Celebrating Faith: Year-Round Activities for Catholic Families

Celebrating Faith: Year-Round Activities for Catholic Families

by Mary Cronk Farrell




"This book seeks to provide you with practical help in teaching your children Christian values and fostering faith in everyday family life. Chapters offer ways to celebrate the Church's liturgical year, as well as secular holidays. You will find simple explanations of the Church seasons and major holy days. Scripture readings, simple prayers, rituals and activities are suggested throughout, as well as true stories from family life meant to inspire, encourage and offer food for thought."—from the Introduction

Mary Cronk Farrell outlines her chapters by season, beginning with the New Year and ending with Christmas. For each holiday, season, milestone or celebration, she provides family-friendly activities and reflections for parents to share their Catholic faith with their young children. Mary invites her readers to be creative and inventive by using each activity or reflection as a stepping-stone to integrate the Catholic faith into their own family traditions, rituals and experiences.

Prayers, activities and reflections for:

Holy Days
Secular Holidays
National Holidays
Family Milestones
Meal Time
Story Time
Get-Together-as-a-Family Time

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ISBN-13: 9780867166613
Publisher: Franciscan Media
Publication date: 09/28/2005
Pages: 120
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.38(d)

Table of Contents

1The New Year: Centering at Home3
Blessing the Home4
Ancient New Year's House Blessing
Blessing the Home with Water
Blessing the Home with Light
Single Mother's Home Blessing
Bless This Mess7
Clearing Away Clutter8
Activities for Epiphany11
Kings' Crowns
Bunuelos-For a Latin American Epiphany
Martin Luther King, Jr., Day: Working for Justice14
Valentine's Day: Not Just for Lovers15
Valentine Activities for Families with Young Children
Valentine Activities for Families with Older Children
Valentine Activities for Parents
2Lent: Growing in Christ19
Mardi Gras20
Ash Wednesday20
Ash Wednesday Family Prayer Service
Other Ash Wednesday and Lenten Activities
Families That Fast Together...22
Ways to Fast
Pretzel Party: A Lenten Twist24
Recipe for Soft Pretzels Made in a Bag
Making Forgiveness a Family Habit26
Practicing Forgiveness with Young Children
Forgiveness Stones
Juggling Holy Week and Homework29
Holy Thursday: Washing of the Feet
Good Friday
Veneration of the Cross at Home
Holy Saturday: Day of Waiting34
Coloring Easter Eggs
3Easter: Discovering New Life37
Easter Treasure38
Easter Treasure Hunt for Children
Easter Season Morning Prayer
Celebrating Easter Every Day40
Easter Freedom
Pentecost: A Powerful Wind44
Life Lessons from the Garden46
4Ordinary Time: Moments of Grace49
Traditional Catholic Grace Before Meals
Open, Shut Them: Grace for Young Children
Superman Grace
"Rock Around the Clock" Grace
Simple Grace
Johnny Appleseed Grace
Traditional Grace
Celebrating Special Days54
Blessing of a Child
Prayer to Honor a Person on a Special Day
National Holidays55
Prayer for National Holidays
Keep Holy the Summer
Thank God for Water!
Discipline Time60
Parent's Prayer
Firm and Kind
A Call from the Principal's Office
Prayer Time64
Praying as a Family
Prayer in Times of Crisis
Family Prayer Ritual in Crisis
The Examen: An Everyday Prayer
5Labor Day Back-to-School: Work as Cocreation71
Labor Day72
Labor Day Family Blessing
Blessing Litany
Back-to-School Shopping: A Teachable Moment75
First Day of School Blessing77
Prayer for Younger Children
Prayer for Older Children
Get Rhythm!78
Beware of Busyness80
Prayer for Parent Feeling Overwhelmed
Keeping the Sabbath83
Family Sabbath Box
6Autumn Ember Days: Remembrance and Thanksgiving85
Feast of Saint Francis: October 486
Halloween, All Saints' Day and All Souls' Day89
The Tale of the Jack-O-Lantern
Jack-O-Lantern Blessing
All Souls' Day92
Family Remembrance Celebration
Space to Grieve
Grieving Divorce, Separation or Absence95
A Psalm in Time of Loss and Grief
In Time of Illness96
Blessing for Healing
Prayer for Healing a Sick Child
Encouraging Family Stories97
Thanksgiving Table Prayer
Thanksgiving Litany
Thanksgiving All Year Round
7Advent and Christmas: Waiting in Hope, Living in Joy103
Advent Wreath Traditions104
Family Advent Wreath Lighting
An Advent Leap of Faith
Traditions Around the Manger107
Family Blessing of the Nativity
The Feast of Saint Nicholas: December 6109
A Night Prayer for the Feast of Saint Nicholas
Countering Christmas Consumerism112
Christmas Tree Traditions113
Family Christmas Tree Blessing
Christmas Eve Traditions115
Christmas Eve Prayer
Christmas Morning117
Home for the Holidays118
Christmas Joy Lives on119

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