Celebrate Christmas: Holiday & Inspirational Songs & Poems

Celebrate Christmas: Holiday & Inspirational Songs & Poems

by Lauri Allen

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This collection of Holiday and Inspirational songs is taken from the library of Lauri Allen and spans almost forty years of her writing. Everyone always loves the old standby classic Christmas carols and sings them every year. Lauri wanted to give the holidays some new carols and songs to sing along with the old ones. Along the way of her music career, she has become a great lover of animals. Raising a number of different kinds of animals throughout her life, the pictures in this book are some of those animals she has raised and kept as pets and that she considers members of her family. She's included them because animals are a great inspiration for unconditional love, kindness and loyalty and she's tried to incorporate these feelings into her songs.

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Holiday & Inspirational Songs & Poems
By Lauri Allen


Copyright © 2011 Lauri Allen
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4567-1332-4

Chapter One


Bethlehem's Innkeeper gave them to stay
A place in the stable, a bed made of hay.
And Joseph and Mary, whom heaven had led,
Brought Jesus, the sweet babe, to lay.

And the Angels spoke and the star shone bright
Peace on earth, good will to men this night.

Here came the shepherds who followed the star,
They and three Wise Men who came from afar.
All heard the music and voices above
Sang sweetly to show them the way.

And the Angels spoke and the star shone bright,
Peace on earth, good will to men this night.

Joy to the world, He was born on this eve;
Christ is the Lord and let all men believe.
Let all who would know and abide in His name
Find love in their hearts on this day.

Then the word was spread through the heavenly night,
And the Angels spoke, Allelujah.
Then the word was spread through the heavenly night,
And the Angels sang, Allelujah.

C 1976

Adapted from a poem by sophia p. snow

'T'was the eve before Christmas; "Goodnight" had been said
And Annie and Willie crept into bed.
There were tears on their pillows and tears in their eyes
And each little bosom was heaving with sighs;
For tonight, their stern father's command had been given;
That they should retire precisely at seven
Instead of at eight, for they troubled him more
With questions unheard of ever before.

He had told them he thought this delusion a sin;
No such creature as "Santa Claus" ever had been
And he hoped after this, he should never more hear
How he scrambled down chimneys with presents each year.
And this was the reason that two little heads
So restelessly tossed on their soft, downy beds.
Eight, nine, and the clock on the steeple tolled ten;
Not a word had been spoken by either till then ...

When Willie's sad face from the blanket did peep
And whispered, "Dear Annie, is 'ou fast as'eep?
"Why, no, brother Willie" a sweet voice replies.
I've long tried in vain, but I can't shut my eyes,
For somehow, it makes me so sorry because ...
Dear Papa has said there is no Santa Claus.
Now, we know there is, and it can't be denied,
For he came ev'ry year before Mamma died.
But then, I've been thinking that she used to pray
And God would hear everything Mamma would say.

And maybe she asked Him to send Santa Claus here
With that sackful of presents he brought every year.
"Well, why tant we p'ay, dest as Mamma did den
And ask Dod to send him with presents aden?
"I've been thinking so, too" and without a word more,
Four little bare feet bounded out on the floor,
And four little knees, the soft carpet pressed,
And two tiny hands were clasped close to each breast.
"Now, Willie, you know, we must firmly believe
That the presents we ask for we're sure to receive;

"Dear Jesus, look down on my brother and me
And grant us the favor we're asking of thee.
I want a wax dolly, a tea set and ring,
An ebony workbox that shuts with a spring.
Bless Papa, dear Jesus, and cause him to see
That Santa Claus loves us as much as does he.
Don't let him get fretful and angry again
At dear brother Willie and Annie, Amen!

"Please, Desus, 'et Santa Taus tum down tonight
And b'ing us some p'esents before it is light.
I want he should div' me a nice 'ittle s'ed
With bright shinin' 'unners and all painted red;
A box full of candy, a book and a toy,
Amen, and den, Desus, I'll be a good boy."

They were lost soon in slumber, both peaceful and deep
And with fairies in dreamland were roaming in sleep.

Eight, nine, and the little french clock had struck ten;
'Ere the father had thought of his children again.
"I was harsh with my darlings" he mentally said
"And should not have sent them so early to bed.
But then, I was troubled; my feelings found vent,
For bank stock today has gone down ten percent.
But of course, they've forgotten their troubles ere this
And that I denied them the thrice-asked-for kiss.

But just to make sure, I'll go up to their door,
For I never spoke harsh to my darlings before.
So saying, he softly ascended the stairs
And arrived at the door to hear both of their prayers.
"Strange, strange, I'd forgotten," said he with a sigh
"How I longed, when a child, to have Christmas draw nigh.
I'll atone for my harshness" he inwardly said,
"By answering their pray'rs ere I sleep in my bed."

Then he turned to the stairs and softly went down,
Threw off the velvet slippers and silk dressing gown,
Donned hat, coat and boots and was out on the street,
A millionaire facing the cold driving sleet.
Nor stopped he until he had bought everything
From the box full of candy to the tiny gold ring.

Indeed, he kept adding so much to his store
That the various presents outnumbered a score.
Then homeward he turned, when his holiday load
With Aunt Mary's help, in the nurs'ry was stowed.

And as the fond father, the picture surveyed,
He thought for his trouble, he had amply been paid.
I've enjoyed more pure pleasure than ever before;
What care I if bank stock falls ten percent more!
Hereafter, I'll make it a rule, I believe,
To have Santa Claus visit us each Christmas Eve."
So thinking, he gently extinguished the light
And tripping downstairs, retired for the night.
As soon as the beams of the bright morning sun
Put the darkness to flight and the stars, one by one,
Four little blue eyes out of sleep opened wide
And at the same moment, the presents espied.

They laughed and they cried in their innocent glee
And shouted for Papa to come quickly and see
What presents old Santa Claus brought in the night;
(Just the things that they wanted ) and left before light.
"And now," added Annie, in a voice soft and low,
"You'll believe there's a Santa Claus, Papa, I know."
While dear little Willie climbed up on his knee,
Determined no secret between them should be,
And told, in soft whispers, how Annie had said
That their dear blessed Mamma so long ago dead
Used to kneel down by the side of her chair
And that God up in Heaven had answered her pray'r.

"Den we dot up and prayed, dust as well as we tould,
And Dod answered our prayers, now wasn't he dood?
"I should say that he was if he sent you all these
And knew just what presents my children would please."
("Well, well, let him think so, the dear little elf;
'T'would be cruel to tell him I did it myself.")

Blind father, who caused your stern heart to relent
And the hasty words spoken so soon to repent?
'T'was the being who bade you steal softly upstairs
And made you his agent to answer their prayers.


Once again, the weather has turned cold.
Neighborhoods aglow with colored lights,
All the stores show red and green and gold,
Crowds of shoppers checking out the sights.

Lots of Santas hear the children's wishes.
They've been good and sure deserve the best.
We buy gifts on credit so judiciously,
What T.V. Commercials have stressed.

It's a Twentieth Century Christmas;
A holiday season of today.
A Twentieth Century Christmas;
It isn't like yesterday,
And what'll we have to pay

Bright-eyed kids crowd screens to watch the action.
Once they might have asked for skates or bikes.
Now, electric games are the attraction;
Genesis, Nintendo and the likes.
Pinetree topped sedans travel the freeways.
Parties offer eggnog and buffet.
Drive-by shootings give us little lee-way,
So, police are out in force each holiday.

Dobbin doesn't pull our sleigh today;
To visit Grandma, we must take a jet.
All across the nation, our traditions' blown away;
Now our future's in debt.
No more do we give token gifts of love.
Unemployment leads to push and shove, you know,
In and economic spiritual plateau.

It's a Twentieth Century Christmas;
A holiday season of today.
A Twentieth Century Christmas;
It isn't like yesterday,
And after each Christmas Day,
We're gonna have to pay for tomorrow!


Merry Christmas,
Have a very Merry Christmas.
Give a part of you to someone new
And it's Christmas in your heart every day.

There's good reason
To be happy every season,
'Cause the love is there for you to share
With some Christmas in your heart every day.

It's such a little thing,
But a smile can bring a tear of joy and warmth untold.
And a hand to hold on Christmas Eve
Makes the winter cold just make believe
And there's no reason why you can't try
To give some love away every day.

So, Merry Christmas,
Give your heart away this Christmas.
Everywhere you go, let someone know
That it's Christmas in your heart every day.
Make it Christmas in your heart ...
Every day.

C 1979


In cycles, seasons come and go,
Their love so briefly sweet.
Through warmth and wet,
Color and cold,
Not lasting long enough to grow old,
They live, ever youthful,
Fade at their peak,
And sleep till next heartbeat,
For it's only life they seek.

So should we, live youthfully,
Become each season,
Ageless and true,
Reflect and rest in Winter's view.
And let Spring culminate its ride.
From Summer rain,
Morning dew,
Through falling leaves,
From trees changing hue,
And we ...
Love and free the child inside.

December 1998


Chestnuts roasting; good cheers toasting, presents under the tree.
Carol singing and sleighbells ringing;
It's really a fantasy.

Snowflakes falling, good friends calling to celebrate His time of year.
A time to treasure, but where's the pleasure
In loneliness as a career?

Christmas isn't only for families.
Christmas isn't only for children and friends.
It shines on lonely folk too, on singles alone, stressed out and blue.
Christmas isn't only for families.
For giving and making amends.
His star is up there too, for each single anew, guiding them through,
Yes, Christmas is for singles too.

Christmas shopping, tree-lot hopping to find the bargains and sales.
Christmas trimming and good cheer brimming
Over the top of the scales.

Yes, it's a jolly time of hustle and bustle and stress,
Spending extra time and money can make your life a mess;
Putting up the tree and hanging outside lights,
Overwork and office parties leads to lonely nights ...
And a runny cold, with no one to hold you!

And then, it's New Year's Eve.
You think you've had your fling.
And you can make believe all you'll achieve;
Toast your champagne and sing ... to being single!

Christmas isn't only for families.
Christmas isn't only for children and friends.
It shines on lonely folk too too, on singles alone, stressed out and blue.
Christmas isn't only for families,
For giving and making amends.
His star is up there too, for each single anew, guiding them through,
Yes, Christmas is for singles too!

C 1986


The days are getting shorter,
The atmosphere is light.
Thanksgiving dinner's now digested,
Holiday season's now in sight.
The shops and malls are all aglow
With cheer and colored lights
And bustling shoppers interested in
Finding gifts just right ...

For the Family and Friends.
They're everything that makes life worthwhile.
Family and Friends,
When you're down and blue, nothing comforts you
Like just knowing where there are folks who care
On whom your life depends:
Family and Friends.

As the season's weather changes,
Sunny days give way to rain.
Though snow is white, its cold may bite
And your health may sometimes not sustain.
And if you're feelin' lonely
And there's no way left to go,
Just send word and you'll be heard ...
Reach out and say hello ...

To the Family and Friends;
They're everything that makes life worthwhile.
Family and Friends,
When you're down and blue, nothing comforts you
Like just knowing where there are folks who care
On whom your life depends:
Family and Friends.

C 1994


Little Things, Little Things, Little Things ...

A steaming cup of cocoa,
A fireplace glowing bright,
Whole neighborhoods dressed in festive lights
That twinkle through the night.

Everyone feels more friendly;
People let down their guards
To visit next door or down the block
And bring their best regards.

Little things bring comfort, little things bring joy.
You don't have to win the lottery to please ev'ry girl and boy.
Little things make mem'ries to think of all next year.
Little things mean love of life
And to all mankind good cheer.

Laughter becomes infectious;
There's holiday games and song
And people who never raise their voices
Are singing right along.

Put out the holiday candles,
The holly, the tree and train;
Each time that toy train falls off the track,
You patiently put it back.

Little things bring comfort, little things bring joy.
You don't have to win the lottery to please ev'ry girl and boy.
Little things make mem'ries to think of all next year.
Little things mean lofe of life
And to all mankind, good cheer.

The memories
Of little things like these
Promise a happy and healthy New Year.

C 1993


Sleep little ones.
Sleep and watch your dreams.
Sandman is calling you to his arms
On this bright Christmas night.

Sleep safely together,
Under the soft moonbeams.
Father looks over you from above
On this bright Christmas night.

Sweet little souls, pure and naïve,
Love is your mission in all you achieve.
Sleep now and wake to the light
Shining on you Christmas morning bright.

But sleep, now, sweet ones.
Dream of your food and play.
Helping those you love is your life
In the morning's light,
In the sun so bright.

So, sleep, now, little ones.
Morning's not far away.
May you never know hunger or strife.
Father looks over you from above,
Shining upon you eternal love;
Christmas Day will waken you to His skies of blue,
So sleep now,
Go deep now,
And dream.

C 2010


In Spring our sweet earth rain
Fills each new life that breathes and blooms.
It feeds and nurtures,
Mother, Father to us all.

Summer's sun replenishes,
Exhilarates and urges us to play,
Plan new life and reach high,
Stand straight and tall.
Autumn loves us most of all,

Blankets life in beauty, silent, pure and clear,
Calling forth a dormant fire to stir the chronicler
And awaken the adventurer.

In Winter's dreams, the most ingenious seeds begin,
And not yet crystaline,
Evolve prophetic, cabaline.

Every season perennial does recall
The birth, child, growth and death of all,
Enchanting, arcane!

December 1996


Snowflakes falling, friends a-calling, presents to buy for all.
Why don't we do it in April or June,
Carve up a turkey on May's full moon.
Practice good will from midnight to noon?
It's a once-in-a-year-time thing,

Carol singing, church-bells ringing, Heavenly music fills all.
Why can't we hear it in Summer or Fall,
Mail greeting cards at the robin's first call,
Decorate a tree for a Valentine Ball?
It's a once-in-a-year-time thing,

Why can't we show our love all through the year?
Like little children do, spreading good cheer?
From nation to country, from city to town,
From neighbor to friends and fam'ly on down to yourself?

And if you don't like yourself,
Your love grows dusty on a shelf,
Like a book that's unread, so the words go unsaid.
It's a chain that grows longer
And generations stronger,
And every year in December,
Suddenly, we remember
How to love ... how to love ... how to love;
It's a once-in-a-year-time thing,
A once-in-a-year-time fling,

Hot drinks brewing, eggnogs cooling, parties welcoming all.
Why don't we party the whole year through,
Love one another, no matter who,
Celebrate the seasons the same way too?
And once a year, at the most, play host,
And raise your glass and toast
The New Year!

C 1990


Excerpted from CELEBRATE CHRISTMAS by Lauri Allen Copyright © 2011 by Lauri Allen. Excerpted by permission of AuthorHouse. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

Table of Contents


(Poem) All Year Long, It's Christmas for the Children....................3
And the Angels Spoke....................4
Annie and Willie's Prayer....................6
A Twentieth Century Christmas....................14
Christmas in Your Heart Every Day....................17
(Poem) Time for Change....................20
Christmas Is for Singles Too!....................21
Family and Friends....................25
Little Things....................28
Lullaby for the Animals....................31
(Poem) Seasons....................34
Once-In–A–Year–Time Thing (Christmas)....................35
Shine (Like The Colors of Christmas)....................38
Sing Him a Brand New Song....................41
Sing of Joy....................43
The Gift of Love....................47
(Poem) Tradition....................51
The Smallest Angel....................52
'Tis the Season....................57
Yesterday's Holidays....................60
(Poem) What Is It?....................63
(Poem) Your Higher Power....................65
Close Your Eyes....................66
Father, They Know Not What They Do....................69
For the Love of a Child....................72
Have a Little Faith....................75
Let the Love Light Up Your Soul (Let The Love Light Make You Whole)....................78
Spirit Created It All....................82
Take Me Along with You (Take My Hand In Yours)....................85
Thank You Whoever You Are....................88
The Magic in You....................91
There Is a Way....................94
The Teacher, Time....................98
Time to Forgive....................101
Wake Up Humanity, Evolution's Here!....................104
23 rd Psalm....................108
(Poem) Old Times....................111

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