Cedric and Zeke's Freedom Fighter ABC

Cedric and Zeke's Freedom Fighter ABC


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From the pages of the Wurtherington Diary comes a charming ABC book.
In book six, Tammy writes in her diary, "As you might imagine, an opossum, a mongoose, and a bird cannot read at all; although I had taught Zeke and Cedric to write their names. They had learned the first four letters of the alphabet from an ABC book Lord Wixby had given me. I was proud of them. After all, how many animals would ever want to read?"
Several books were discovered in the shed along with the Wurtherington diary. We imagine that Tammy used this book to teach Cedric and Zeke to read.
We have partially restored it to its Victorian beauty. We did keep the withered pages partially intact as we wanted the reader to experience the joy of viewing the book as would any modern-day collector.
We hope that children may learn and enjoy from it. Look for other ABC books in this vintage 1883 series. Art is in public domain as it was published over 100 years ago. We will be restoring several ABC books and listing them here as they would make wonderful art for any child's bedroom wall.
The Mc Loughlin Bros. were active from 1828 to 1920, the New York publishing firm Mc Loughlin Brothers pioneered color printing techniques for children's books. They specialized in retellings of classic children's stories and helped popularize illustrators of their day.

Reynold Jay

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