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CDO Chief Daddy Officer: The Business of Fatherhood

CDO Chief Daddy Officer: The Business of Fatherhood

by Christos Efessiou, Persephone Efessiou (Contribution by)

In your hands is the manual for raising children. Who says you can’t be professionally successful and a good parent? Stop compromising.  Satisfying work and a happy family? Yes, you can have it all.

Chris Efessiou is the innovative, brazen mentor that every working parent needs.  As an astute business leader, Chris learned early on that


In your hands is the manual for raising children. Who says you can’t be professionally successful and a good parent? Stop compromising.  Satisfying work and a happy family? Yes, you can have it all.

Chris Efessiou is the innovative, brazen mentor that every working parent needs.  As an astute business leader, Chris learned early on that the skills he acquired in the boardroom transitioned seamlessly to the family room. Leading by example, mentoring, team building, mutual respect, accountability and trust are strategies that are equally effective when dealing with employees or assertive teens. By tuning into the message of CDO Chief Daddy Officer, you can be the same organized, effective leader at home that you are at the office, because you will learn how to harness your business smarts and channel them  into proactive parenting. “Being professionally ambitious and a loving, emotionally available parent are not mutually exclusive,” the author emphasizes, “because one costs the other nothing.”

Chris candidly shares his stories about raising his daughter to show how he was able to employ his business savvy to navigate the world of preadolescent years, and how you can do the same. No matter where you are in your parenting, the age of your children, or your present relationship with them, CDO Chief Daddy Officer will teach you how to apply the principals that guide the most successful business minds to raise happy, productive, well-adjusted, unentitled, successful adults who will want an ongoing loving relationship with their parents.


• CDO Chief Daddy Officer is a comprehensive blueprint that teaches you how to achieve success at home using fail-proof business tactics.
• The book offers a wealth of tips, illustrative examples and easy-to-follow strategies to help translate business savvy into smart parenting.

Editorial Reviews

From the Publisher
“Nothing I’ve ever done has given me more joys and rewards than being a father to my children.”
­—Bill Cosby

I would strongly recommend this book to any parent who wishes to raise a child to become a fine adult.   - Dr. Michele Borba  |   TODAY Show Contributor, Author of 23 Parenting Books

I highly recommend this book! Read it today and let your greatest legacy be the lessons you teach your children by the way you lead them.   -  Jon Gordon  |   Best-Selling Author of The Energy Bus and The Seed

A great reference guide with respect to how to leverage the experience and expertise gained on the job to more effectively raise our children.   - Peter Schwartz  |   Chair-Vistage International

Kirkus Reviews
In this sweet memoir and parenting guide, a seasoned CEO tells how fatherhood has netted him rewarding results.Efessiou, in his debut, gently offers parenting advice as he tells his own story of fatherhood. As a young, up-and-coming executive, he read a 1990 article in Fortune magazine titled "Why Grade ‘A' Executives Get An ‘F' as Parents." According to the author, the article highlighted how the same personality traits that create successful executives—such as ambition and a willingness to work long hours—can often create neglectful, absent parents. Determined to not make the same mistakes, he decided to eschew endless office hours and use his management skills to be the best father he could possibly be. After a bitter divorce, his 7-year-old daughter chose to live with him, and he put his philosophy into action; he raised his little girl using the same guiding principles he used in business. Using a common-sense approach, Efessiou discusses practices such as "viewing the big picture" and "examining the bottom line," and applies each principle to child-rearing. Getting children's respect is paramount, he writes; just as bosses shouldn't strive to be their employees' friends, parents shouldn't try to be their children's buddies. Similarly, he writes that effective communication and clearly defined rules are as important at home as they are in the office. Although children are not employees, and it may seem a bit cold to compare an adult child to a return on an investment, Efessiou's anecdotes are anything but harsh. For example, like many working parents, he scrambled to rearrange his business plans so he could attend his daughter's childhood events. In another memorable and somewhat humorous story, he tells of how he foiled his teenage daughter's plans for a party at their house while he was out of town on business. However, although the author's advice is often wise, much of it is rather general, and sometimes feels like it could be displayed on motivational posters: "To achieve our bottom line goals with our children, we must teach them that they do not need to do anything unwise to be special or conform thoughtlessly to earn acceptance." The book also includes pictures, as well as appreciative notes and letters from Efessiou's daughter and her friend.Affable inspiration for the harried parent.

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Meet the Author

Entrepreneur, Negotiations Architect, Marketing Strategist, Speaker, Radio Show Host and Author of CDO Chief Daddy Officer - The Business of Fatherhood, Chris Efessiou understands first hand that the dynamics of success are the same whether you’re standing at the front of a conference room or tucking your child into bed at night. Through his own personal experiences, Chris Efessiou – founder and CEO of SRxA Strategic Pharmaceutical Advisors – shares his discovery of how skills critical to becoming a successful business leader can be seamlessly applied with equal efficiency to both parenting and personal relationships.

In the last 27 years, Chris has been at the heart of the strategic introduction of more than 25 new products in the global pharmaceutical marketplace and engineered the turnaround of several others.

While building his first company, he found himself raising his then seven-year-old daughter as a single dad by applying his business knowledge to the art of parenting. Planning, setting expectations and measuring results, building team unity and empowerment, fostering bilateral communication, mentoring, leading by example, and being physically present and emotionally available are essential components for both a prosperous business and loving family.

Chris is the host of Straight Up with Chris: Real Talk on Business and Parenthood, one of Voice America’s top radio shows, accessing more than 4 million listeners each month.. The show features in-depth interviews with top business leaders, parenting experts and other intriguing guests who share their experiences and advise the audience. Recent guests have included Ken Blanchard, best-selling author of the One Minute Manager, retired FBI Profiler Dr. Mary Ellen O’Toole and NBC parenting expert Dr. Michele Borba.

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