CCNP Support Exam Certification

CCNP Support Exam Certification

by Amir S. Ranjbar
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CCNP Support Exam Certification 2.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I have several Cisco Press books. I didn't care for this one. It tended to repeat much of the information. Some of the questions at the end of each chapter were too trivial to test the readers grasp of the concepts. This may be because the book is new. I would recommend this book to someone with little or no experience in trouble-shooting networks.
Guest More than 1 year ago
At only 309 pages the ¿CCNP CIT Exam Certification Guide, Second Edition¿ seems like a lightweight compared to some of the other Cisco Press tomes. It does cause one initially to wonder how it can possibly cover all the technical information that might be needed in order to properly prepare for the exam. But the author explains in the introduction that the new CIT course (v5.0) and exam are oriented toward troubleshooting methodology and leave a lot of technology-specific material to the other CCNP courses and exams. And the book tackles each of the topics in the ¿Cisco Internetwork Troubleshooting¿ exam (CIT 642-831) described at These topics include documenting the network, determining an effective troubleshooting strategy, and correcting problems at the physical, data link, network, transport and application layers of the OSI protocol stack. The book is clearly written with many well-done figures and examples to help explain concepts. The table of contents and index sections are useful and a glossary of terms also is provided. The text is gratifyingly devoid of misspellings and typographical errors. Several suggested study strategies and useful tips for taking the real exam are discussed in the introduction. To help save the time of more experienced users each chapter begins with a set of ¿Do I Know This Already?¿ questions. These questions allow readers with different experience levels to quickly focus on the specific parts of a chapter where they may be weak. At the end of each chapter is a ¿Foundation Summary¿ that summarizes and reinforces the key concepts and commands. These sections make good exam notes and are a great way to review a day prior to taking the real exam. Also following each chapter is a ¿Q&A¿ section. The questions found here are more difficult than the ones on the exam. They probe your understanding of a topic and don¿t depend on the multiple-choice or fill-in-the-blank formats that encourage guessing at answers. All questions and their answers are grouped into an appendix that makes another good review tool. The scenarios presented in the final chapter are a little different from those found in some of the other Cisco Press guides. Rather than presenting scenarios as problem exercises to be worked out by the reader these scenarios are recounts of how a real problem was solved. I tend to prefer the problem exercises because they require one to think more than does reading a recount. The companion CD-ROM contains practice questions and the full text in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format. A total of 225 test questions are available including 125 questions taken directly from the text and 20 lab simulations. The practice tests contain multiple-choice, fill-in-the-blank and list-in-order style questions. The practice questions contain some obvious errors, evidently a result of publishing deadlines taking precedence over sufficient editorial review. And a few idiosyncrasies exist ¿ for example, each test question has a button that displays the relevant section of the PDF. But when a wrong answer is entered this button is disabled, forcing one to first advance to the next test question and then hit the Back button before the reference can be displayed. The lab simulations are simplistic, most requiring only that a single show command be entered. And 15 of the 20 simulations are exactly the same as those found on the Cisco Press CCNP Flash Cards Exam Preparation CD-ROM. This could be a bit disappointing for those that purchase both the flash cards and the CIT exam guide. On the upside, nothing prevents one from installing the practice test on a second computer. This is great for those that want to install the product on a laptop for use when traveling in addition to installing on a desktop computer. The single-computer, single-user license enforced by some other publishers precludes this legitimate use. Let¿s hope that Cisco Press
Guest More than 1 year ago
I am a CCNA and I'm in the process of earning my CCNP Certifications I have purchased six of the Cisco Press Books. The CCNP CIT book is the worst of the Cisco Press Books I have read. It skims the subject matter and provides only a trivial explination of the subject. It is redundant, covering material already presented in the CCNA exam, yet at a higher level than is covered in the CCNA. Most of the chapters repeat themselves. The review questions at the end of each chapter repeat for each chapter. The book contains a CD practice test which is so easy I was able to score 85% after reading only the first seven chapters. I would not recommend this book to anyone studying for the fourth CIT test for the CCNP Certification.