CBEST Math Practice Tests: Math Study Guide for CBEST Test Preparation

CBEST Math Practice Tests: Math Study Guide for CBEST Test Preparation

by Exam SAM

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Exam SAM’s CBEST Math Practice Tests Study Guide covers all of the types of math questions on the CBEST exam.

There are three complete CBEST practice math tests for you to study, for a total of 150 exam problems in the study guide.

Practice test 1 guides you through each of the types of questions step by step with illustrated solutions and detailed explanations.

In part 1, you will also see CBEST math exam formulas, tips, and test-taking strategies.

Practice tests 2 and 3 also have in-depth solutions for each problem so that you can learn how to answer all of the types of questions on the CBEST math test.

The math practice tests in this book cover the skills that are assessed on the actual CBEST math test.

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ISBN-13: 9781949282078
Publisher: Exam SAM Study Aids and Media
Publication date: 02/10/2015
Pages: 162
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Table of Contents

CBEST Math Practice Tests: Math Study Guide for CBEST Test Preparation by Exam SAM - Table of Contents

Format of the CBEST Mathematics Test p. 1

Types of Questions on the CBEST Math Test:

Estimation and Measurement p. 3

Statistical Principles p. 3

Computation and Problem Solving p. 4

Numerical and Graphic Relationships p. 5

How to Use This Study Guide p. 6

CBEST Practice Math Test 1:

Interpreting data presented in tables p. 7

Performing calculations on fractions p. 9

Performing calculations on percentages p. 11

Calculating test scores and determining averages p. 13

Estimating results without doing computations p. 14

Numerical relationships with “less than” or “greater than” p. 15

Measuring solid and fluid weights p. 16

Measuring length and perimeter p. 17

Performing calculations on whole numbers p. 18

Solving practical problems p. 19

Interpreting standardized test scores p. 22

Working with positive and negative numbers p. 23

Identifying required facts in problems p. 24

Basic probability and making predictions p. 25

Setting up algebraic equations p. 31

Solving algebraic equations with one unknown variable p. 32

Identifying and using information in data charts p. 35

Calculating distance traveled p. 46

Calculating number of units sold p. 48

Determining if sufficient information is provided to solve problems p. 49

Calculating prices per unit p. 50

Identifying mathematical equivalents p. 52

Rounding whole numbers and decimals p. 56

Word problems on logical relationships p. 57

Calculating discounts p. 60

Using percentages to calculate a tax increase p. 62

Ordering fractions from least to greatest p. 63

Identifying and using information in line graphs and pie charts p. 68

CBEST Practice Math Test 2 p. 74

CBEST Math Practice Test 2 – Answers p. 94

CBEST Practice Math Test 3 p. 117

CBEST Math Practice Test 3 – Answers p. 140

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