everyone talks about—how important innovation is in the competitive battle to find, delight, and keep customers, yet far too few achieve it. As Tencer and Cardoso explain, “There’s a big difference between an occasional spark of innovation and an eternal flame.” But the reality is different; most firms struggle to consistently innovate. All that can change. Kick-start your business with attitude. Cause a disturbance!
Whether your business is in transition or simply looking for an innovative spark, give it a lift with Cause a Disturbance. Within these pages you will learn how innovation can change your business in simple steps through The 90% Rule®: a straightforward philosophy that drives you to constantly ask “What’s the next 10%? What’s the next product, service, or process improvement that will create a continuously engaged customer base and strengthen my brand?”
Cause a disturbance in the way you think about innovation as you open your mind to the possibilities—and simplicity—of being innovative every day!

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ISBN-13: 9781614489924
Publisher: Morgan James Publishing
Publication date: 06/01/2014
Pages: 270
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.60(d)

About the Author

Ken Tencer is a branding and innovation thought leader who helps organizations master better futures. He is co-developer of The 90% Rule®, a success-tested innovation process that enables businesses of all sizes to identify new market and strategic opportunities and map out relevant, high-potential growth opportunities.
Ken is a successful entrepreneur and business developer who has built international-scale companies spanning manufacturing, product development, distribution, and professional services. As CEO of Spyder Works, Ken helps companies with both branding and innovation strategy.
Today The 90% Rule book is being avidly read by business leaders in the US, Canada, and Europe. Business journalists with leading publications and networks including The Globe & Mail, The Financial Times, CNBC, and Forbes have recognized the timeliness and power of this important work.
Ken holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Carleton University and a Master of Science in international management from Boston University from their campus in Brussels, Belgium. He also received a joint certificate from the Institute of Corporate Directors and the Joseph L. Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto, for the small- and medium-sized enterprises board effectiveness program. He has sat on a number of for-profit and not-for-profit boards and served as a member of the advisory board for Canada’s Centre for Business Innovation.
John Paulo Cardoso is chief creative officer of Spyder Works Inc. and a world-class creative director who believes that true design brings meaning to the mass of unrelated needs, wants, ideas, and perceptions. John is responsible for ensuring that creativity—in all its forms, through all the firm’s work—manifests itself in business results. With over twenty years in design, he has brought his unconventional thinking to clients in many industries, from emerging businesses to multinational corporations.

John founded Spyder Desktop Studio in 1992 to support the development of leading international brands such as Agfa, Estée Lauder, and Revlon. In 2003 he formed Spyder Works Inc. with Ken, transforming the firm from a leading provider of creative design to a comprehensive provider of business and marketing strategy, integrated design, and communications.

At Spyder Works John leads the creative team with the innovative branding model Eight Steps to Brand Re(Invention)™. He is also the co-developer of the firm’s model for integrated business and design thinking, Building Business by Design®.

John has an honors BA in fine art history from the University of Toronto and holds a certificate of design from the internationally acclaimed Art Centre in Toronto.

Read an Excerpt

If you can slice a melon or make a right-hand turn - or put a piece of cake on a stick - you too can be an innovator. That’s the theme of this book, and it’s never been so timely. Because fewer and fewer businesses today can get away with not innovating. Unless you’re constantly offering new ways to improve your customer offerings or to compel your customers to come back more often, you are a sitting duck for any other entrepreneur who happens along and decides they want a piece of your action.

Table of Contents

Preface by Rick Spence
Part I: Simplifying Innovation
Chapter One:  Innovation: Ouff! That Sounds Difficult
Chapter Two:  Simplifying Innovation: Don’t Forget to Change the Oil
Chapter Three:  Innovation Drives Marketing and Sales
Chapter Four:  Understanding Innovation: Process, Product and Service
Chapter Five:  The Innovation Continuum: From Simple to Disruptive

PART II: The 90% Rule® and Defining Your Core Business
Chapter Six:  The 90% Rule®
Chapter Seven:  Understand Your Core Business: Then Disturb the Status Quo
Chapter Eight: Your Core Business Through a Different Lens
Chapter Nine:  Getting Innovative Thinking on the Front Burner
Chapter Ten:  Getting Thinking to Work

PART III: Working through the 90% Rule
Chapter Eleven, Step One:  Engaging Emotions, Not Numbers
Chapter Twelve, Step Two:  Exploring What You Can Be, Not What You Are
Chapter Thirteen, Step Three:  Building a Relevant Brand
Chapter Fourteen, Step Four:  Identifying and Ranking Opportunities
Chapter Fifteen, Step Five:  Building a Plan
Chapter Sixteen, Step Six:  Speaking To Be Heard
Chapter Seventeen, Step Seven:  Success Comes from Action: The Never-ending Step

PART IV: The Next 10%
Chapter Eighteen:  The Best of Both Worlds
Chapter Nineteen:  Making a Decision
Chapter Twenty:  Growing Your Own
Chapter Twenty-One:  Unpack Your Bag and Stay Awhile: Applying Innovation to A More Fulfilled You

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