Celebrate Now!

Celebrate Now!

by Beth Michaels


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Celebrate Now!

For the everyday listener who needs inspiration and a sense of freedom to come passing their way, this album will surely take them there. Beth Michaels, a pianist and composer from Atlanta, GA makes her presence felt in dramatic fashion with her first independently produced release, Celebrate Now. This collection of 13 heart-warming melodies is invigorating and uplifting to the soul and mind. Michaels' intent is to bring across to her listeners a message: to celebrate life and find the ultimate joy in the moment. Each piece is filled with her experiences, from the dazzling "Winddance" to the soothing colors of "The Blue Room." A favorite request among the collection during her local performances among many is "Mexican Waterfall." The title song, "Winddance," was written several years before the creation of this album, based on a discussion with a friend over the dispersal of troops overseas during Operation Desert Storm. "It was all so ominous. I envisioned my immediate demise. The end of the world was looming and I hadn't been even married twice or climbed Mount Everest, let alone washed my dog," remarked Michaels, articulate in nature and outgoing in personality. "Obviously, I wasn't ready to die. An hour later, my girlfriend shook me by the lapels, fed me a diet drink, and told me to live in the moment. Hmmm...." And that was her philosophy for life and for the inception of Celebrate Now. Other tracks, such as "Sweet Harmony" and "Another Great Day," give the listeners a choice to be optimistic about their current situation in life and always think and be positive. This album proves her uncanny ability to compose a refined and intricate melody or arrange a song with an eye for phenomenal musicianship. Throughout this set of songs, it is all Michaels: doing the composing, arranging, and playing of instruments to bring the record together as marvelous collective whole. This collection is certainly worth the taking for a healing of heart and soothing of soul after a long, hard day at the office or for relaxing vacations. ~ Shawn Haney

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Release Date: 09/04/2007
Label: Cd Baby
UPC: 0634479624308
catalogNumber: 5637221623


  1. Winddance
  2. Mexican Waterfall
  3. The Blue Room
  4. Beth's Song
  5. Soul Travel
  6. Gittin' Along
  7. Celebrate Now!
  8. Another Great Day
  9. Taken by the Blue
  10. Bells
  11. Free
  12. Sweet Harmony
  13. Classic Voyage

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